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What REALLY goes on in the Olympic Athlete's Village.

He propped his arm up on the back of the couch and rested his head on his hand. "It's not the kind of thing you tell your straight friends about. But this is how I'm most comfortable. What other surprises did you have tonight?" He asked again.


"Fucking around? Are you actually surprised?" He said cutting me off.

That kind of hurt my feelings. I nodded though.

Jamie reached over and touched my arm, "Hey, you can do better."

I didn't know what to say. I was so attracted to him at this point. We sat there in silence for too long. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to say something or do something. I wanted to but I didn't and wasn't sure.

He took my hand and pulled me to the couch. I didn't resist. He pulled me down on top of him and whispered in my ear, "don't think, just go with this. I won't ever disappoint you or cheat on you." And the he kissed me softly on my lips. His lips were so soft. I kissed him back passionately as my hands groped all over him.

"I'll be your girl..." Jamie whispered.

I'll let you be my girl I thought to myself. I saw Jamie as a girl. She smelled nice, felt so small under me and kissed me so sweetly. She moaned a little as we kissed causing me to kiss her more. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I dry humped her.

"Roll over Michael."

We switched places easily as she is so much smaller than myself. With her on top now I ran my hands down her small back and at last I could feel her beautiful ass with both hands. Again she let out a soft moan.

Jamie placed kisses on my neck and then helped me out of my shirt. Then she kissed my chest, my nipples and down over my stomach. Then, Jamie knelt up between my legs and undid my belt and pants helping me out of them too. Then she repositioned herself over my crotch pulling down my boxers just enough to let out a gasp.

"Oh my, Michael. Why in the world would that little bitch cheat on you?"

I watched her as she leaned over my cock and lift it up with her small hand, she licked her lips and opened her mouth taking the head into her sweet mouth. I moaned.

She swept her hair to the side so I could see her face as she took more of my cock into her mouth.

I ran my hand through her beautiful hair as she took a few more inches deeper into her mouth. I would be surprised if she managed to get all 8 plus inches.

Our eyes met and locked onto each other as she slowly went up and down my shaft.

Then to my surprise and delight Jamie went all the way down until her cute little nose was buried in my patch of pubic hairs. She moaned softly as her tongue licked my balls with my cock deep down her throat.

My cock had never been down anyone's throat before. The feeling was soft, moist and completely wrapped snug. I could cum easily but I wanted to enjoy this longer.

Jamie must've sensed this as she came back up slowly and then went back down. She continued this for a few moments as we kept eye contact.

She stopped, taking me out of her mouth while holding me with her tiny hand, "I want you to fuck me."

I smiled and nodded.

Then she went back down, slow and tantalizing her tongue working the underside of my meat. Such a lovely mouth. Then she released me and took me by the hand leading me through her apartment and down the hall to her bedroom. She pushed me back on the bed and we kissed again.

She worked her way back down and engulfed my cock once again. She seemed to purr as she slowly sucked on my shaft.

Then she stopped and reached into the night stand. She returned with a condom and some gel. She climbed back up on the bed and expertly rolled the condom down over my cock. Then she slid her pajama shorts off nice and sexily. She applied some gel to her ass and climbed on top of me.

She took my member in her little hand and guided the head to her hole. As she sat back I felt myself at her entrance and with a gentle push I felt a pop and I was inside her ass.

"Ohhhh!" Jamie moaned aloud. Then ever so slowly Jamie pushed herself down on my rock hard rod.

"Oh oh owww, oo