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Nicole Evans loses her anal virginity to Jamie King.

As the wispy hairs fell, she seemed to become more and more comfortable as did I. I was becoming extremely aroused by the sight and smell of the piece of pie that laid there before me.

Eventually after only a few minutes, I made my way to where I was studying her swollen nether lips and she seemed to tense up once more, "Jimmy, you've really gotta be careful right there, one little nick and I'll be feeling it for a week."

Looking up I cautiously grinned, "I know Ash, I know... I've trimmed myself before. That's why I'm taking my time." Finally, I began trimming the stray hairs that lay along the outside of her pussy lips. The flower began to open and reveal itself as Ash sat up to studiously gaze.

I no longer needed the comb as the hairs in this area were extremely sparse. As my left hand involuntarily rubbed over her mound, her clitoris ultimately poked out from under its hood to reveal itself. At this point the triangle of her pubis was leveled out with only a quarter inch length patch of sandy hair remaining.

"Ok Jim, it's time to shave now." I took the shaving gel in hand and rubbed it to a lather as Ash took the lukewarm wet cloth and wiped herself. ' Will you put that other cloth on the heater to heat it up. I like them hot." I did as she asked.

Taking the foam, I spread it all over her mons and inner "V" area, covering the leveled out fine hairs of her pubis. I was deliberate in spreading the foamy lather along the outer lips of her vulva. I could see that Ash was in a state of arousal only maybe somewhat muted by anxiety over the fact that I would next be taking a sharp implement to her most sensitive area. "I think that's good. I've probably spread this around enough now. You ready to do this?" I said as I picked up the razor.

She looked down before laying back as she shivered and took a breath turning her head towards me and closing her eyes. "OK... be easy... Take your time." she said.

"OK," I affirmed and nodded towards her even though her eyes were closed, "This is it then, yeah?... Where would you like me to start."

Hesitantly, yet firmly, she pointed to the area, "Start on the inside of my upper thigh."

I took the razor and drew the sharp double blade inwards from her upper thighs and across toward the direction of her puffy nether lips. The fine hair offered no resistance to the blades as they cleaned up nice and smooth. Alternately I would continue shaving before taking the warm wet towel and wiping away the soapy residue to only find baby smooth skin left behind.

Once this appeared to be finished, Ash leaned up on her elbows, "You're doing great. Now..." as she pointed to her furry mons, " I need you to trim me up a little here... OK."

I proceeded before hesitating, "You're going to have to tell me what it is exactly that you want."

She leaned up further, pointing as she placed a finger on the fluffy fur. "I want a little strip up to here... not much. Just a strip... OK."

"OK," I imagined what she wanted as I took the blade and pulled down, removing a little bit of the delicate hair above her pussy. I rinsed the blade before taking another little bit away and going back over the area... Rinse and repeat... rinse and repeat... rinse and repeat...

Ashley laid back again and relaxed as she began to trust the situation. I took in the solid view of her nude form as I knelt before her. I caught an adoring glimpse of her eyes as she stared at me gracefully, as I took care of her private treasure.

"Am I doing alright. I don't want to do too much. I so like some hair down here. I always enjoyed that." I said, and pointed to the edges of her bush, wanting to touch her there, but holding myself back.

Ashley with head falling to the side looking at me, "You do?" she questioned. "Most girls now go bare... Say it makes them feel more clean."

I glided the blade down one more time, removing a little more, before doing the same to the other side to make sure I kept the fur symmetrical.