Diana the white trash.

I knew I would come up with something because I was getting more frustrated as the week went on, spending hours sitting in class, time at my desk, even at home at night watching things that turned me on, stroking myself slowly, but never allowing myself to cum until I could think of something to write down.

This morning I jumped on the internet and started reading while only half listening to a conference call and soon noticed I was hard again (I have been pretty much half hard since I made the decision to hold off). I was sitting there, reading a few stories on Literotica, looking across my desk at the woman in my office's tits, looking up her skirt when she crossed her legs (don't know if she was doing it on purpose or not, but I didn't care, I wasn't thinking about her directly anyways, she just provided a little extra visual stimulation), slowly stroking my now raging hard-on through my pants behind my desk, wondering if she had any idea as to what I was going to do as soon as this call was over. I found a few stories that got me going even more, and I slowed down, teasing myself more, the anticipation being more than I could handle.

I went back and read a few of the stories I had written before and then went back and read the response I got to those stories. Masturbation gets me off quicker than anything, and knowing that someone else is masturbating because of a story or image I put in their mind, I can picture it completely, wanting so much to see the pleasure I brought to them, knowing I am responsible for the ecstasy they experienced (or will experience), almost caused me to cum in my seat right there. I stopped reading for a minute to try to calm my cock down enough to excuse myself but it was more difficult than I imagined. I could feel it straining against the fabric and could feel a drop of pre-cum getting ready to form, so I had to make a break for it then. I closed my browser and locked my computer and excused myself to "use the restroom." As I walked past her, my hard-on having subsided enough to not be extremely obvious, but there was still a noticeable bulge, I saw her watch as I walked by, staring intently at my crotch, before looking back down at the pad and pen in her lap. I left the room and quickly headed for the men's room.

There is a small men's room in the back of the service department, near a lot of electronic equipment (so lots of noise) that I have used before. I quickly made my way there, closing and locking the door behind me. I quickly unzipped my pants and my cock sprang to life, no longer restrained. A couple of firm, slow strokes from the base up to the head and soon I had enough pre-cum to lubricate my now fully erect shaft. I leaned back against the wall, stroking my cock with deliberate strokes with my right hand, squeezing it the length of the shaft and then rubbing the head with my thumb when I got to the end. I cupped my left hand, placing my balls in my palm, holding my middle and ring fingers together, pressing up against my taint, putting pressure on my prostate, visualizing a woman fingering herself and mimicking the motions.

I closed my eyes and visualizations and images flooded my mind. I saw flashes of an ex-girlfriend, a one night stand, the first time I saw a woman masturbate, and a flashback to the first time I had masturbated in front of anyone (that is another story I will soon tell). Then I started having visions of events I had never seen but were clear as they could be, visions of people masturbating to me. I pictured you reading this story, getting turned on, maybe when you couldn't do anything about it, breaking free as soon as you could, hurrying away from everyone else and fucking yourself fiercely, you're hands a blur making you cum. This is the vision that pushed me over the edge.

I could feel in my left hand that my balls were tightening up and my knees began to tremble.