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A wife issues a challenge to her husband and best friend.

They decide to go ahead with the plan of camping there at night, as neither her hubby nor his wife is going return till Sunday evening. They go back to unloading the stuff and the two man tent, but, as soon as the stuff is piled up in the centre of the land Adam sees Melanie running towards the lake removing her sundress and throwing it on the land to strip down to her thin strip bikini. She is wearing a white bikini which looks a size tighter to her actual size. The top is tied with 2 strings at the back and 2 triangles covering the nipples in front. The lower is a panty with 2 strings running around the waist with a piece of cloth to cover the pussy.

Adam feels his cock stir to life again on seeing Melanie dive into the lake. Seeing her breasts bounce and jiggle as she runs towards the lake, he starts to pull down his jeans to reveal his black swimming trunks which already have a wet patch in front by the previous events of the day. He takes of his t-shirt and runs behinds Melanie diving behind her in the water, realizing its cold and feels so good.

Adam swims up to Melanie and holds her from the back putting his hands and arms around her waist and she starts giggling. Cupping her breasts from the back Adam realizes the nipples are getting harder and he presses his own nipples in Melanie's back, must be the cold water he thinks. He holds her already taut nipples between his forefingers and thumbs and start caressing them through her bikini top, making them stand up. He then releases her and she swims to the middle of the lake which has a small island kind of piece of land and a single tree. Swimming up behind her, he puts his hand around the shore of the island and holds her captive between his body and the shore, pressing his crotch in her perfect ass crack through her bikini panty, feeling the blood rushing to his cock and making it rise against her ass. Melanie turns around, and Adam lifts her from the water holding her waist so that she can sit on the edge of the land with her feet dangling in water. Melanie knows what to expect now and she drops her head back and her hands on the shore slightly parting her legs, this would be the first time in 12 years, she has never cheated on Brad, Adam comes up closer and pushes himself gently between Melanie's thighs.

Adam opens her thighs with his hands and kisses her inner white thighs fully with his lips.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, unhhhhhhhh", a moan escapes Melanie's lips, holding her thighs and putting them above his naked shoulders Adam kisses pussy, through her bikini panty which is very wet. Kissing it gently around her cunt lips so as to not touch them, he keeps teasing her kissing her through the folds of her panties, and then he take out my tongue slightly between his lips and rubs the tip of his tongue along her pussy slit starting from below going all the way up until he reaches her panty waist band and wiggles his tongue there.

"Oh my goddddddddd," Melanie screams out, "It's been ages since I have felt this way, oh Adam don't u dare stop now, stop teasing me you naughty guy and just eat me, uhhh god no, this feels so good, oh please Adam stop teasing." She holds Adam's head from behind and pushes his face into her thighs, catching him off guard, Adam squeezes her pussy lips between his lips as she presses his head inside her making her moan harder.

"Oh Adam remove my panties darling, please"

Adam puts his fingers around her panty strings and pulls them down throwing them to the right side on the island and kisses her naked pussy lips for the first time with his lips, he loves the taste of her shaved wet pussy, making her moan again with his dry kisses careful not take his tongue out yet. Melanie starts to whimper as she feels his lips rub against her freshly shaved pussy (she had shaved it for Brad last evening). Adam feels the pussy getting wetter and works his tongue out of his mouth and start to rub the outer pussy lips of Melanie's vagina.

"Fuck, this is so good," Melanie says not believing the dirty words coming out of her mouth,