FreeA night in a haunted house turns sexual. Sex Pics

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Alexa Bliss gives Bart a work out.

Even more luckily, it was also the house where the most gorgeous girl in the college was living... of course this is what really started the obsession up again and drove my need for some fresh pussy scented panties.

Kelly always dressed really well, she had a fine body and would always show off her cleavage and her teasingly short skirts was reveal a mouth watering amount of smooth tanned leg.

Kelly was way out of my league so there was only one way I was going to be able to experience her but it wasn't going to be easy. As it was a shared house there was always someone to catch me snooping around through laundry baskets so it was a ball aching wait until the opportunity arose.

But that time did come, the whole of my year were at a summer ball, everyone would be there including Kelly and all of my housemates. On the day of the ball I became "ill" and spent the whole day in my room waiting. The truth is I couldn't have left the room because my cock was rock hard all day in anticipation of the evening's events. I hadn't jerked off in a couple of days to heighten the experience.

I told my housemates I couldn't go to the ball as I was feeling rough. I was literally counting down the hours all day until I heard the last student close the front door behind them... panty time!

I was straight out of my bedroom, still worried about being caught I sneaked up the stairs and in to Kelly's room. The excitement was killing.

I made my way straight for Kelly's laundry basket. Before diving in I made a mental note of how the dirty clothes inside looked so I could try and put it all back in the same fashion.

My forehead was clammy with sweat, my hand were literally shaking, my cock so hard that I had to let it out of my pants.

Right on top of the dirty laundry was a floral, see thru, red thong. My shaking hand picked it up, I held it out in front of me to take in the shape and the pattern before turning it inside out and examining the crotch, it looked clean. I moved the crotch of the thong to my face and inhaled... poor, very little scent but some attractive panties, I put them in my pocket.

Plunging my hand between Kelly's pink tops, trousers and skirts my hand came across what felt like some more panties, making a mental note of the panties location in the basket I pulled them out... another thong, this one very small and made of a silky white fabric.

The most important test, my shaking hand raised the panties up to my nose, breath in... disappointment... no smell... but in the pocket anyway.

I was starting to worry that I wouldn't get my fix as my hand dug around near the bottom of the laundry basket. I made contact with some more panties, I pulled them out. Another thong, this one was a creamy colour with a nice ribbon finish. As they were at the bottom of the basket I assumed they were the oldest and would have even less odour.

I straightened the thong out, found the crotch and took a sniff... oh my god!

They smelt absolutely great!! The smell rushed straight through my body, it was such an intense sexual hit, just what I had been waiting for! Of course these beauties went straight in to my pocket with the other two pairs of sexy panties.

Making sure I hadn't been caught I made my way back to my room for my reward.

I took the panties out of my pocket and laid the cute white thong out on my bed. The red thong I wrapped around my cock and I lined the crotch of the cream panties up with my nose so as I slid them over my head I could smell it's amazing scent.

I took several deep breaths and it really was ecstasy, my whole body was shaking and I couldn't get enough of these panties, the best smelling panties I had ever come across.

I started to rub my cock through the soft fabric of the red thong. My breathing was heavy making the smell of the panties over my face even more intense, I was using the white thong on the bed as a visual aid. Admiring it's sexiness and imagining them cupping Kelly's fragrant pussy.

The smell was