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A woman gets picked up on an isolated road.

Their heads went back to fully show their wanton approval. And when each felt comfortable in position, the riding began.

"Oh fuck me with your tongue, honey!" Mary Lou said to the audience who faced her milky white body. Her red hair a mess but all from thrills earlier. She moaned and groaned as her personal licker's tongue pumped deep inside only to pull out and lash on either side of her clit. Then Cindy's body started the familiar humping of a wanton lady riding a cock. Her licker's tongue went wild inside her making her moan and groan with a build up of lust. Angela followed next with phrases of pleading lust to pump her cunt with a fucking tongue. But when Anika threw her head back just as thirty seconds remained before the end of the Mound Muncher's final attempts, she ground her cunt down hard and screamed out her thrills.

Her body writhed, her large breasts bounced, her squeals filled the air, and her pussy flooded the eater's mouth like the Hoover Dam broke. So intense was her orgasm that Blurt once again yelled out his desires. Mary Lou yelled for him to shut up then shuttered in her own orgasmic thrills. The Leading Ladies went wild to expend their pleasures on the Muncher's faces. Mouths were filled with juices like they'd never known before. Orgasm after orgasm seemed to continue as each one rode her fucker's tongue with reckless abandonment.

Mary Lou had to be pulled off her pumping tongue by an assistant when Julie sounded the buzzer to end the Muncher's session. The Leading Ladies panted and as an assistant helped them to stand. Orgasmic juices coated legs as it ran down trembling thighs. Then without warning, the Pussy Pleasers took their positions lying on their backs. When the riding continued, however, each lady was practically spent.

Knowing this, the Pussy Pleasers gently kissed and blew air on four spent canals. Angela reveled in her sensations, her head rocking back and forth as she sought to fulfill every last ounce of pleasurable fulfillment. Anika, Mary Lou, and Cindy did exactly the same with their lickers. They enjoyed the gentle tongue probes and kisses each one received. At the half away point of their session, something happened to stimulate them on.

Blurt, the rank, rogue trumpet player stood defiantly in his chair and challenged the Leading Ladies saying, "If you can't cum any more than that, I'll come up on stage and pump all of you in all three holes!"

Sudden shock filled the faces of Anika, Cindy, Mary Lou, and Angela. The thought of being pumped senseless by a wimp like Blurt angered them equally. All four pressed down hard on their pursuer's tongues and sucking lips. Each one was determined to get one more thrill out of the game if it was the last thing she did.

While they rode the Pleaser's tongues with great skill, a strong security guard snatched Blurt from the orchestra pit. He dragged the loud mouth back stage, gagged him, and bound him tightly to a chair. The rest of the band left their posts and went after to make sure Blurt didn't blurt out any more. Even his trumpet came along although the audience had no idea of what would be done with it.

Tension built in the studio as women bounced, rocked, and ground their pussy mounds hard on four seemingly helpless faces. Nipples were pinched by the pussy Pleasers while groans filled the air. Reaching the last fifteen seconds, the audience sat on the edge of their chairs, all wondering if they could pull off one more thrill before Julie would sound the buzzer for the last time. Women stopped sucking their dates to watch anxiously. Men ceased licking their dates to do the same.

With five seconds to go, all orgasmic heaven broke loose. Loud screams bellowed out of Mary Lou as her cunt once again convulsed on her Pleaser's face.

"AIEIEIEEIEIIIIAIEIIEIAIEIAEIAIEIAIEIAEIIAEIAIIEFUCK!" flooded from the studio speakers as Cindy sprayed cum all over her eater's face and neck.

The bouncing breasted blonde, Anika grunted deeply, then her thrills flooded her lick