FreeDivorced mom is tricked into prostitution. Sex Pics

I. Female anatomy and the most intense orgasm possible.

I opened my door and walked to the hallway. I could hear dad snoring loudly. I walked to the kitchen. Mom heard me walking there and turned around to see who was close to her. It was the most amazing view I ever had: her robe was semi wet from the water and the belt of the robe wasn't tightly tied; this caused a better look of the point where her tits were joined. This view made me crazy! Mom smiled at me and asked me why I was up. I didn't answer. I was only able to look at her body. I tried to smile back. I went next to her. I was fighting with myself. I wanted like crazy to touch her but I hesitated...

" Are you ok George?", mom asked. I couldn't reply. The only thing I could do was to keep staring at her body.

"George? are you ok honey?". Her voice was the more stimulating sound in my ears. I was already too hard. It was so hard to stand it.

"Can I do something for you honey?" she asked me. I guess this was that caused something that I wouldn't do ever. I went behind her; my right hand cupped her mouth and my left was around her belly; I pushed my body on hers and I murmured to her:

"Mom I cant stop thinking of you. I want you. I want you so much mom. Please forgive me! Please mom! Please...". I kissed her neck and her ear. I was feeling weak but I didn't break my pressure to her. She was standing there and didn't try to avoid me. She made no move. I think that she was in a kind of shock. She just stayed there. She didn't try to say a word. I could feel it with my hand that was on her mouth. I pushed my body closer to her.

"I want you mom, I want you more than a man could ever want a woman". I felt the first attempt of her to go away from me, but my left hand was keeping her still. I pushed her to kneel as my body followed hers. I made her lay down. She was trying harder now, but she didn't have any chance and she knew it.

"Don't fight me mom". I was getting bolder. Her moves were stronger but my body was on hers now. Her face down, my right palm on her mouth, my left hand around her body. I had decided that this wouldn't stop!!! Not till I would take this I needed.

I lowered my face and whispered to her: "don't make it hard mom. You will like it too!". She tried to release herself. This made me talk to her otherwise: "I' m gonna fuck you mom and we both are going to love it!!! If you keep resisting then I will have to be more rough at you!!!". She didn't stop moving, trying harder to avoid me. She tried to bite me too but it was too late. I pulled her robe up. My body still on hers. I felt my cock closer to that skin that I loved. She wore an underwear which I took it off by tearing it apart. Her big ass was on my view now.

I grabbed her hair with my left hand as I lowered my face and told her: "stay still mom or I will have to make you suffer; don't fight me my little slut!!! Just enjoy it!!! Enjoy what a young man can do to your body!". She didn't hear me though and kept moving trying to release herself. I pushed my body on hers so I can use my left hand to set my cock free from my underwear. I grabbed her hair again an pulled them to me. My legs separated hers. My cock was on her butt! She knew what I wanted and she was fighting hard now!!!

I put my left hand on her right tit. I felt in my hand for the first time this soft white dream of mine. I rubbed it. I raised my body a little. She thought that I was giving her space and raised her butt. Suddenly I grabbed my cock and guided it on her asshole. I quickly grabbed her tit again. It was my time...

I squeezed her tit really hard!!! She tried to moan from pain, but as she was like this I pushed my cock in her ass!!! The feeling was amazing!!! I didn't go slowly cause there wasn't time for this! I had to fuck her. I had to make her mine! This caused a big pain to her and me but when I was deep in her I stayed still...

"You are mine now mom!".