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Number 5: Condoms.

I suppose she had already noticed the waiter was approaching our table to collect the plates and had struck her pose in preparation. All the while he was clearing the table, Julie stayed with her legs apart, staring silently at me and the moment he turned and started to walk away she said, "I'm not wearing any underwear you know."

My God, I can still clearly remember the instant sensation in my cock. It didn't suddenly get hard, it was just like a fiendishly aggressive call girl had run her teeth and tongue along the length of it from tip to balls - and then some. But it wasn't the fact that my wife had said she wasn't wearing underwear - well, not entirely anyway. It was the fact that the waiter almost definitely heard her.

"And what if he did?" Julie challenged, with a smirk on her face. And it wasn't just a simple, rhetorical question either. I knew ... we both knew, she was seriously questioning where things would lead if it happened that the waiter followed up on his intimate knowledge of my wife somehow.

So, by this stage, I was looking forward to a night of sexual abandon with my woman who now seemed to be ready to suck my balls out through my eye sockets. The short walk back to our villa seemed to be painfully long that night. My hand was sliding up and down the back of Julie's satin dress, my fingers joyously confirming the earlier statement about her lack of underwear.

I didn't really want to stop but at one point Julie turned me around to face her and pulled my face down to her breasts. With one hand she pulled the top of her dress down and to the side until one breast was completely exposed. She lifted the nipple to my mouth and gasped when I rolled it between my lips. At the same time, I felt her other hand moving rhythmically between us. At first, I thought she was trying to rub my cock and was missing the target in her excitement but I soon realised that her hand was exactly where it wanted to be.

She was rubbing herself through her dress. By moving the position of my mouth on Julie's breast, I could see that she was standing with her legs apart and her fingers were moving up and down and pressing hard on her protruding mound.

It was a dark pathway we were on and we would probably have heard anyone coming in plenty of time but the public nature of it and Julie's lewdness served to raise the excitement level for me.

I reached down, grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it up to her waist. She never missed a beat. Julie's hand stayed where it was and continued the rubbing motion but now it was sliding along the exposed lips of her cunt.

I'd asked Julie to shave herself completely for the holiday and now I was glad I had. Even in this dim light, I seemed to be able to see every detail ... the increased wetness on her fingers as she started to delve deeper between her lips, the clitoris enlarging as it responded to Julie's fingers sliding over and around it. I could hear the sweet squelching sounds of the increasing moistness oozing from her.

Then the sudden gasp and moan that burst from her mouth shocked me, there was almost a kind of a violence in it. I took my attention back to between her legs and saw that she had thrust three fingers into herself. Almost immediately, she was sawing her clenched fingers backwards and forwards into her pussy.

She leaned heavily on my shoulder with her left hand as her head fell forwards onto my chest. I would have preferred to have still been able to watch her finger-fuck herself but I still got an indescribable thrill from holding her up (I'm sure she would have collapsed otherwise) as she continued to thrust her hand between her thighs.

Much quicker than I expected, Julie lifted her head off my chest - a look of tortured passion on her face. Her hand a blur of motion now as she demanded her body to delight her with an orgasm. It was almost as if her hand was beating her pussy, a hard, aggressive, masculine masturbation.

Then it hit her

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