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" She replied taking a deep hit and passing it to me and I also took a hit though not as deep.

So the talk continued for the next half hour before it hit the subject of the game.

"Alright here are the rules everyone. Were all wearing five articles of clothing right? Ok well we'll play each hole and whoever gets the highest score loses and takes off one item. Now the stroke limit for the course is a six right so if anyone gets a six than they take of two items. Now once someone is naked they keep playing and if they lose a hole they do a dare decided by the winner of the hole. It can be anything. I brought some stuff to give you guys some help if you can't think of anything. Ok?"

We all agree and jumped in Jen's car. We were all pretty high at this point and inhibitions were low. We got to the gate and Troy opened it and let us in and grab us all clubs and balls.

"Alright I'll go first" said Jen who stepped up and started bad from the beginning.

Her first shot rolled back her second bounced out so she had to take a stroke penalty and finally after two bad puts put it in for a 5. Troy went next and shot a 4 and was followed by Bill who rolled in a nice 2. I was feeling confident that I hit the ball to hard and it went so far out of the course that we couldn't find it and had to go and get another one. After that I was so flustered I totally messed up my three putt and managed to put 4 close to the hole.

"Hey Shell how bout you miss this shot okay." Jen joked from the side. At least we would both be stripping I thought and tapped the ball. To my horror it hit a pebble that I had not seen before I shot it and it rolled away from the whole.

"That's two items. Take it off, Take it off." Jen chanted.

"Fuck you" I responded angrily pissed more at myself than Jen as I kicked off my sandals and remove my shirt revealing my bra.

Well Jen got a 6 on the next hole and then was beaten on the third hole leaving her in her underwear. She had chosen a matching pair of Victoria bra and thong that showed of her breast and ass beautifully. And if I wasn't mistaken because it was dark she had a slight damp spot between her legs. On holes four and five Troy got 6's and now stood in his boxers with a slight tent growing in his pants. On holes six seven and eight Bill put together a strong showing but still lost removing his shoes, socks, and t-shirt. He didn't have a six pack like Troy but it looked like he kept in reasonably well shape. And on hole nine a split level hole Jen put up a 6 and calmly as though she did this everyday unclasped her bra and dropped her panties.

"What you all staring at? Act like you've seen someone naked before." Jen joked.

She was a sight to behold by the light of the moon with her nipples hard as diamonds on her full breasts and a thin landing strip right above her pussy. If the guys hadn't had hard ons before they did now, Troy had a flag pole in his boxers. The next hole was lost by Bill who was also sporting so pretty big wood. I completely blew up on hole ten but saved myself with along five putt and removed my shorts. It was now serious. Next whole someone was showing some skin or a forfeit in Jen's case. Troy and Bill Both got 2s and Jen and I got 4s.

"Alright off with the bra Shelly and I get a dare of your guys choosing." Jen explained.

I quickly removed my bra not worrying about the exposure due to the excitement I felt toward seeing the first naked dare of the night. I was brought to my senses as I felt my nipples harden in the cool night air. I watched as the two guys put their heads together to decide the dare while Jen stood very calm and still.

"I'm waiting."

"Ok" Troy said pulling away from Bill. "Your dare is after the next hole go swimming in the pond."

At the bottom of hole eleven there was a small man made pond clearly meant to add to the atmosphere of the course.

"WHAT?!?" Jen shouted so loudly I looked around to make sure no one was around. "You told me that thing hasn't been cleaned in months."

"Dares a d