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In addition, the last thing Callie needed was unwanted attention about her hidden affection for Adan. More than once, a coworker had joked about Adan in her presence. Callie was paranoid that her lust would become evident upon her face when his name was mentioned.

Her restlessness transferred into the bedroom with her husband. More and more, she would suggest that they put in some porn to watch as they fucked. Strangely enough, the more she had sex, the more she wanted. In addition, she was becoming more open as she watched the films with her husband. The women seemed to really enjoy themselves, and a few of the movies would unexpectedly segway into female-only action. Callie was able to watch these women pleasure each other for hours at a time, and she wanted to try it.

It was May, and she was in the shower again. Her erotic dreams were coming more frequently now. Last night's dream had an undercurrent of, well, female, to it. Again, it was about Adan, and the two of them together. His face was hazy, but she could smell his scent. He was pushing her up against the counter (in the copy room at work, perhaps?) and bending her backwards, forcing her to submit to his mouth on her neck. He was nipping down the center of her neck, hard enough to leave red marks, and she didn't care. There was the sense that someone could walk by the room at any moment and look in to see them. He was following her neck down to her cleavage.

He was working his way down to her breasts when Adan pinned her hands behind her, flat on the counter. She was helpless to resist. She struggled, but it didn't make a difference. He pinned both of Callie's hands down with one of his, and used the other to pull apart her button up blouse, revealing her lavender bra. It was lacy, but not see-through. He pulled it down to expose her entire breast, and bit her nipple. Hard. It puckered in his mouth, and Callie arched her back, giving up any pretense at a struggle.

Adan licked her nipple in between nips and bites. Her flesh felt swollen, and her pussy was throbbing with each lick. She wanted more. She was whimpering in desperation, needing the sensation on the other breast. Callie turned her head towards the door....and gasped. There was someone watching them.

A woman was standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe, watching as Adan molested her breast with his mouth. She looked as if she had been standing there for quite some time, now. Callie looked down at Adan. His eyes were open (no secrets here) and they showed his smile. He knew exactly how long the woman had been there, and he knew that he was forcing Callie to put on a show for her.

Adan released her nipple from his mouth, and moved his head up beside her ear. He whispered to Callie, "She likes what she sees. She told me earlier." Then he licked the inside rim of Callie's ear, making her moan in response, even as she stared at the woman, embarrassed by her exposed breast. Adan turned and pulled Callie back against his chest, so he was forcing her to stare at the woman. He pulled Callie's dark hair so she had to look right in her face as she melted from his breath in her ear.

Suddenly, Callie recognized the woman watching them. Her name was Alise, and she was joining the organization in the fall, after being hired in the past spring. Black hair, blue eyes, sweet smile, and a lovely figure -- compact and feminine. Alise was wearing a black skirt suit with a blue shell underneath, and slim, black heels. Quite an attractive woman. Alise looked Callie up and down, and then walked towards the couple.

Callie could do nothing -- between the nibbles on her ear and the strong arms holding her against Adan's chest, she couldn't move or escape.