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Haitian dominatrix tames guy she met at church.

God this guy was cruel, his next move was to hook the weights on to the clamps, clit first this time he let the weight drop, with no attempt to be gentle whatsoever. Fuck it felt like it was going to rip my clit off! The nipple ones were almost as bad. My head was swimming and he hadn't even used half his instruments of torture! Focus, I had to focus on staying awake, and keeping quiet.

He turned me round so that I was facing the pole, and pushed me hard against it, it was cold between my breasts, and I shivered, shaking the weights so that they swung gently and tugged even harder on my 3 most tender spots. I felt the riding crop caressing my sides and back, then he slid it down into my crack, and to my horror, I suddenly found that I was dripping wet. This wasn't fair, I didn't want this! Now suddenly, I had to concentrate on stopping myself getting so slick, as well as keeping quiet and not passing out! Oh fuck.

The crop was lifted again, my face burned with embarrassment, which I was glad he couldn't see. Suddenly there was a stripe of white hot fire across my back, I think I must have gasped or something, because he took the hood off and the gag out and said that this would be the extra punishment, I would be able to see and hear everything, but if I made another sound, he would make me so sore I wouldn't be able to sit down for a month. I nodded, in silent horror.

He teased my sensitive skin with the riding crop, stroking it gently and occasionally whacked me with it, I was biting my lip so hard I'd drawn blood, I could feel it trickling down my chin, but I hardly noticed, the pain everywhere else was too much for that. The stripes of fire across my back were stinging like hell, and there were tears rolling down my face, however hard I tried to stop them, they wouldn't dry up.

And all this time, as my nipples and clit felt as though they were being ripped off, and my back was being tortured by this guy with a riding crop, my pussy, my traitorous pussy, was dripping, I could feel my honey dripping down my thighs, I tried to lock my legs closer together, hoping against hope that he wouldn't notice, my cheeks were burning almost as much as my back now, I was sure I was bright red, and I was very glad that I was still facing the pole, he couldn't see my embarrassment.

"Oh slut, you really are enjoying this aren't you?" Fuck. How does he know?! He opened my legs, forcing them apart with the tip of the crop, stroking my thighs gently, and landing little stinging blows which made me tremble even more than the effort of standing in such an uncomfortable position, and being as wet as I was.

Then something hard was rubbing my slit, teasing my poor abused clit and slicking up in my juices, he laughed again, a wicked chuckle, damn, tied up and in the control of a sadist, could this get any worse?

Apparently it could, the thing he was rubbing me with was the butt plug, it was slippery with my juices now, and he began to screw it slowly into my tightest hole, I was glad he was doing it slowly, giving me time to adjust, but as it went further inside me, it got wider, and more painful, the tears were flowing freely down my face now. Thankfully, just when I thought that if the plug got any wider it would rip me open, it got narrower, but he compensated for that by forcing the last inch or two in hard and fast. As my body adjusted to the intrusion, he went back to his stinging little blows on my legs, my ass, hitting the cheeks alternately, and with scientific precision, no two blows fell in the same place, he clearly didn't want to mark me, not too much at least, but my ass must have been cherry red by now, it was burning with the pain. Sometimes the crop would land on the base of the plug, sending the vibrations deep inside me and making me gasp and whimper, and then pray that he hadn't heard me.

The dildo came next, I watched him walk over to the bed and pause, choosing what to torture me with next.