FreeVille meets a very sad girl. Sex Pics

Why did she keep going back?

My grandmother stared at my daughter for a moment as the position she was in served to highlight her pussy rather than conceal it.

"You young girls have some very sexy moves on the dance floor these days. I love dancing," said my grandmother.

Finally, I thought while breathing a sigh of relief, we had been diverted from the original topic of discussion. Tracey, though, seemed to be focused on keeping us in the heat.

"We can teach you," said Tracey.

Granny's eyes lit up as she responded with, "You will? When?"

Tracey answered saying, "There's no better time than now. You come sit here, Granny," she said as she vacated the seat beside me. My grandmother took her seat sitting right up against me.

"Come on, Kim, let's dance," Tracey ordered my daughter.

Finding the remote, the tunes started anew, and the girls started dancing again. They were swinging and swaying, bumping and grinding on each other. These two young girls were amazingly sexy. Tracey danced up to my grandmother, grabbed her by the hand, and pulled her to her feet.

Now, the three of them were dancing. Granny was emulating their moves, even Kim and Tracy's sexy moves, getting right into the groove. They danced for two or three tunes. The three of them, including Granny, looked very sexy showing off their moves and sexy bodies. While they danced, I did my best to hide my prick. It was threatening to poke its way through my pants.

The tunes came to a halt allowing Granny to throw herself back on the couch right against me. As she caught her breath, Granny put her one arm behind me on the top of the backrest, turned herself so she was sitting sort of side on to me putting her other arm around my waist.

When I was younger, much younger, Granny had been the fodder for many of my masturbatory fantasies. My cock seemed to be remembering those fantasies, as it had reached the biggest hardon I could remember in years.

All of us sitting or standing in silence, Tracey was the first to break it. Of course! Fuck!

"Granny, have you ever performed a lap dance?" Seeing her shake her head no, Tracey offered to have Kim and her teach the older woman beside me.

The music started again allowing Tracey to pick up where they had left off. Swaying back and forth in time with the music, she eventually worked herself close to me again. Leaning over, Tracey supported herself with one hand on Granny's shoulder and the other on mine.

She shook her tits in front of both of our faces, grazing us with her nipples. Granny seemed to be mesmerized by the erotic nature of the dance. Pushing back, Tracey motioned to Kim, urging my daughter forward.

Repeating each other's motions they danced forward and back, shaking their tits and grazing our mouths. After I don't know how many rotations, Tracy, perched on my lap, grabbed the back of both of our heads, forcing our lips right up to her breasts. My natural reaction was to kiss her nipple. To my amazement, so did Granny.

Once again the girls switched off and it was Kim pushing her breasts into the mouths of her father and grandmother. The music came to an end leaving my daughter sitting on my lap. My hard on was pushed tight against her pussy.

"You seemed to have liked it, Granny", said my daughter.

"Do you want to try it, Granny?" asked Tracey.

Granny hemmed and hawed for a few minutes with both young girls encouraging her to give it a go. Finally, my grandmother conceded, allowing the girls to pull her to her feet. Tracey curled up around me with her interesting parts rubbing against me. I put my arm around her, low down, and caressed her ass.

Kim turned the music on and leaned against the wall. Granny began her swinging and swaying gradually moving closer and closer to. She tried to straddle me too but her dress was tight to allow her to spread her legs far enough. Granny tugged on it to no avail.

Tracey told her she couldn't perform a lap dance with her dress on. There was some hesitation on Granny's part but she surrendered complete control when the girls aimed her at the stairs to the bedroom level.

I wasn't