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She opened the garden gate and laid her beach towel on her lounge chair. She then gracefully sat down and made a theatrical production out of smoking a fat doobie. "I'm not even sure Steve knows what pot is," She giggled, "let alone knows what this Chronic can do to a horny woman's mind and body."

Slowly, dreamily she began pouring some oil in her palm. Reaching down to her ankles, she began rubbing it slowly up her legs. Francine's 38DD breasts were trying their best to bust out of her tiny string bikini top as she moved forward and back, moving her oil soaked hands up her legs to rub her thighs. She cautiously looked up towards Steve's bedroom window through her dark sunglasses. The telephoto lens of his camera could be seen comically peering through the blinds.

The sexy mother then poured a thick line of warm tanning oil along her arms, spreading it over her shoulders, and on to her breasts. Moving oil around her breasts, Francine pushed her oiled fingers deep into her cleavage before laying back and spreading oil on her stomach.

"I bet I look so sexy right now! Steve must be snapping a million photos." she told herself without any shame. An occasional flash of light reflecting off his camera lens was the only sign that she was on display. "I wonder if he would have the balls to let some of his little friends see my pictures?" She wondered, already knowing she was ready to give him one hell of a display to photograph.

She continued to rub more oil down her stomach to the edge of her little string bikini. She spread her legs wide; very wide as she spread oil into the crease of her thigh. Moving the material of her bottoms to one side, she exposed her pussy lips under her muff as she coated them in oil before once more concealing her pussy.

"I feel so damn sexy and hot knowing that Steve is watching me." She moaned as she slowly moved over to lie on her front side, undoing the string holding her top. "I wonder if his little dick is getting hard yet?"

She carefully reached around and applied oil to her back. By reaching back she knew that her breasts were exposed to some degree. She then focused on her legs, applying the lotion on the back of her thighs, then down her calves, before moving her concentration right up to her fully exposed ass cheeks.

She rubbed and kneaded the oil into her ass, enjoying her own stimulating massage. "OHmmmm." she moaned as she ran a finger into the crack of her ass. She parted her legs just slightly, and then moved her hands back to the inside of her thighs. As she rubbed her legs, getting more aroused, she reached up and deftly pulled the entire tiny top out from under her heavy boobs.

Francine lay still on her stomach, naked and shining in oil and thinking of her next move to tease her son, for nearly fifteen minutes, covered only by the string running between her ass cheeks. Eventually she leaned up on her elbows, partially lifting her boobs from the lounge chair as she drank a bottle of hard lemonade. Each lift of the bottle exposed massive side boob to her son at his vantage point.

Finally she could contain herself no longer. "Here you go little Steve." She said dreamily. "It's time to turn over." The heat from the sun combining with the pot gave her an intoxicating rush as she struggled over onto her back, her fully exposed breasts bobbling seductively in the bright sunlight. Francine gazed through her dark sunglass lenses breathlessly at Steve, who now stood revealed in his window.

Maintaining her stare at his window behind her glasses, Francine settled in a new position, with the soles of both shoes flat on the ground on either side of the lounger.

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