FreeSam gives herself a wedgie. Sex Pics

Paul finds switching roles exciting.

His cock was steadily leaking his precum now.

He could even taste her, as he licked his lips, then ran his tongue up the cotton covered slit. "Oh, God..." she whispered, "Take them off me baby..."

He tugged them slowly off her hips. She lifted her ass up to help him, and he slid them off her legs. He stared at her pussy. It had been a couple of weeks since he had spied on her in the shower, and she had trimmed it, and shaved part of it. It looked like Kari's. Her hands reached for him, and pulled his face back in between her thighs. He sniffed deeply, not believing this was happening. She pushed herself up to him, and he kissed again, clumsily letting his tongue drift over her. She slid her hands down, and pulled herself open; he was seeing a pussy close for the first time in his life! He stuck his tongue into it. She moved round, working herself on his tongue.

"Yes baby...yes...that's it....lick mama's pussy...a little higher...ohhhhh!" She moaned as his tongue hit her clit. He was clumsy, and inexperienced, but eager. His tongue was shyly exploring her. Her hands slid up to his short hair, pulling and guiding him. Her hips began to move up and down as she fucked his face. He was tender and gentle. "Oh baby...uhhuh...yes...that's it...your doing!" she wailed out as his tongue touched off a sizzling orgasm. She pushed hard on his head, as her hips pushed up. He gurgled and moaned as her wetness was all over his face. Her hips bucked and flexed as she mashed his mouth to her, moaning louder. Finally, she came down, holding him to her. He was still licking softly, almost breathless in his excitement.

"Come here baby...come here..." she whispered to him. Her hands guided him on top of her, and then she slipped a hand down, and took his cock. He was trembling, as she guided it to her pussy. His eyes went wide, and his body jerked, as she rubbed his cock up and down her slit, teasing herself with it. She felt the warm spurts starting, and quickly pulled him inside her, pushing her hips up, taking his cock. She gasped as it speared into her, spreading her forcefully as it sputtered its load into her. He was moaning, his body jerking and twitching. She got him all the way in as the last jet of his comb flooded her.

"Oh...God...I'm sorry...I tried to ...hold back..." He was panting.

"'s ok baby...just hold it there....just wait..." She felt the boys cock twitching inside her, and she flexed tight, milking him. He groaned loudly. God, he was almost as big as Dave had been. It had been a long damn time since she had been filled with cock, and she was savoring the feeling. She wiggled her hands up, pulling at her t shirt. He lifted up enough that she was able to slide it off, lying naked under him. She brought his head down to her nipples. He sucked, not as clumsy as before. His cock was still hard inside her. Jerkily, he began to move. He was unsure of the rhythm, and her hands went to his hips, guiding him. Her hips came up to meet him, as her legs wrapped round his. Slow at first, he was trembling in pleasure. "Oh..yes baby....fuck it....fuck me...that's it baby....uhhuh...that's it..." she whispered and moaned.

The boy was grunting and moaning now, low throaty noises. She tightened and flexed herself round him, working her pussy. She was close, so close. She clawed at his strong back and wailed. Her hands slid down to his hips, urging him. "Harder...YES! That's it, oh! Deep in me baby...Oh! YES GOD!" She felt her pussy tighten on its own, as she started to climax. The boy was slamming into her now, pounding his cock deep in his mom. He was making little strangled cries, and she knew he was there too. "Yes baby...fuck me...cum in

OH! YES! CUM! IN! MOM"S! PUSSY!" Her hips pushed high, as a huge climax took her at the same time she felt his scorching cum boiling into her.