Playing with fire. Porn Video

An unfaithful wife pleasures vagrants.

I managed to persuade him that being rimmed doesn't make a guy a sub, that dominant men can enjoy that too; that having a love of anal doesn't make someone gay or weak or dirty.

He agreed that it would be nice to have a girl suck his cock, and then go further south, flicking her tongue around his asshole while his cock was hard and throbbing. It would be kinky.

I then went further and said "Well, what about a finger?"

He wasn't so sure about this. I told him that once he had been fucked by a girl's tongue, that there wasn't much difference. A finger isn't that big, and guys can get extra pleasure from having their prostate massaged. That would feel great being sucked off with a finger with a finger in the ass. Again, he was reluctant, but eventually accepted that it could be hot on the odd occasion.

The debate continued until I had finally tried to convince him receiving a strap-on wasn't much different from two fingers. Well lubed and stretched out, it would be manageable. He seemed a little scared of this idea so I carried on.

"I'd cry like a baby" he said. "I'd feel like a girl".

I told him that he should be ashamed of himself for the things he has done to girls, and that I wanted to fuck him face down, and make him take it, just as he made me take it. He didn't like this. After lots of dirty talk he eventually agreed on one IOU to me. We would fuck one last time and I would be in charge. I could have my wicked way with him just once. It was a promise, and one of the few he was to keep. There was only one condition he wanted--I would have to give him a chance to redeem himself. If he sucked the strap-on properly, it wouldn't go into his ass, and I would settle with just a finger. He had do to it properly though, or the deal didn't apply.

So we arranged it one day. He would wait for me on his knees, in only his boxers, and I would arrive at his house ready to go. He did as he was told. I entered the room to find him on his knees, head down with his hands behind his back, like a perfect submissive, like my perfect slut girl does so well.

I knew I would have so much fun with this. "You did what I told you," I said. I tied his hands behind his back; I knew he would struggle if I forced him to take that big cock of mine from behind. "Look at how hard you are! Suck my cock", I instructed, looking down on him and that big bulge in his boxers. I knew he hated hearing the word "cock" rather than "strap-on ". It made it feel like a real one. It made him feel gay.

I guided his head towards it and told him to "suck it properly". He wasn't bad, but I could tell he had never done that before and needed to learn to deep throat it. I wanted him to choke and gag on it, so I grabbed his head and forced him to take every inch to the back of his throat. His eyes watered as he obeyed my command. He struggled a little. "That's not how you suck dick", I said. I pulled down his boxers to reveal his perfect hard cock bobbing between his legs.

I got on my knees and sucked him off perfectly, looking him in the eyes and slowly guiding myself onto his shaft. He moaned a little. "That's how you suck cock!" I forced the big black cock back into his mouth once more and gave him another opportunity. "Spit on it", I ordered, wanting to make sure it was nice and wet. It would be going in his ass after all. Not that he knew that!

"Good boy", I said, lightly slapping his face and releasing my cock from his mouth. "Now go and lie on the bed, face down".

He struggled to his feet and climbed onto the bed.

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