Red meets the big bad wolf. Porn Video

Based on a series done by Lisanne Norman in an AU.

Kevin, please," she insisted.

"That's real cool Cassie. You call me your boyfriend and you're out with another man on the night we said we'd spend together."

"And you said you would be away on business so I guess that makes us even now doesn't it? Excuse me," she nudged Kevin and he obliged under the circumstances.

"How are you getting home?"

"Little yellow thing called a cab but you wouldn't know anything about those now would you?" she turned on her heels and made the call to the cab company.

"Don't think you're getting off so easy Mr. Richardson," Meg's voice drew him back.

"What did I do? You're the one that said your boss was sending you out of town."

"Well you got me there now didn't ya? Still, you were with another woman. Explain that," she stood cross armed waiting for a response but none came." Didn't think so. I'll see if I can't catch that cab with my friend. Later," she grabbed her purse and left the table.

When she found Cassie outside, Cassie inquired," Did we get 'em?"

"They'll be after us shortly."

"We've just been had," Howie replied sharply across the table to Kevin.

"And very well too I might add. What were you thinking? You knew I was bringing her here tonight."

"I thought I told you I was having one last fling and I was bringing my date here."

"Either way,we could still have some fun with this."

"I'll drive," Howie pulled the keys out to his corvette as they reached Cassie's place in an alarmingly short period of time.

Kevin pounded on the door.

"Ready?" as each of them pulled their blouses off only to reveal the lingerie they'd been saving for later in the evening. This time the doorbell rang.

"Coming," she replied as she peeked through her peephole. She swung the door open to find two very stunned gentlemen." Cassie?" Howie's eyes widened as did Kevin's." You both act like you've never seen me this way before," she responded innocently." I heard another voice in here too. Where's Meg?"

"In the bedroom. You're welcome to join us if you like," she turned her back and made her way back to the bedroom.

"Maybe this is going the way we want it to after all," they turned in synchronized motion to each other. She returned to her bedroom.

"Did they bite?" Meg silently inquired.

"After you," Kevin let Howie in before himself and they locked the door behind themselves. His agreement with Kevin was temporarily a disguise. What were they doing? This can't be happening as they came upon the girls in her room.

This is gonna be great Kevin's mind wandered as they found the two girls tangled in each other. Cassie stripped the sheer lavendar lace cups from Meg's body. Meg's fingers wove into Cassie's soft auburn curls as her tongue delicately traced around the rosy nub forming upon her voluptuous curve of soft flesh. Her teeth gently grazed upon it as she attended to the other striving for attention; greedily devouring it as the boys stood unattended toward momentarily. Cassie's lips feathered lightly against Meg's softly tanned flesh as she reached the rim of her skirt. She traced against the edge before sliding it down the remaining length of her body. She returned to discover the neatly trimmed mound displayed before her and aching for attention.

They were eating it up.

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