Vesper finds there is more to him than she bargained for.

The jerks as my dick pumped my love juices in her was an experience beyond words. After fucking her I again kissed her face, breasts, pussy and buttocks and then went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom.

As I downed my pajama, I saw that my underwear had about an inch and a half blood marks. My admiration and love for my niece increased for she was a pure virgin till tonight. One night had brought love and joy to my life. I realized that since my parents slept in the other room from today onwards we would be fucking every night like a married couple.

My joy was short lived for when I returned to the room Mona was crying. I kissed away her tears and asked her why she cried? She was worried about what we were doing. I told her not to worry as I loved her deeply. She was pure and sweet and over 18 years now and had a responsible lover who used a condom every time to fuck her. I told her that all girls and boys of her age need sex and what she did was normal.

She was calm and smiling now. My hands started probing her body again. I upped her kamiz and opened her bra and started sucking her small tight and shapely baby breasts. She promised not to fight with me anymore. She lied back as I sucked her baby breasts one after the other. Her breathing was getting faster and faster. She was lifting her buttocks in the air with excitement. My hands were moving all over the body.

I was afraid not to rush this time as she was an active partner now. Her beautiful ripening body was driving me mad with excitement. Adding oil to the fire she guided my hand to her pussy. I started fingered her tight pussy and was on fire. I got up brought a condom and was in bed besides her in a second. She smiled at my impatient as I hurriedly unrolled the condom on my erect dick.

I parted her legs and then parted her pussy, all I required this time were two good pushes and my full dick was buried in her hole. I started pumping in her pussy. Then I made her lie with her back towards me and entered her pussy lying on top of her, now my movements were slow, steady and satisfying. After 15-20 pushes I sprayed sperms in her pussy. She had cried with pain only two times this time.

I withdrew, upped my pajama and went to the bathroom.

After I returned Mona went to pee. She returned and lied down. I asked her if she was happy now. She said yes but it had pained her while urinating and her panty had a few blood spots. I told her that it was normal for the first time. I told her to wash her panty well so there are no tell tale blood spots visible. She laughed and said I was stupid in girl's matters.

I asked why? She said blood spots are not a problem with girls and her grandmother may think she was going through her periods. I said ok I am stupid and u are wise? She kissed me and said that she cared for me and after what happened tonight, I should not misunderstand her. My hand slid over to her breast. Then the other hand moved down to her pussy, she pushed me away saying it was morning and risky now.

I lied down thinking of the most wonderful night of my life. I heard my mother getting up and my father telling my mom to make tea. I looked at Sonu she was lying face up and there was morning light falling on her youthful face. She was fast asleep and there was a smile of contentment on her face. From that day our relationship took a sexy turn. There were 3-4 sexual sessions every night.

I loved her so much that one night I proposed to marry her. She had tears in her eyes but said that our relatives would never agree to our marriage. But she promised that she will let me fuck her always. We agreed that if we cannot marry we will fuck each other even after our marriages. She also promised that three weeks before her marriage she will let me fuck her a lot without condom in the hope of conceiving from me and giving birth to my child after her marriage.

She wished for a son from me while I desired for a daughter- a daughter as beautiful as her.

A few days after we started fucking, while I was sucking her pussy, she told me she felt high while