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"Why not," she thought? "Let them see me again." She loosened the belt, slipped the robe off of her shoulders, revealing her smooth, tanned skin and delicious cleavage. It was almost as if she were in a trance, being controlled by some secret power commanding her to display her body to the whole world -- or at least to the neighbors behind the curtains. She placed a hand inside her robe, giving her breast a gentle squeeze. Then, she pulled the robe open completely, once again exposing her nude body, bathing it in the warm glow of the sun's rays.

Her eyes fixed on the half-open curtains she dipped one finger into her still wet pussy, then two fingers, and then three. With her other hand, she massaged her now throbbing clit. She removed her fingers, bringing her hand up to her mouth, licking her juices from it one finger at a time. Her body shaking with excitement, she pulled her robe back over her shoulders, tightening the belt that kept it closed around her body. She strained again to see something, anything, on the other side of the window.

As she finished tightening her robe, the curtain closed shut. "Not today," she thought, a feeling of disappointment coming over her. Maybe it was because she still didn't know who was watching her. Or maybe it was because she had lost her audience. She wasn't quite sure.

She went inside the kitchen and put on a fresh pot of coffee, then stopped in the pool bath to wash her face and hands. She undid the belt of her robe, opening it fully, examining her slim, tanned body in the mirror. She liked the way she looked, being totally comfortable with her shape and figure. Her daily exercise regimen combined with the laps in the pool that she would swim as soon as the water warmed to a comfortable temperature enabled her to maintain the same trim body she had when she was a dancer in college.

She felt wetness between her legs and her nipples were still somewhat perky. But now all she could think about was having a hot cup of coffee. As the pot finished perking, she poured herself a cup. As soon as she put the pot back in the coffee maker, she thought she heard a car pull up and a door slam shut. A minute later, the doorbell rang. "Who could that be?" She put the cup down on the counter, walking through her den to the front door.

As she made the turn into the foyer, she saw the shape of a figure trying to see into the house through the smoked glass on the side of the door. Suddenly, she realized that her terrycloth robe was still undone. Quickly, she pulled it around herself, tying it closed with the belt. Again, the doorbell rang. "I'm coming," she said. "Keep your shirt on." The figure moved away from the smoked glass and was no longer visible.

Melanie unlocked the door, opening it a crack, peering out. On the other side stood a petite young woman wearing sunglasses, a cotton blouse, denim short shorts, and sandals. The young woman appeared to be in her early twenties, with shoulder length brown hair and an athletic figure. She removed her sunglasses revealing piercing brown eyes. Melanie noticed that her face was slightly flushed. In her hands, she held a tray of homemade cupcakes frosted with whipped cream.

The young woman smiled politely. Melanie noticed that she seemed a bit tense.

"Hello. My name is Susanne." She shifted the tray of cupcakes to one hand, extending the other. Melanie took her hand and shook it lightly. "I'm your neighbor. My husband and I own the house behind yours."

Melanie's heart raced. "The two-story colonial?"

Susanne nodded. "Yes," she said, her voice shaking slightly. "May I come in?"

Melanie opened the door. "Please come in. It's so nice to meet you."

"I thought we might get better acquainted," said Susanne. "I baked fresh cupcakes."

Melanie smiled. "How sweet of you! Would you like some coffee? I just made a fresh pot."

Susanne smiled, her body relaxing noticeably. "I would love some."

The two women chatted, sipped coffee, ate cupcakes, and got better acquainted.