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Rescuing a damsel in distress from another author's story.

The thick white fur of the Hand's other exterior shivered and pulsed around the piece of meat it had shifted to the core of its body, jostling the cage furiously as it cleaned the synthetic from the piece of meat.

"We treat Bobby really well around here. He's a big boy and we have to keep him happy, you know."

"Our little friend," S__ld__s said, trying to bring our attention back to her demonstration while letting Armin know that she didn't appreciate being upstaged, "is more in line with where we need to start our program. 'Get them hooked while they're young,' as they say."

All of us were now focused on the smaller Hand in the fish tank. It had made its way across the base of the tank and had already engulfed the whole of the dildo by the time we turned our attention back to it. The white downy fur rolled like waves as it gently half-squirted the formula-soaked phallus out of its orifice and convulsed as it drew the appendage back inside where it slowly cleaned the surface of the dildo of every last molecule of the artificial semen.

Armin and I definitely appreciated the creature's stealth a little more personally than S__ld__s did but all of us were impressed by the little Hand's diligence.

"The little ones seem to be a bit more subtle in their approach than the big guys," I said to no one in particular.

S__ld__s put the lid back on the tank and looked at Armin and me.

"The smaller the Hands are, the more they have to rely on being sneaky." She looked over at the cage where the larger Hand was finally settling down.

"The big guys like Bobby can charge across a field just as fast as, if not faster, than the speediest of Icelandic sheep so subtlety doesn't have to be in their repertoire. The little ones have to make their way through the fields without arousing any suspicion or they'll end up missing their chance for a snack."

"Has anyone thought about removing the Hands from the wild and farming them like any other domesticated livestock?"

Armin made a face at my suggestion.

"We still aren't sure what the Hands' role in the ecosystem is, and with enough animals on the endangered species list due to people thinking they know what's best we thought it was only fair to find a food substitute for the Hands so they can flourish without letting them unduly affect the Icelandic sheep herd population."

"Besides," S__ld__s said, "where's the challenge in not even trying to find out where Bobby and his friends came from?"

"Exactly!" Armin was now tapping his watch. "We should let S__ld__s get back to work. Show and tell doesn't pay the bills."

I shook S__ld__s' hand (for maybe a little longer than she might have been comfortable with) and Armin and I headed back to the hotel for an early dinner.


As I was unpacking my suitcase after saying goodnight to Armin, I realized that I had forgotten my backpack with my camera and laptop in the trailer. I made my way back to the site and saw through the closed blinds that a few lights were still on in the trailer.

I knocked lightly a couple of times and waited but no one answered the door so I tried the handle and found that the door was still unlocked. I opened it and stepped inside, almost tripping over my backpack.

I looked down to the far end of the trailer where the lights were still on and saw S__ld__s hunched over her workbench. I had to stop and take a breath when I saw her. Gone was her lab coat and the very clinical air it gave her -- from the doorway I marvelled at the immense mohair sweater that she was now wearing.

The fine hairs looked so enticing as the fluorescents backlit the outline of S__ld__s torso. Even from that distance I could see that the depth of the pile of her sweater would easily swallow up anyone's hands who was lucky enough to wrap their arms around her.

"S__ld__s?" I didn't want to disturb her but I also didn't want her to turn and see me just standing there gawking at her plush and fantastically dense sweater.

I walked towards her and

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