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He came back unexpected and was very glad he did.

I had sex with each one as the other watched. Adam said next time they planning on me sucking one as the other fucks me. I am looking forward to that. I wonder if before Tom leaves tomorrow if one of them will take me in the ass as the other takes my pussy. That is another of my fantasies.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well they did it this morning but not how I expected. Adam asked me privately if I would consider letting them fuck me in the ass. I told him I had been thinking about asking him to try it there since the day he put his finger in there and I would be willing to let him take my ass cherry if he used this. I reached in my bedside dressed and pulled out a tube of KY jell. He smiled and said he would love to take my cherry. He then called Tom into the bedroom and told him to watch him take my ass cherry. He lubed up my asshole real good and pushed in one and then two fingers and then lubed up his dick. It went in slow but it did finally get all the way in. It felt weird and I felt full but it wasn't that bad. After a couple minutes of getting accustomed to it he began to slowly fuck my ass. I was just beginning to enjoy it when he came and but I wasn't ready to cum yet. Then he told Tom to lube up and get to work on my ass. He was happy to jump in and I was happy he did. I wanted more cock in my ass. When he came, I did too.

An hour or so later after a bath and breakfast, I told them was ready for more but that this time, I wanted one in my ass and one in my pussy and at the same time! I had to suck on both of them to get them hard but eventually I was able to get what I wanted, I was DP'd. Two more fantasies fulfilled.

Tom went home and Adam and I talked and cuddled the rest of the day.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nothing unusual or kinky has happen lately. Just the normal stuff for me now, like going shopping with nothing but dress on. I don't always get to flash someone but that's alright. I've also stopped wearing bras along with no panties to work on Fridays now too. Maybe I'm taking this causal Friday dress thing too far but no one has yet to complain. Before I go home though, an extra button seems to come undone somehow. My blouse is now unbuttoned to just below my breast. A lot of cleavage and a little side boob is all you can see but the men at work sure seem to notice. Who know, maybe next week, another button my 'accidentally' come unbuttoned, that would be terrible wouldn't it?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Valerie and Danny came home last night and she dropped by early and found me making coffee naked. I looked up at my backdoor and there she was just walking up to my door. Of course I opened it up and invited her in. She was wearing just a large sarong wrapped around her. I told her I liked her dress. She said, "What, this old thing. There's nothing to this thing." She proceeded to reach behind her neck and untie it. It looked like it was just a large scarf she had wrapped around her and tied two corners behind her neck. Other than that, she was naked. I told her it looked comfortable and she it was very comfortable and lightweight too. I now wanted to find me one.

She said that her and her husband were planning on going down to their favorite nudist resort for the weekend and wanted to know if we had any plans for the weekend. If not they wanted to know if we wanted to join them. The room they had booked had two large beds in it so it would cost us nothing.

I told her that it sounded great to me because Adam and I had talked about visiting one to check them out but never got around to doing it.

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