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Chris Whelan: skipping "classes" is so rewarding.

She was working to a climax; he had three fingers in her and she was loving back against him for all she was worth.

He pulled out of her, desperately frustrating her. She said nothing though, she merely kissed him back and continued to hunger for what he consented to give her.

She dutifully stood before her husband, he fully clothed, she nude, and licked his fingers clean of her juices. It seemed superbly erotic to do this; a small performance and service for the benefit of the most important person in the room.

When Mandy was done Virgil bent her over the back of the couch; she supported her chest and crossed arms on the top of the sofa. Her rear was thrust out, and he once again started to play with her. She lay across the sofa in an agony of expectation as his fingers grazed across her backside and groin. He traced his fingers up her inner thighs, barely skimming over her lips, teasing hairs and delicate places. She resisted the urge to move her hips; she stayed where he placed her and let him tease and explore her body at his pace.

His pace was slow. He teased her for what seemed forever, stroking and tickling, coming so close but not really making the contact she needed.

He began to run a finger back and forth on her lips; she parted further under the motion. As his index finger got wetter she felt it slid into her folds; the sensation was luxurious. She wanted to purr as he slowly added a second finger.

Now his fingers pulled out, and began to slip over her ass. An epiphany; she needed to help him penetrate her ass. She reached back with both hands, balancing her chest on the couch. What was he seeing? Her manicured nails and white hands pulling the cheeks of her ass apart, the pucker of her anus, but what did it look like? Mandy made small noises as her husband began to probe her most intimate hole; his finger dipped into her freely lubricating pussy and back to her anus.

A first knuckle, then a second; she gasped as he began to move a finger in and out of her ass. A second finger joined, and to the pleasure of penetration, fullness was added. He slipped the third and fourth fingers of his hand into her sopping cunt, and began to firmly push in and out

She rocked gently in a counter-rhythm to her husband, making small noises of approval, when climax surprised her. She could feel the rippling contractions of her body around his fingers as a mild but still satisfying orgasm went through her.

"Did you like that honey?" he asked with a smirk in his voice.

"Oh yes. Very much." He gently pulled his hand out of her; she winced slightly as he pulled free of the ring of her anus. He turned her around as she straightened, and she wondered if he would make her clean his fingers off again. The thought was repellant but the she knew she would do it in devotion, and that was thrilling.

He did not. Instead he told her "Go upstairs and get that massage oil from my nightstand. Warm it in the microwave. Not too hot though." She held his gaze for a moment and hurried off, exquisitely aware of her nudity and excited by it.

When she came down he was sitting on the couch, facing away from her. She padded into the kitchen; the two minuets spent at the microwave seemed an eternity. What would he do to her now?

Mandy walked in front of Virgil, and made every effort to be graceful as she kneeled in front of him.

He was a fairly big man, but loomed even larger from her vantage at his feet.

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