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How long can you last?

She was so hot now that her hot sweet juices were running down the shaft of the dildo and coating Amy's hand.

Over and over Amy fucked Beth's pussy driving her ever closer to the release she craved. Suddenly without warning Amy stopped fucking Beth's hot wet pussy. Lying down between her out stretched legs Amy began to run her hot wet tongue up and down her swollen lips.

"AHHHH...fuck...yes...that's it lick my pussy...please...oh God...lick my pussy," Beth begged. Beth's body began to shake as Amy stuck one then two fingers into her pussy...fucking her...stretching her pussy ever wider.

Faster and faster Amy fucked Beth's dripping wet pussy with her fingers. Amy took her hard clit into her mouth running her tongue over and over it. Beth's hips began to rise from the bed as she tried to force Amy's fingers deeper into her pussy.

"Oh please don't stop...right like that...yeah right there...right there...that's it...oh fuck that's it," Beth began to pant. "OH FUCK...OH FUCK...I'm cumming...fuck me don't stop....CUMMMMMING," Beth screamed as her entire body froze as it was racked with one orgasm after another.

As Beth's began to come down she heard Amy moaning. Looking over she saw Amy standing in front of her window furiously fucking her pussy with the dildo.

"Amy what are you doing...somebody is going to see you." But something about seeing Amy shamelessly fucking her pussy while standing in front of the window made Beth want more.

Getting up from her bed Beth walked up behind Amy. Reaching her arms around her Beth began to slowly rub her hands over friend's hard nipples. Moving Amy's hair Beth began to run her hot wet tongue over the exposed skin pausing as she did so to plant light wet kisses on Amy's neck

Just as she felt Amy start to cum Beth looked up to see David once again standing in front of his window stroking his cock.

"Ah, so that's what has your pussy so wet," Beth cooed in to Amy's ear as she began to tug on Amy's hard swollen nipples. "Do you like watching him stroke that hot hard you wish you could stroke you want to suck it and swallow his sweet warm load," Beth whispered as she slid down Amy's body rubbing her equally hard nipples down her back.

Taking the dripping wet dildo from Amy's wet hand; Beth began her own assault on Amy's hot swollen pussy. Beth fucked Amy's pussy faster and faster with dildo causing Amy's tits to bounce obscenely on her chest. Grabbing on to her bouncing tits, Amy roughly pulled her own nipples causing the juices of her hot wet pussy to run down her legs. Not stopping fucking Amy's hot wet pussy, Beth sucked Amy's hard swollen clit in to her mouth licking it with her hot wet tongue.

"Oh fuck...oh fuck Beth...please...ugh fuck me harder," Amy groaned not taking her eyes off of David.

Amy's legs were shaking uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm surged through her body. As Beth furiously fucked her dripping wet pussy Amy squeezed her lust swollen tits harder, twisting her hard stiff nipples as she did so.

"Beth...mmmm...Beth...look...he's going to cum," Amy gasped.

As her body was suddenly over come by her strongest orgasm yet Amy gasped as she saw David's hand freeze as his hot load shot from his stiff cock.

"FUCK...OH FUCK ME...I'M CUMMING...UGH...CUMMING NOW," Amy screamed as she lost all ability to stand, falling to her knees her body shaking uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm racked her body.

As Amy slowly recovered she realized that there was a warm pleasurable feeling enveloping her body. Looking down she saw Beth sucking on her swollen nipples but as she became more aware of the feelings coursing through her body she slowly began to realize that not only was this feeling coming from the feeling of Beth's tongue on her stiff swollen nipples, but she suddenly realized that once again another orgasm was starting to build as something was tenderly licking her hard stiff clit.

Propping herself up so she could see the source of this undeniab

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