FreeMackenize learns the truth, and Savage confronts his sister. Sex Pics

Couple gives waiter a ride home.

.." Mr. Vance says to me.

I raise my eyebrows optimistically. My father looks over at me.

"That actually sounds like a great idea." My dad says. "I'll probably be stuck working late so that'd be a big help if you could watch over her."

"Well, what do you say?" Mr. Vance asks.

"Sounds good to me Mr. Vance, thank you!" I say.

Mr. Vance looks deep into my eyes and says, "Oh, call me Warren."

I smile and nod.

"Well, we should probably be off. Thanks again Warren." My dad says.

Warren nods and smiles at the two of us. My father and I walk away but I can feel Warren keep his eyes on my body.

The day ends and I make my way to Warren's secluded office. I knock on the door and there is a quick answer.

"Hey there Emma." Warren says with a bright smile.

"Hi, Warren." I say back. Warren invites me into his office and I sit across from his desk.

"So, before we get into how your first day was, let me just begin by telling you how lucky we all are to have to here with us." Warren says sincerely.

"Wow, thanks Warren." I say back.

"I'm serious, following in your father's footsteps to become a lawyer, we all have high hopes for you Emma." Warren says.

Warren gets up from behind his desk and sits on the front of it, directly in front of me.

"You really have become such a beautiful young lady. It's been so long since I've seen you and I'm truly stunned." Warren says.

"I really appreciate that.." I say back.

Warren leans in a little bit. "I want you to be as comfortable as you possibly can be here. I know there must be an immense amount of pressure working for the same firm as your father. And especially just starting out as a young'd wanna be as clear minded as possible, right?

"Of course, all I want is to do my best and prove that I belong." I answer back.

"Good..." Warren says as he walks towards me slowly.

Warren puts his hands on my cheek. He runs a finger down the side of my face.

"I can help you." Warren says. In the same moment, Warren removes my glasses and places them on the side table.

Warren then leans on a knee in front of me.

"I can help you forget about the stress and clear your mind completely. If that's something you really want." Warren says.

I'm taken by his charm and confidence. His eyes continue to absorb me. He places his hand over mine and latches on to it.

I look at him and say, "Yes."

Warren smiles and places my hand over his penis. He's already so hard. I begin to rub it from outside his clothes. He takes his hands and places them over my breasts. He squeezes them tightly and it makes shiver. He slowly unbuttons my shirt, revealing my pink bra which holds up my firm and perky C-cups.

Under some kind of sex spell, I then remove my bra straps from my shoulders and my breasts are released into the air. But not for long.

Warren stares my perky breasts and like an animal, lunges for them with his lips. He sucks and squeezes my boobs and it feels fantastic.

Warren then stands up and swiftly pulls down his pants and his penis leaps at my face. His cock throbs and begs for me to suck it. I place my hand on it and begin to stroke it.

"That's a good girl." Warren says.

I look up at him and stroke faster and I finally take it in my eager mouth. I bob my head back and forth. Licking his cock as furiously as I can. Warren smiles and lets out a deep sigh.

"Oh, baby. That's fucking good." Warren says as I continue to suck his big cock.

Warren lifts me up from the ground and picks me up. He places me on the desk and rips off my skirt and underwear. I'm a bit embarrassed, as I haven't had the chance to fully shave my bush. It's not a full bush but it covers the top of my vagina but I'm still a little self-conscious.

Nervously, I say to Warren, "I'm really sorry, If I had known, I would've shaved and-"

Warren tightly grabs my bush in his hand and begins to tug on it. This drives me absolutely crazy. I gasp with excitement and beg for more.

Warren tugs on my bush and inserts his cock into me.