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His eyes run down to her glistening cunt. Right above her clit is a tattoo of ownership with his initials. The slut earned her master's markings after the most grueling training session and submission test. After that, the master knew she truly wished to give her all to him.

"Kneel." Master says in a deep voice. Immediately, the submissive kneels at his feet, legs spread wide so her pussy is easily accessible, arms behind her back, mouth wide open, tongue out, and smiling lusty eyes. Just like her master taught her. The slut's mouth begins to salivate, drool slipping down her tongue onto the floor. She's eager to taste her master's thick, long, large cock. Eager to feel every inch of him inside her dripping cunt and/or tight asshole.

She feels her master trace the outline of her face in a rough but gentle manner, wanting her to remember that he owns every cell in her body. She knows her job is to please her master and keep his cock happy. If she does not complete this simple responsibility, she knows she will be punished. Now, her master has the most unique punishments. Cruel in his own way, but always keeping in mind the sub's best interest. He holds her chin with much power and domination, forcing her face to look up at him and leading her gaze straight into his deep blue eyes. She begins to drool on his hand and her tongue brushes his hands. When she locks eyes with him, the submissive immediately feels her cunt drip even more than before.

Her mind flashes back for a moment of how she ended up being on her knees daily to serve her master. They met in the most peculiar way, both thinking that nothing was going to happen. Little did they know their relationship would grow in more ways than one. She focuses back on the task of pleasing her master.

She feels her body flush, almost like the power he held over her took up all of her heat. All she cared about during their sessions is to please her master and his large, long, thick, huge, hard cock. Master takes out his cock, letting it slap his sub's face. He traces her face with his cock. His cock feels every goose-bump on her desperate slutty face: desperate for his cock deep in her throat.

He walks over back to where he set his bourbon down and takes a sip while admiring his perfect site. A site that he can have at his command and at his will. He knows that his slut will do anything he desires, like sucking other guys cocks, not cumming until he commands, and ready to fuck at a moment's notice. She starts to crawl slowly towards his direction, but with one hard stern glare from her master, she stops in her tracks and returns to the kneel position.

"Now honey, remember I control you, I control your movements. You will not move unless I say so. Be a good girl and I will not beat your ass. But then again, I may still beat you." He smiles and roughly wraps his heavy, tough hand around her neck, gently squeezing making her stand up at his mercy. "You are mine. You are my property. You are my cunt. And you will obey me." He spits in her mouth as she gasps for air when he releases his hand from her throat. "You are mine, bitch."

The slut gets back in position. He clips her leash on and begins to walk around the room. He watches her closely at her left side, exactly 5 steps behind him as she was trained. His long stride makes it difficult for her short legs to keep up, but she knows better than to lag behind. Her ass will have a friendly reminder with his punishment belt.

They stop in-front of the big window. He pushes her roughly against the window, her tits squished against the freezing glass and her cunt juices wetting the window. She immediately spreads her legs apart feeling her master's fingers caress her soaking cunt. He dips one finger in the tight cunt and the slut's cunt squeezes. She's so desperate to be fucked and used.

"Oh, my little slave is eager to be fucked.