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Mistress Samantha and her bottomless carry-on of pain.

" Ed said with a strong sense of approval that delighted his wife. He tossed his book aside. Clearly it wasn't as interesting as Kate's new outfit...

"Oh I was so hot I just thought I needed to relax a little and not worry about being covered up all the time. Everyone else here is in bikinis."

"Well, the women are." He laughed.

"Wanna see the bottoms?"

"Let me think about that." Without hesitation he added: "Yeah, okay."

Kate slipped off her skirt and stretched out on her stomach. "I didn't risk buying a thong."

"I wouldn't have minded. But you're gonna need some cream or you'll burn the exposed parts of that pearly white butt of yours."

"So rub it in, sweetheart."

Ed didn't need asking twice. Starting with her feet, he massaged the suncream up her legs and around the edge of her bikini bottom.

"Make sure you don't miss anywhere." she insisted.

Ed slipped his hand under the material and rubbed in the cream carefully. He lingered under the bikini bottom and as he massaged her inner thighs she felt his fingers brush her pussy and she knew it was deliberate. "Later, honey."

"But you look sensational."

"I know." That erotic feeling of power again. "Do my back."

Ed's hand worked the lotion up Kate's back.

"Untie my top if it helps."

Again he didn't need to be told more than once. He undid the top and smoothed the cream all over her white flesh. He pulled the straps off completely to do her arms and then she felt him gently explore the sides of her boobs as he completed his task. She heard him put the bottle down and through her half-closed eyes saw him sit down with his book again. She had hoped he would have some more compliments to offer but she was also aware that he hadn't re-fastened her top. Maybe he was hoping for a flash? Silly really, as he had been playing with her tits a couple of hours earlier. Did he want her to flash other men? Perhaps he did? He had certainly been turned on by her naked show the night before.

Kate felt relaxed and found herself drifting onto a half-sleep as the motion of the ship and the warmth of the sun on her mostly bare skin seemed to lull her busy brain.

"Another drink, madam?"

Kate was suddenly stirred by the waiter's voice and momentarily disorientated. She sat up quickly, half-turning, and suddenly realised her bikini was still on the sun-lounger and her tits were exposed. The waiter smiled and did not look away.

Resting on one arm, Kate hastily put the other one across her chest. She felt a strange confusion of embarrassment and excitement. She looked for Ed but he seemed to have gone for a walk. His book was abandoned on his lounger.

"Er, yes another drink would be great, thanks. Just an orange juice."

"I'll take your empty glass." he offered.

And reached out a hand.

Kate looked at the glass - on the floor by her side but inaccessible to the waiter. One arm was propping her up. She could only pick it up with the hand that was covering her boobs. Suddenly enjoying the excuse to flash her naked breasts, she reached down and handed over the glass. Even though the action was over in a moment, she felt her nipples swell.

Emboldened by her excitement Kate decided not to cover herself again and confidently sat bare-breasted before the waiter, who didn't seem in a hurry to go. He seemed to be openly staring at her exposed chest. She smiled at him.

"What is your cabin number?"

The question caught her off guard. Was he chatting her up?

"My cabin number?"

"So I can charge you for your drinks." He smiled.

"Oh, sorry, yes, er...171."

"Thank you, Madam." he turned and strode away.

He would be back soon with her drink. Should she put her top back on?

"Well look at you!"

She looked up to see Ed with a huge grin on his face and a growing bulge in his swimming shorts that he had changed into.

"Well you look pleased to see me."

"I sure am. I never thought I'd see those beauties in public."

"I didn't do it on purpose. You left my top undone when you did my back."

"I know.