FreeThe seduction of neighbours wife. Sex Pics

Hard times on the farm.

You are whimpering a little bit and I let go of your hair, you pull your mouth back and I can see the whites of your eyes. You say in this little girl voice, "Ow, the bark hurts." I stroke your hair, you give me a smile, put your mouth back around my cock - bite me a little. "Like that?" You say with your mouth full of me.

I step around to the other side of you, "Spread your legs." You do and I nose down between your legs and start to lick you. "You little slut - bad girl - you liked eating pussy tonight." I say between digging my tongue along the line of your puss... god I swear it is so hot, steaming. I am so hungry for you.

You don't say anything, just begin rocking, rotating your hips against my mouth. I am getting you all nice and wet, find your clit and suck hard. Touch it with my teeth. "You need a spanking," I say between sucks and keep licking you, pressing my thumb into your ass.

"Am I right? Were you a bad girl tonight?"

"Yes. Very bad."

I start finger fucking your ass as I lick you and I can hear you starting to moan.

You say, "Fuck me. Fuck me now."

"You want it? Ok." I watch you lift up your ass, positioning your pussy for my cock. I look at you rising up, can just see your bare pussy pouting down between your legs. Your little peachfish. Shiny wet, the white cum of you leaking out, squeezing out your cunt, I can see you dripping.

I lift my hand and swat you hard on the ass. You jump "Ow." I swat you again.

You look back at me and I just touch your pussy with my cock. Hold it there and as you reach out with your ass as far as you can, I pull back a little. You can't move and I just keep touching you. "Want me to fuck you? I don't know, I might leave you here awhile." You are quivering your ass back at me, holding your legs open. I am holding your hips, the softness, pressing myself, touching between your legs, letting your cunt press around my cock just this little little bit. I can feel your lips opening, all swollen and wet, ravaged already by my cock once tonight. You're undulating, shaking against my cock, sliding against me there, holding tight to the tree, still in your heels, holding yourself on tippy toe.

"Oh god. Fuck me please fuck me, oh god fuck me... I'm so hungry..."


Your hands left my hips and I heard you back away. I whimpered, begged some more. I don't mind begging for you, and at that moment I would have done anything to make you fuck me. I could hear your footsteps walking away, out of my line of sight and I called after you, over and over, yelled, and eventually, dying of frustration, screamed your name. At the top of my lungs, then I calmed myself down and realized I didn't want to attract someone else's attention, half naked here, tied to a tree, not able to see much of anything.

It was a new moon, and the woods were pitch black. I could make out the shapes of trees, or what I thought were trees, from around the tree I was tied to. I tugged at my binds, starting to get a little frantic, visions of Deliverance running through my head. A twig snapped nearby and my body was filled with adrenaline. I tugged harder, but succeeded in only burning my wrists and scratching myself against the tree. Where had you gone???

My imagination was running wild, thoughts of crazy people in the woods taking you, then coming to take me. I saw shadows all around me, branches swaying in the wind, it was cold and dark and so fucking scary.

I whispered your name loudly, starting to shake. Fuck, oh God, was he ever coming back? My nose burned as my eyes filled up with tears. I whimpered, "I'm afraid of the dark..."

Footsteps. Walking quickly towards me from behind, where I couldn't see. Was it you?? I didn't know, I couldn't tell. Whoever it was, they were walking so fast, why would you be walking quickly? Was it someone else?

I was shaking uncontrollably against that tree, pressing my thighs together tight.