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o with him, would you?"

"I'd be a nut to, wouldn't I?"

"But you would, wouldn't you?"

"I might."

The anger bubbled over. He shoved his chair back and stood up. "You'll find the ten bucks under the plate."

She flushed a crimson that made her eyes seem lighter. "No need to leave that," she said. "I got no need for hand-outs."

"I was paying for the company, like any john would do."

His anger didn't fade entirely until he was back at the car, and then he was ashamed for what he'd said. She wasn't a common whore, and Jackson had no right to treat her like one. She'd known Denver Jones all of her short life. The reports said he'd raised her from age ten. No one was sure when Jones had started bedding her. He was still all she had, and Libby Doyle, according to all reports, needed a caretaker. From what Jackson had seen, she was doing okay all by herself.

Still, he could kick himself for being so heartless. Libby Doyle deserved better. Some Pygmalion he was. He couldn't make a stick figure out of Play-doh, let alone a perfect woman out of ivory. Things certainly wouldn't be the same between her and Jackson now.

Agent Dixon showed up a little before eight and Jackson Parks drove back to his rented room and went to bed.

He was up at five in the afternoon, had another breakfast and flipped through the cable channels looking for something decent to watch. At eleven, he finished his lunch, made up a tuna sandwich, brewed some coffee, grabbed a bag of corn chips, and went out to relieve a bored and sleepy Paul Prugh.

"Anything?" Jackson asked.

"Nada," Prugh said as he screwed on the lid to his thermos. "Funny though," he added, "she stayed in the shower an extra half hour tonight and skipped dinner."

The long night hours went by without incident. Jackson imagined Libby Doyle, deliberately slipping into a flannel gown after her long shower, refusing to be nude and scooting underneath her blanket. Maybe she was regretting missing dinner. Or maybe she just wanted to feel warm.

In the morning, her curtains were pulled tight. She didn't come to the back door. He waited longer than usual and then went over.

"I need to search the house." He sounded gruffer than he'd meant to.

She stepped aside without a word. As before, the house was empty.

He went back into the kitchen. "Do I get breakfast this morning, Libby?"

"I can sell you coffee, eggs and bacon for ten bucks, if you want it, but I won't be joining you."

"I'm sorry I acted like I did yesterday, Libby."

Her dead gray eyes flickered to his left and then back to him. "You were mean, 007."

"I had a reason."

"Yeah? What reason?"

"You said you might go away with him. Libby, I know it isn't right, but I care about you." Jackson had practiced this speech all night, trying to think of the perfect thing to say. He hadn't expected her reaction.

She moved a half step closer and lifted her eyes to look up at him.

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