FreeA gang bang in New Orleans. Sex Pics

Jamie explores her sexuality; Dad explores her Aunt.

Ever so slowly Mary began to move in for the kill.

A mere breath away from touching them a loud knock rattled the office door.

"Coach Macy? Can I speak with you?"

Mary grimaced and winked at Molly, "Just as well. I like my job."

Mary quietly turns and opens her door to find April Hines holding her books and fully dressed.

"Have you seen Molly?" She feigns then eyes her friend behind Macy, "Oh there you are. We're going to be late for Lit."

Molly flutters her fingers at April, "We will both be excused for our tardiness. Will we not Coach Mary?"

Macy chuckles, "Yeah, yeah. Go get dressed. I'll write you two a note."

As Molly leaves the office to join April she smiles at her sheepishly.

April leans in to whisper, "Seriously? You were going to let "Hail Mary" paw you up?"

As Molly obtains her clothing from the small locker and begins to get dressed she stops and quickly gives April a kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for?"

"You rescued me. And, yes I was. For Caleb."

April glares at Molly, "I figured he might be blackmailing you. The more I see and hear I think you're getting off on all of this."

Molly pulls on her shorts that were far too tight.

"Does this change your opinion of me?" Molly pauses.

Squinting, April groans, "Nooooo! We're buds. Just try not to bring me into all of this. The braless thing was liberating, but I'm not the type to go around flaunting my stuff. As awesome as it is."

Molly winks at her, "Awesome indeed. And, no I am not gay either. Unless Caleb tells me to be."

From behind them they hear a clearing throat.

"Well, some of us are Gay. Gay also means "Happy". I'm happy this didn't go as far as it could have."

Molly steps over to claim their notes From Macy's extended hand. After doing so Molly grabs her hand and molds it around her left breast.

"You may squeeze now."

Macy does. She enjoyed it's playfulness. Just as quickly Mary removes her hand and shakes her head.

"Get the hell to class."

"We shall see you tomorrow. Have a good day." Molly smiled shamelessly.

In the hall April shivered, "Ewwww!"

"Be nice. I have your note. I can eat it."

They both laughed and headed to class.

As lunch hour approached Caleb and his friend Wyatt enjoyed the triumph of Caleb's mission. Wyatt hated himself that he didn't share the same gym class. He missed out.

"Dude! We should get all those girls naked at one time. I'd love to fuck Jaclyn and Samantha."

"All in good time, Bro. I got it covered." Caleb began texting on his cell.

"Who are you texting?"

Caleb pauses to look up at Wyatt with a raised brow, "Do I ask you what you do every second of every day?"

Wyatt rolls his eyes and scoffs, "No."

"You'll see at lunch."

"Mystery meat? My favorite." Wyatt chuckles.

Caleb merely smirked and finished his class. Once the bell rang both boys stood up and headed out into the hallway. Separating, Caleb drifted away and found Molly at her locker alone. He creeps up behind her and wraps his hands around her neck and leans in to nuzzle her ear.

"I am ticklish." She giggles and sighs.

He releases her and plants his back noisily against the locker next to hers.

"I loved your pussy."

She offers a sheepish grin, "I loved your dick."

"We need to do that more often."

"I will obey whenever you insist."

"That's my girl. How did it go with Macy?"

"Not as far as I presume you told her to go. I waited. She changed her mind."

"Damn! I was hoping to hear she tapped you with her strap-on." He chuckled.

Molly pouts, "Perhaps, tomorrow."

"Sooner or later. By the way, I loved how you got my attention away from the girls. That was pretty damned sexy."

"I was told you were going to fuck me in gym class. I did not want you to fail."

He laughs and looks at his feet, "I never fail. I get what I want. Any way necessary."

"Yes. You need not bribe me anymore. I want to obey you."

He looks her in the eye studying her for the truth. Finally he nods, "All school year long."

"As you wish.