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A trip to the store gives a young woman too much time to think.

Angela's attention was drawn back to the driveway as Blake wheeled in.

Getting out of his car Blake slammed the door in frustration. He was going to go without pussy this weekend because his bitch of a girlfriend broke up with him after 2 years and his fantasy fuck was going out of town. The sex they had was the best he ever had and his mother enjoyed it as well, He was angry at his mother for going off and fucking his father all weekend. He didn't deserve it he was fucking around on her with a girl Blake's age. His Mother was his it didn't matter she had no idea it was her son she had fucked. Punching the buttons of the keypad to open the garage door Blake decided to change his oil to work of his frustration.

Amanda saw the young man walk into the garage and followed him inside. He was standing at the work bench along the back wall with his back to the door and didn't see the woman until her shadow landed on the wall in front of him. Spinning around he saw the hungry look on her face and the way her braless tits rolled about under the sundress. His mind flashed back to fucking her in her living room a week ago and his cock began to grow.

Leaning forward and standing on her tip toes Amanda kissed the young man and whispered "Fuck me like you did last week, please".

Blake snorted and reached up feeling the hard nipple poking though the yellow cotton and gave it a pinch. The woman winced but smiled shivering under the assault.

"Damn, this bitch is whack!" thought Blake as she began rubbing his cock through his jeans,

He leaned in and asked the woman, "You like to be spanked?" before he kissed her.

Amanda nodded and began humping his thigh.

Blake broke the kiss and asked "You like to be tied up?"

Amanda groaned, "Yessssss."

Blake took her lip in his mouth and bit down making Amanda shutter before he punched the button closing the garage door. If his Mom was going to get fucked so was he.

Angela had taken much longer driving home than going, having to stop once to vomit and twice more the cry uncontrollably. When she pulled into the driveway the sun was setting. She was looking ahead but not seeing when she punched the button on her cars garage door opener. The bare feet and the naked kneeling woman that appeared into her view did not register to her dazed face. The rock playing on Blake's MP3 player flooded out over the driveway and boomed out enough noise to help to conceal the opening of the garage door to those inside. Especially when you had your cock pumping in and out of your neighbors mouth while she knelt in front of you with her hands tied behind her back with an old dog leash. It was actually the headlights of the car that caught Amanda's attention when she opened her eyes for a second. But by then Angela had already gotten out of the car screaming at her son who couldn't hear her over the sound of the stereo. Amanda saw her neighbor walking into the garage but never gave up sucking on the young cock in her mouth.

Angela had punched the button to shut the door over and over hoping it would close before one of her neighbors saw what was going on. She was screaming at her son as she got the door to close but he couldn't hear her over the scream of the rock and roll blaring out.

Angela's mind screamed out "How the fuck did he think he could do this in my house!"

She saw Amanda's eyes widen and knew the woman had seen her but she didn't let up on sucking her sons penis. That made Amanda ever more angry at what she deemed was the disrespectful behavior by both of them. That's when Angela saw the bound hands and then she feared that woman might have been forced, but not by her son, he wouldn't, would he?

Angela walked up and shoving Blake moving him across the room sideways and causing his hard and throbbing cock to pop out of the sluts mouth.

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