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Male librarian helps girl with paper.

The moon lights your path through the room; you go over to gaze out at the night while I get things situated. Door locked, drinks, shoes off, radio on something soft and romantic. I start to turn the lights on but I decide that the moonlight will do just fine. I join you by the window and slip my arm around you, my hand grabbing yours on the other side. There's no one on the beach and the moon is so full and bright that it seems to be shining just for us.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Absolutely stunning," I reply, but I'm not looking out the window anymore. You turn towards me and you blush again at the realization that I was talking about you. I lean down and kiss you softly on the lips. I pull you close with both arms and our kiss grows more intense, lips teasing each other and tongues darting. I kiss you on the cheek and the neck, trailing kisses up to your ear. "Are you sure you want this?" I whisper, and by way of response you kiss me again, hard, your tongue probing into my mouth and against mine.

I move around behind you, arms around your waist. It feels good holding you like that, and you must like it, too, because you push back against my hardness and shimmy a little. I kiss the back of your neck and my hands move up to your breasts. Your nipples are already as hard as diamonds as I brush against them and I realize you're not wearing a bra.

"No bra," I whisper... "did you go out tonight looking for something like this?"

"No," you say quietly and I can hear a hint of embarrassment creeping into your voice. "I'm just kind of... small.. up there, so I don't always bother with one."

"Can I see them?"

We part and turn towards each other as you pull your sweater over your head and drape it across the chair. You look out the window. I guess you're still embarrassed and wondering what my reaction is going to be. You're so damn beautiful and you don't even know it.

"Hey," I say, and softly touch your cheek to turn your face to mine, "they're perfect." To emphasize the point I lean down and place a kiss on each hard little nipple and another on your mouth, pulling you close again. Our tongues play against each other; my hands slide down down your back to cup your ass and I delight in the fact that you do the same to me. One hand pulls away and I moan into your mouth as it moves around to caress my cock through my pants.

It feels so good and I want to fuck you so badly, but I remember there was a certain promise that got you here in the first place.

"OK, baby... it's time for me to lick that pussy." My words surprise me a little, especially pussy. In the confidence that seems to have come with my newly found calm, though, they feel right. Only a short time ago I was ashamed to be using that word in the presence of a woman but now it excited me. Pussy. If you'd told me this morning that tonight I'd be going down on a beautiful woman I'd have laughed in your face. "That is why you're here, isn't it? For me to eat your lovely little pussy?"

You give my cock another little squeeze. "I think I want some of this, too, but yes, that's what got me here. I want to feel your tongue all over my pussy." You seem to revel in the word as much as I had.

"Let's get comfortable, baby,"

I start to undress, moving towards the bed. I'm down to my underwear by the time I sit down on the side of the bed. I have a moment of self consciousness as I realize you were watching me, but it passes. I reach out for your hand and pull you to me. "Come on," I say, laughing. "Let's get these pants off."

I undo the button and unzip your jeans and slide them down over your bottom.