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Hetero- to homo- to bi- to pansexual: evolution at work?

Tim subtly said, "Your description was fascinating. Oddly, such a story encourages attention to the very places you said needed isolation today. I'm left not knowing what to do later."

Mary replied, "You're right. I'm conflicted as well. Gentle attention would be welcome."

After lunch the couple returned home. Tim asked Mary to replace her sundress with a baby doll nightgown she'd worn in some of the morning's pictures. As he handed her the nightgown he said, "I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom. I'll be gentle."

Mary smiled and slipped into the bathroom to refresh her make-up and to change. Tim was waiting for her on the bed. He kissed her passionately and then said, "When I was photographing you in this nightgown this morning I really wanted to hold you like this. Feeling the silky material slip over your skin as I touch you is a new way to appreciate your sexy body. You feel great!"

Tim proceeded to caress and fondle Mary's body through the nightgown and she was turned on by his attention. Her breasts felt especially sensuous as he felt their mass and softness through the silky fabric. His hands reached down her bare legs and he enjoyed their shape and the sensuality of her thighs. His caresses were supplemented with lingering kisses and both Tim and Mary got increasingly excited. Tim observed, "I'm enjoying kissing and touching you very much. I guess straight sex without kink is still enjoyable."

Tim's hands were all over Mary's body with increased passion. She was excited by the sensuous touch of his hands through the silky fabric. Tim moved down Mary's body to grab her hips as they emerged from under the short gown. He removed her thong and felt up her ass and between her legs. Gradually he moved his body so that it was between his wife's legs and brought his mouth to her Venus Mound. This rapidly evolved into his tongue exploring her labia while his hands held her hips as they squirmed with arousal. In a few minutes Tim's mouth was devouring Mary's pussy and she was lifting her hips off of the bed in frenzied passion. Mary was soon screaming in orgasm and pushing Tim's face away as her pussy became too sensitive to enjoy any further stimulation.

After Mary's climax passed, Tim moved up over her bringing their bodies together in the missionary position. Tim held his upper body up with his arms and Mary cradled her breasts for his visual pleasure. She fondled herself and teased her nipples as Tim watched. As Tim thrust in and out of her slick pussy, Mary said, "I'll be starting my nipple training tomorrow. After a couple of weeks of daily nipple pumping think about how big they'll be. Between your daily tightening of my corset and my new nipples I'll be ready for great photos in three weeks. Think about taking those pictures and getting them enlarged for my debut in a gallery."

As always Tim loved Mary's fondling of her breasts and her suggestive talk. He was rapidly approaching his climax in a few minutes. Mary brought him off by saying, "Pumping my nipples is going to make me very horny. I'll be thinking about it all day at the shop. Then I'll come home and put the cups on. I'm sure that's going to get me very aroused. I'll need you to suck on my swollen, sensitive nipples gently every day. That's how you'll bring me to orgasm-every day. Sound good?" Tim's cock exploded as he visualized Mary's swollen nipples in his mouth on a daily basis.

Mary used the suction cups on her nipples as planned for the next three weeks.