FreeA prancing pony parody. Sex Pics

A three sided story in five acts.

I really wanted to drag her to bed and make wild, abandoned love with her. But, I had encouraged her into this and seeing Alec's intense desire for my wife...and, to be honest, Michelle's lust for him, was incredible! It was so damn erotic that I couldn't take my eyes away. I was enjoying this far more than I had imagined was possible.

It was obvious that Michelle was taking this little make-out session very seriously and was enjoying herself immensely. This was a forest fire raging out of control. The first time Michelle and I made love, on our wedding night, was the first time for both of us. We both fumbled around, a lot. This was completely fumbling here! This redefined the meaning of erotic...and I was loving it!

While Alec wrapped his lips around one breast and then the other, Michelle sought out his hands with hers and intertwined her fingers with his and led his hands to her hips. She hooked his fingers on the inside of her slacks and pushed them down about an inch or two. She released his hands and reached around him, pulling his mouth tighter to her breast. He took her hint and slowly pushed my wife's slacks down, all the way to the floor, leaving a trail of kisses down her flat, sexy stomach, where she stepped out of them, letting him work them off over her shoes.

Michelle was wearing red satin string bikini panties matching the bra...and, they were just as sexy as the bra had been! She was still facing Alec with her back to me. Her butt cheeks were completely exposed and I had no idea how tiny those panties were in the front, since I hadn't ever seen anything like it before. No damn wonder she had been horny earlier I thought! I thought this had to have been about the sexiest striptease I could ever imagine! And, it was MY WIFE! Where was the girl who undressed in the dark on our wedding night only six months ago?

After her pants were removed, Alec looked up and conveniently, his face was right in front of Michelle's panties. Alec reached around to her butt and pulled her to him, pushing one of her legs over his shoulder, and hungrily kissed the inside of her thigh, slowly rolling his mouth over to those sexy panties, nothing between his mouth and my wife's sex except those thin, skimpy panties. Michelle's hands were intertwined in Alec's hair, pulling him into her, whimpering like I had never heard before. Who was this woman in my wife's body?

I had no idea how Alec was able to control himself! I couldn't take this any longer and started coming in my pants without even touching myself. When Michelle said no limits, she really meant it. I had never seen her like this before. I just couldn't believe how sexy my beautiful wife was. I was seeing her in a whole new way and I loved what I was seeing!

Finally, Michelle pushed him away, caught her breath for a moment, turned toward me and walked over to me. Once I saw the rest of those panties, I hardly could believe how skimpy they were and that Alec had been kissing her with nothing more than that little bit of satin between his mouth and her pussy. When she reached me, she wrapped a leg around me, ground herself into me and kissed me like we had never kissed before. I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to have a nipple in my mouth. I reached down and gently wrapped my lips around one of her nipples and sucked it to me. I gently nipped at it with my teeth, that always drove her crazy, then sucked it into my mouth, in and out, like I was making love to it. I felt like I was in heaven! With all the sexual excitement from the evening, and Alec on the other side of the room watching, she had never felt this good before. I switched to the other breast and repeated, doing my best to drive Michelle absolutely crazy. I sucked her breast in my mouth, trying to swallow it whole, rolling my tongue over her nipple. Never in my life has anything felt so wonderful.

I had Michelle moaning in agony from wanting.