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Win or lose, it is a time for consequences.

The three adjoining rooms were amazing, and spacious. The fruit and flowers set the tone of relaxation and the champagne set the mood. As she unpacked she looked through the little shorts, skirts, and skimpy little one piece suits. Never had she been so bold. Never had she wasted so much time. She didn't even like shopping. She tossed on a new pair of lace panties, a tiny skirt, and a tank, and left the bra off. What the hell. She came to show off the curves she was very proud of earning and the lack of approval from the opposite sex was not going to stop her. They had about 20 minutes before dinner and they decided to have their first dinner in. They would relax and chat, and then later walk along the beach in the moonlight. With the plan set they relaxed into comfortable chatter retailing Mr. Kelly with stories of dating and failed relationships. Shya did not seem to be afraid to say anything to her dad, and 15 minutes and three drinks later she had lost her self-consciousness and they kept Shya's dad laughing. She learned his name was Luke and he was currently dating a beautiful woman who wanted to get serious while he had already had his one true love. When she died, he didn't feel like a forever and ever again. The girls teased that that was just like a guy not wanting to commit and he said to Shya, with very serious eyes, no one could replace your mother. It gave Alora a warm gushy feeling.

After dinner was taken away, they adjourned to the sofa and Luke took the chair. She was so relaxed she curled her legs under her and her friend draped her legs over the back with her head in her lap. She played with the long black tresses as they joked about modern dating and the pitfalls of men. A long time later she noticed Luke's eyes kept drifting away from his daughter's face to her legs. She had nice legs and it gave her a warm feeling that he noticed. The conversation and second bottle of bubbly was winding down and her eyes were drifting across the room. She could see them in the mirror of the French doors. Her light blonde hair in contrast with her friends made a pretty picture. Losing the conversation a little she looked at herself and was proud of the changes she had made and all the hard work she had put into this new body. As her eyes drifted over her form she realized that her lace covered ass was quite visible how she was sitting. The little white thong didn't cover much and her cheeks reddened at the thought. As her eyes jerked to her friend's father she saw the situation in a new light. He was sitting with one leg crossed and he hand nonchalantly in his lap. Was she the reason. She didn't move and rejoined the conversation paying close attention to Luke out of the corner of her eye. He would glance at her ass and then lightly squeeze his crotch. She didn't know what to do. Did he think she was teasing him? Damn. She faked a yawn and started unwrapping her friend from her lap. She got up quickly as possible and they made plans to meet early in the morning. Shya asked her dad if he still wanted to walk on the beach and he said he would stay there for a little while longer then turn in.

She left to her room feeling guilty.