FreeA lusty serial in the tradition of the 1930s pulps. Sex Pics

Success with Jody and Betsy and Thai enjoys porn.

A nice tan that seemed to be natural, strong legs and arms yet not overly muscular. Her breasts were lovely and round and looked as though they were about a 36B cup. She had a flat tummy and a very fine ass. As she sat there observing Lilly, Sarah began to feel distinctly hot around the collar and quite hot a bit further down below. She squirmed uncomfortably in her chair, noticing a distinct fluch creeping up her face.

"You like the view?" Lilly said, her back still turned. As she did so she gave a little shake with her wonderful ass.

Sarah coughed but recovered quickly.

"Erm ... yeah the view is great," she said grinning guiltily.

"Would you care for a foot massage while we wait for the tea to be drinkable?" Lilly asked as she sat down across from Sarah on the edge of the coffee table.

"Oh yeah. I could do with one too. I've been pacing the waiting room for the last two hours," Sarah said and kicked off her shoes.

"Good! Plop your feet in my lap," Lilly said and tapped her own left leg.

Now that they were across from each other Sarah could see Lilly's nipples shining through her white T-shirt. The large brown areola's surrounded half inch long nipples that were threatening to poke holes in the fabric.

"So she wasn't the only one that was excited by the view eh?" Sarah thought with a pulse of pleasure to see that the feelings she was having were mutual.

"Why were you pacing the waiting room?" Lilly asked as she placed her thumb on the sole of Sarah's right foot and started to press a pressure point.

"I wasn't allowed to see the surgery from the atrium," Sarah said, a very pleasureable spasm trailing from her foot to her pussy. Lilly pretended not no notice and continued with her massage.

"Oh yeah the wife rule. I find that rule utter bullshit. I mean there are lots of gay people on this country who aren't allowed to watch because they aren't allowed to get married. What is this the dark ages? I mean come on. You americans put too much faith in the church and the all mighty. In god we thrust? For what? To figure out that most of the people are either over weight, starving, have diabetes, aids, cancer, lung deseases, are stressed beyond breaking point and a variety of other deseases too numerous to mention? God is about faith that everything will work out in the end. Yeah but the way we're going the end will be sooner than we thought," Lilly said calmly as if reciting something that she'd learned off by heart.

"You're doing a wonderful job," Sarah groaned as Lilly teasingly ran her hands over the top and sides of her feet. Sarah was beginning to get relaxed and excited at the same time. Just then the door was thrown open and two cops came barging into the room.

"Either of you seen a young black haired woman in a black coat," one of the cops, a thin white overworked kind of man, said.

"Your mother ever teach to you knock? I'm in the middle of a session here dude!" Lilly said aggressively as she glowered at both cops, "Now I'm gonna have to start all over again!"

"Oh ... err ... sorry," the cops muttered embarressedly.

"But ... err ... have you seen her?" the other cop said heavily. This one was older and just as overworked as the other.

"Yeah every time I put on my black coat," said Lilly, still in the aggressive tone. She had not let go of Sarah's foot but continued to lightly brush her hands over and around her toes.

"Well...err if you do see her, she's considered unstable and possibly dangerous," the cop muttered, "Let us know won't you?"

"I'll be in session for the next two hours at least so I don't want to see any people in here for that period of time. But if I see her then you'll never hear of it. I respect people's privacy unlike some people I know".

The cops nodded in an embarressed sort of way and shot quick looks at each other before retreating out of the room bowing as they did so.

"You're not unstable are you?" Sarah asked in a half hearted sort of way.

"Not usually no," Lilly said softly, "My girlf