FreeA surprise visit by a loving uncle, or was it? Sex Pics

Woman's fantasy of younger girl comes true

" I want to see you rub your clit some more, but very slowly, DO it!"

"Oh God, please let me cum please!" I moan, but the look in your eyes makes me slow the tempo, massaging slowly, rubbing my juices all over myself. I am aching so badly. More than anything now I want to be fucked hard. You move closer to me, so close that I know you can smell the hot scent of desire rising from my pulsing cunt.

"Push two fingers deep inside that hot cunt," you insist. My fingers slide in easily, my pussy eagerly sucking them in. You bring the thick swollen tip of your cock to my mouth.

"Suck it now, and take it deep!"

I eagerly lick the tip as you slowly press the head into my hot, wet, hungry mouth. My fingers pleasure myself as I wrap my lips around your engorged head and you force more of your cock into my mouth, feeding it to me. My lips stretch as each rock hard inch is forced deeper into my mouth and down my throat. I clench your rigid thickness between my lips, my tongue laps at the smooth bulbous cockhead while your shaft probes my mouth and digs deeper into the hot wet depths of my throat. You begin to fuck my mouth and my throat, slowly at first and then harder, gorging my mouth, my throat with your savage thrusts. I feel the head of your cock pressing against the back of my throat, your hand holding my head firmly in place as I struggle to endure the relentless oral assault.

"You like this, don't you slut?" you hiss, as you thrust mercilessly.

I nod, my mouth crammed with your throbbing cock as I move one hand to caress your balls. They fill and begin to tense, and your cock begins to throb and pulse in my mouth. My hands and mouth are moving rapidly now, wanting to cum just as you cum in my mouth. But maddeningly you pull your glistening cock away from my mouth and move my fingers away from my pussy.

"Oh God!" I plead, "Please don't make me stop, please! I need to cum!"

You ignore my pleas, locking your elbows under my knees, bracing my legs across your shoulders and you again bring your cock up against my wet pussy. Holding your cock with one hand, you rub the head along my wet slit up to my clit, teasing me. Then you bring it lower, rubbing my juices over my tight puckered asshole. I gasp, almost out of my mind with lust, helpless and vulnerable as you slowly and deliberately slide it back up again, teasingly slipping the head between my swollen cunt lips. I try to thrust my hips upwards, wanting every inch of you inside me but you have my legs pinned and I can't. You feel my pussy trying to suck you in, grasping at you greedily but you don't move.

"Please take me! Bury it inside me again please!" I moan, almost begging, "I want to cum soo badly".

"No, not just yet," you say. "A bitch like you needs to beg me to fuck you."

You push in a little further then pull out so that the head of your cock is just nestling between my lips.

"Oh God," I moan "Please! Please do it!"

You smile a little.

"Beg for it or I'll stop and we'll end this interview right now!"

My heart pounds, my cunt aches. The idea of you stopping now is inconceivable. My eyes lock with yours and I arch my body upward towards you.

"Please give me your cock, please! My cunt wants it, my cunt needs it pleease!"

You slam it all the way in with one hard thrust. I scream, not having expected the force with which you have penetrated me, but then you pull it almost all the way out again.

" Oh God, don't do this to me, please... please... please fuck me now. I want to feel you I want all of you inside me. Fuck me, please fuck me!" I moan loudly.

"Be quiet, don't scream," you warn menacingly.

Your mouth covers mine, drowning out my moans, as you shove your cock all the way back inside me driving into me hard.