FreeBrother and sister separated at birth reunite. Sex Pics

The night has gotten away from us.

mebody else find something interesting I could try on?"

In the middle of the room, she stood tall and confident; hands on her hips, legs spread. This position served to stretch the mesh more, showing more of her creamy, tanned skin. Some of the men moved to various areas of the room, looking for their fantasy outfits - the ones that their women would never wear for them, not even in the privacy of their own homes. The rest stood where they were, transfixed by the sight before them; afraid that this was all a dream and their movement would only awaken them and end the vision.

The first man returned, holding a pair of matching red thong panties and tiny bra. He extended it sheepishly to Cindy.

She took the items, laughing.

"Well, I guess you were in a hurry, but I'll bet there are more imaginative things in here I could try on. I'll go see if these fit, but, in the meantime, you guys need to be a little more creative. I need some help with good ideas."

She winked at them and went inside her booth; again seeming to forget to pull the curtain closed all the way. Those not searching for clothes watched as she struggled a bit with getting the mesh dress off, then watched as she pulled on the panties. She had to work to get the bra on, since it was a little too small. Finally the she connected the straps in back, and worked more to get as much of her boobs as could inside. The small cups didn't hold much of her, and laughing, Cindy turned and walked out of the booth.

Returning to the guy who had given the undies to her, she asked if this was what he had wanted to see.

What a question! There was this statuesque blond, standing there in thong panties and too small bra, supple thighs connecting to firm ass cheeks, with luscious breasts spilling out of the bra, barely leaving her nipples concealed.

Yeah, it was pretty much what we wanted to see.

She looked around to see what other ideas the men had come up with, and, surprisingly, only one had returned with anything. The others just stood and stared. I thought that they simply did not want to miss the action.

"Ok, this is creative, I've always wanted to wear something like this."

She went back to her booth, holding the leather items the man had given her; then she turned around again and came back out.

Turning to the clerk, she asked for some tall boots to go with the outfit. He nearly fell over himself looking for her size, but quickly came up with close to the style that Cindy had requested.

Cindy then went back to her booth, but this time she pulled the drape all the way shut. I think she was relishing the drama she generated. Under the curtain, we could see her pull off the panties, then step into the leather contraption. We could see the top of her head as she fumbled with getting it adjusted right, then we could see as she wrestled with the leather top. Finally, she put on the boots. She kept one leg on the floor as she placed the boot on the seat, then pushed her foot in and zipped up the side. After repeating the process for the other boot, she spent a little more time adjusting things, and then announced her intentions of coming back out.

We all waited in anticipation as she playfully pulled the curtain back slowly, peeking around the side and teasing us by hiding behind the cloth for as long as possible.

"This is exactly what I wanted, this is fun." Breathlessly saying these words, she then boldly stepped out to the middle of the room.

We all gasped at the sight. It was all I could do not to cum in my pants right then. I'll bet some of the others were not quite so in control.

She stood there proudly and confidently. The leather top, little more than a collection of black leather straps, did not conceal her breasts. In fact, they merely encircled the breasts, supporting them slightly so her breasts and nipples stood out straight from her body. Her fully extended nipples stood out like pencil erasers from the aureoles, begging to be sucked, contrasting with the smooth white skin around them.

Far away, her "panties" were of the same design.