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A tale of two housewives.

Your cum coats me so that you move more smoothly and slickly.

As you open your legs to better mix my precum with your own, the heat emanating from your most inner core sears me and I feel as if I want to roll you over and take you right now. However, you take my hands and hold them captive above my head on the pillow as you rise higher and higher on my body. My eyes are riveted on the swell of your tummy and then at the juncture of your thighs as your superheated pussy comes into my line of sight.

Just as I can almost reach your petals with my hungering lips, you lean forward - your breasts tipped by engorged nipples - brush against my lips and I gather them one by one between my warm lips. Oh God! The heat and texture of those nubs as I suck them in brings forth from you a moan of unbridled passion.

I am so preoccupied with my joyful task that I almost miss the fact that you have reached for the ties we have installed on each corner of the headboard and you slip them loosely around my wrists. We never bind one another tight enough that we can't release ourselves if we choose; it is simply part of our lovemaking that we enjoy from time to time.

Now your willing prisoner, I grip the bars of our brass bed as you sit upright and slowly move your body closer to my head. You are smiling wickedly down at me now as you finally straddle my mouth and lower your spread pussy to my lips. Teasing me, you lift yourself away just out of reach as my tongue stretches to engage that loving, dripping cunt.

I am almost to the stage of begging you when you finally settle yourself over my mouth and begin the circular movements of your hips that I love so much. I hold my tongue stationary and let you pleasure yourself in whatever way that you want. And boy! Am I ever the recipient of that pleasure. You are grinding your pussy harder and faster as you cry out in release and flood my mouth and face with the sweetness of your nectar!

Your hands are tightly gripping the top rail of the headboard as you rock your way to two more orgasms when my tongue finally takes over. I run my lips along your outer labia, drawing them in to suck all the moisture from them. Once finished, I move deeper inside you as you reach down to release my wrists. Now free, I cup your firm ass cheeks in my hands and pull you hard against my mouth as I devour you!

My tongue runs as deep as I can go and them scrapes across your highly sensitized clit eliciting a howl of pleasure from deep inside you. Once more, I am flooded with your issue and swallow willingly every delicious drop.

I roll you to my side and start the slow tantalizing path of kissing your body from head to toe; it is payback time. As I cover your breasts with my hands and run my tongue along the sensitive place underneath each one, you arch your back to try for more contact. However, it is my turn and instead, I run my lips upwards over the globes of those splendid mounds until I reach the peaks and suck in hard on your turgid nipples once more.

Your hands twine in my hair as you pull me to your breast begging me to take more. I gladly acquiesce. Soon though, I must part and I run my tongue through the valley bordered by those magnificent tits and downward slowly until I am twirling my tongue's tip into your navel. Your hands are pushing me impatiently lower as you show your needs so obviously. I can smell your musky arousal and feel the wetness of your cum as your spread your legs wide for me.

Finally moving between your slender legs, I lift your ankles to my mouth and kiss them lovingly before placing them on my shoulders. You are wide open and inviting me in as you beg "Please, darling! I want you inside me now!"

Easing my precum-coated cock into your folds, I slowly ease my 7"'s bit by bit inside the velvety glove of your pussy.