A night of reckoning. Porn Video

Anticipation builds and they finally meet after many years.

She sat like a trucker with her legs spread open and blessed me with a view of her gash, unobstructed by her crotch-less stockings. It was covered with dark thick matted fur and her chubby slit unfolded to reveal some cherry red liver meat that was glistening with dew. I instantly daydreamed and imagined her "fem" steam wafting upwards in a misty cloud.

My dick was twitching and bobbing in my pants. I just desperately needed the opportunity to fuck the living shit out of her.

After A few moments of agonizing niceties, my wife and her cousin and my daughter and her parents decided to go out together for a drive to see the remaining fall leaves. That was five big ass people, and a crowd for any car. I feigned a headache, (Oh yes it fucking was aching....and dripping,.... swollen and full of fuck juice) and the bitch told them to go on because she needed to freshen up, translated into, have a shit!

She found her way to the bathroom as the rest of them left. I locked the front door and put on the safety chain just in case they came back too soon. I tiptoed up to the bathroom and listened as she pissed like a race horse into the toilet. When she flushed, I opened the door softly and snuck up on tip toes behind her as she was running the tap water to wash her hands. I saw her face in the mirror and her eyes were closed in a pleasure expression. It was then that I noticed her legs were spread farther then normal and one hand was under her dress while she was leaning forward with the other hand supporting her on the counter.

The fat bitch was frigging herself! I let her go at it frantically while I held my breath until she let out a gasp and started panting like she had just done a marathon. When her ass jerked and she thrust toward the counter with a jolt, I couldn't be silent a second longer.

"Do you need any help with that," I asked.

I startled her but I was close enough to grab the back of her skirt and hoist the animal skin leather hard over her ample waist. She screamed out in orgasm and shock at the same time, and tried to turn away from my body hug. Her beautiful fucking matted triangle presented itself to me as she held her slimy fingers out to her side. Her wrists were adorned with "dollar" store bangles that clattered as I pushed against her soft body fat. Her long cat claw red painted finger nails began clawing at my back as I humped her again. I looked at her trembling with spent sexual energy as I undid my pants and I let them drop to the floor. As I stepped out of them I simply asked, "Floor or counter?"

"Floor!' she stammered.

I threw a used bath towel down with one hand and grabbed her arm as she stumbled down on her knees and then rolled onto her back. Her plump fat ass mashed into the floor and her OMG chubby white thighs fell to each side exposing her slimy abused fuck hole to me. We didn't waste any time on foreplay. She was hot and wet and I was stiff and loaded.

"Fuck me" is all she said, more as an expression I think.

That is exactly what I intended to do as I knelt between her fat thighs and lifted her legs. When I was at the right angle I drove her hard and punched right into her pork. I almost started cumming as I porked her hard and drove into her soft cunt. She wasn't very tight, but her cunt was slurpy wet and hot like a stove. I let go of her legs and hammered her as hard and fast as I could. My load was jettisoning already, and it only took a second before ropes of man goo were spurting into her cesspool cunt hole. I thought her fat was going to swallow my balls as they slammed into her the last time and I just rutted into her until I was emptied.

Her eyes were closed and she panted a bit, but I didn't really fucking care.

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