FreeThe sexual awakening continues the following night. Sex Pics

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A man tries to survive in a world of amorous monster girls.

I'm excited about finding out what you're going to do to me now you've got me like this. My cock is screaming, it's so hard. And there's a stone digging into my buttock.'

She knelt down beside me and trailed a finger down the centre of my torso. My body arched to meet her light touch. 'No one's going to come,' she said, reassuringly. 'Although there might be a few spy satellites up there watching you. As for what I'm going to do to you, you'll find out in good time. First I'm going to have that coffee. Oh, and you'll have to put up with the stone. That's the great outdoors for you.'

And she went. I turned my head to see her bending over her bag and pulling out a flask. She sat on a flat rock by the stream and calmly sipped coffee, gazing out over the hillside. I didn't dare to speak again, to ask her for a drink. We had a few rules, and one was that I didn't speak unless she told me to. If I did, she gagged me. I wondered if she had brought a gag.

But I didn't speak. I gazed up at the little cotton wool clouds and wondered if some MI5 computer geek was focusing in on me. On my erect pink cock standing out from the green and grey of the mountain.

My arms and legs were well stretched out so that although I could shift my weight a little, I couldn't move off the stones and lumps and bumps that were starting to dig into my shoulder blades and arse. As I wriggled in expectation of what Rachel would do, I let out a moan.

'Still awake are you?' she asked, putting the top back on the flask. 'I'd better make sure.' She bent over the stream and filled a water bottle. Then she leaned over me and tipped up the bottle, trickling water over my chest. I cried out. 'Oh yes, still awake.'

The water was icy. She concentrated the trickle on one nipple and it burned with the cold. I could feel goosebumps emerging on my chest. She stopped, knelt and licked my nipple instead. Her tongue felt so hot. I gasped as she bit it, sensitised by the changing temperatures. Then she turned her attention to my cock.

'You've been dribbling,' she said. 'You need a good wash.' And she poured the icy stream over the tip, aiming it directly on the slit where my pre-cum had been oozing. Water dribbled down the sides of my belly, making me shiver. I realised I'd been holding my breath and gasped for air, my breath stuttering with the shock of the cold liquid.

Suddenly her mouth was around me. Her hot, soft lips caressed my shaft, tongue playing over my frozen tip. I thrust my pelvis up as far as I could, straining against the straps to meet her. And just as suddenly, she was gone again.

She stood up and looked down at me. I turned my head to the side, trying to bury my face into my shoulder, groaning as my body writhed with desire. I wanted to beg her to fuck me. But I managed to say nothing, wanting to know what she would do to me next. I was sure she would have some way of prolonging the agonising wait for satisfaction.

I looked up as she started to move. She took off her t-shirt and bra and I admired her round breasts, longing to suck those firm nipples. She undid her shorts and slid them down, along with her knickers. She left her hiking boots on. Presumably she didn't want any of these little stones digging in her feet. She slid a finger down through her dark pubic hair and into the crack where I hoped she was wet and longing for me as much as I wanted her.

'Would you like me to sit on your face?' she asked. There was only one possible answer.

'Yes,' I groaned, as she lowered herself. She knelt so I could suck her clitoris and push my tongue into her cunt. The taste of sweat from our walk in the heat was delicious. She dropped lower and I struggled for breath. Even then I wanted her closer. I wanted her warm, swollen folds to smother me. Above me, her breasts bobbed as she wiggled onto me. I whimpered just a little as she pressed herself hard onto my face. My mouth was forced open. Filled with her flesh. Her cunt was my entire world. But I was desperate for breath and I started to panic.

She saw it in my e