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Jackson expands his horizions to include a co-worker

" She was breathing heavily when Bill got to this point, when she gave a hip-jerk and pulled back. "I'm already too worked up for this," she murmured, "another minute and I'm gonna cum again." Hearing this, Bill went to sucking on her clit, and, sure enough, she turned red from the top down, face, then neck, then shoulders and chest, her tummy convulsed, she shivered all over, gave a couple of little gasps, then an ear-splitting squeal, and had another orgasm, much larger than the first. Bill looked up with her juices all over his mouth and chin. "Good move," she gasped at Bill, her hands tangled in his hair, "don't ask for permission, just go for it." She gasped for awhile, until she got her breath back. "Be assertive, not aggressive," she instructed, "go for it, unless she stops you, but don't be rough or move too fast, or she will stop you."

"Despite all the evidence," she gasped, "we have Kinsey's report and Playboy magazine telling us good girls enjoy sex, but you can bet their mommas have told them otherwise. Most girls are taught sex is something men like and women have to put up with as their "wifely duty." "I'm here to tell you, it just isn't so. Women enjoy sex as much..." she paused for a sip of Coke..."or more than men."

"Rule # 8," she announced, "fucking." "Same as everything else, assertive, not aggressive at first, gently, and work up to it." "Later on," she instructed, "some girls like it hard and fast, like me, but starting off you need to get things all slicked up and moving right." She motioned me down between her open thighs, and took my hard-as-a-rock cock in her tiny fingers, rubbed it up and down her slit a few times, then into the entrance to her slick little twat. "Push," she instructed. I did, and she squealed and locked her ankles behind my back. "Now, pump in-and-out," she moaned. I did, and her hips started a rhythm that matched my strokes. "Yeah, that's it," she breathed through open lips. Her eyes were sparkly and her face flushed. "Just like that," she moaned. Her eyes closed, and our rhythm quickened. After a couple of minutes, she unlocked her legs and pushed me back. "That's the missionary position," she announced.

"Now, lay on your back." I did, and she straddled my hips. "This is the cowgirl position," she said, and slid her pussy down my cock for a few strokes. Then she made a little move, pulled partly out, and turned around facing my feet, "and the reverse cowgirl," she moaned, and pumped her cute little butt up-and-down a few more strokes, before crawling off me and on all fours on the bed. "Take me from behind," she moaned, and I got on my knees behind her and slid my cock into her pussy again. "My favorite position," she gasped, "is doggie-style." I gave her a couple of strokes, then she squealed, "Harder, oh, harder, pound my pussy!" I did. She was squealing, "Yes, yes, oh, yes, yes, yes, yes...fuck me... oh, fuck me..." I shot off inside the condom about the same time she squealed really loudly, her pussy tried to cut my dick off, and juices ran out and down both her legs. Wow! That was amazing! I slumped on her back, winded and gasping, as was she. I looked into the wide eyes of Jim and Bill. They were just staring.

"I need a short break," Chloe gasped, "and another Coke." Jim got her one, and we watched her chug-a-lug it.

Once she caught her breath, she crooned, "O.K. -- two more lessons, anal and air-tight." We looked at each other, and her, in amazement. What did she say?

Chloe reached into a drawer in the bed-side table and took out a tube of ointment.