FreeOne man, two horny young girls. Sex Pics

Tina uses her powers to seduce a young man.

She rubs her nose across his neck, breathing him in. She traces a circle with her tongue around his Adam's apple. His hands rest on her thighs, massaging up to her butt. He reaches up to touch her face, but immediately, she grabs him by the wrists and pins his arms above his head.

She looks into his eyes, "Not your turn yet." She gently bites the tip of his nose while her hands flow back down his arms and rests on his chest. She sits up, scooting back till her hips are above his. Grabbing his shirt collar, she yanks him up and sinks her teeth into his shoulder.

He clutches at her waist and lets out a yelp. She nuzzles her nose behind his ear and tells him, "I love hearing you scream for me."

She could feel his erection through his jeans. She looks down and rubs him, "Almost ready," she says with a devilish grin. She stands up above him, feet planted on each side and pulls him to his feet, dragging him to the couch and pushing him down. She unbuttons her shirt and throws it to the side. She stands in front of him, taking off her pants in deliberate slow motion. He watches and wonders what his next instructions will be.

"Take off your clothes, pants first," she commands.

He hands them to her and continues to take off his shirt. She whips the belt out from his pants and holds one end as she runs it through her other hand. She folds it in half and cracks it loudly. She climbs on top of him. Her movements are smooth and slow. Their bare thighs touch as she straddles him, holding the belt up against his neck, tilting his head up. It's still warm from his own body heat. She holds it across his neck, as she rises to her knees, so her face is above his. She licks his lips from corner to corner. She presses the belt harder against his neck. He arches back trying to breathe. She grinds up against his hardening dick with her crotch. His hands grip at her thighs and she loosens up her grip and flings the belt over the couch. Her hands cup the back of his neck, pulling his face into her chest. One whiff of her scent and he couldn't resist pulling her closer, sucking on her chest and neck. He tears off her bra and takes her erect nipple into his mouth. He lightly licks a circle around her areola, teasing her. She growls into the air and digs her nails into his shoulder, drawing blood. He tries to muffle his cry in his throat.

She holds his chin, "That's what you get for teasing me. Now let's see how you like it."

Firmly gripping the back of his neck, she bites the base of his neck before pushing him back against the couch and sliding down his body, tearing off his boxers. She pushes his legs apart, and clutches at his very stiff member. Her eyes lock into his as her tongue licks the tip and lightly pushes into the slit. He watches her nervously. His cock hovers inside her mouth as she bares her teeth. She could feel his whole body stiffen, afraid to move. She gently bites down, barely scraping the skin, while her tongue circles and flicks the head. She wraps her lips around him and glides his slick dick into her throat. He closes his eyes and leans his head back. She continues to stare up at him, drinking in his every expression. His moans further excite her. She could feel her pussy getting hotter. She strokes him, feeling his cock growing harder. He starts to breathe deeper. She quickly stands up and steps out of her panties. She straddles his lap, holding his dick, rubbing it back and forth along her dripping slit.

"Tell me what you want," she demands.

"You?" searching her face for the correct answer.

Her eyes drill into his. "Is that a question?" she asks, slow and seething.

"I want you," he states.

She dips the tip of his cock inside her and pulls it back out. They both moan.

"Say it. Tell me what you want me to do to your cock."

He pauses and pulls her in close. "Ride it. Fuck it. It's yours."

At this, she smiles and plunges his cock inside her wet folds.