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Greta rebels against dominating mother-in-law.

You arch your back, pushing up against me, spreading your legs for me, tilting your head up, meowing passionately. I lick along your neck, as my fingers enter you, begin plunging in and out of you, and my thumb rolls lazily over your clit. Soon your pussy is flowing with juices, and my fingers are soaked. I bring them up and rub your nipples, then begin sucking on the nubs, delighting in your shivers.

You feel my hard cock resting against your stomach, its swollen head leaking fluid. You reach down, and take it in your hand. It's so hot, and hard, the soft skin pulled taught. I lift up a bit, and whisper in your ear, "Put it in."

We have to adjust our positions, but you manage to lift yourself up, and impale yourself on my hard cock. It slips inside your wet folds, it's thickness making you shudder as it pushes along your walls. Finally it sinks all the way in, and you begin riding it, your hips moving up and down on my cock. I let you do this a couple times, and then I grab your hands, and hold your arms over your head. You bite your lip as I begin controlling the momentum. A couple times I enter you harder or faster than you'd like, but the pain makes you even wetter, because I am claiming you, making you my little kitty slut. I draw my cock out slowly, letting you feel every inch of it, until only the swollen head remains embedded in you, then I sink back into you, all the way on one thrust. I'm pistoning into you, my buttocks clenching. Oh how you want to reach down, and feel them as they flex, rub the small of my back, hold me tightly as I thrust into you, but I have your hands trapped over your head, and all you can do is moan and meow.

You scream out when I bite you. It's totally unexpected, slashing through the heavy fog of pleasure that had enfolded your mind. The pain is intense. I've bitten you on the neck, and hold your flesh between my teeth, pulling on it. You whimper in pain and total submission. My cock doesn't even pause. It continues plunging into you with its steady rhythm as you spasm and clench against me. When I finally let you go, you're bleeding. I've torn the skin, and a trickle of blood flows across your shoulder. The sweat of your neck, the night air, and blood sting as it touches the raw edges of the bite, and tears are falling across your cheeks. I lick the wound, lapping up your blood, and it feels so good, my cock thrusting into you, rubbing your clit, my tongue on your neck, the sharp pain. Your mind is overwhelmed with all the senses, and you feel yourself approaching your climax. You beg me to let you cum, and for several long moments, I don't say anything, I just continue thrusting into you, and licking your wound. Your pleadings become more urgent as your orgasm nears.

What will happen if you cum without permission? Normally it wouldn't be an issue, but you don't think you can hold back. Every time you try to, the mixed pain-pleasure from the wound spears through your brain as I lick you, or my thickness claims a new spot in your pussy. Oh you want to cum, so bad, there's such an ache inside you, you need to cum, with every part of your body - and then you hear the words, "Yes, cum for me, my kitty slut." And your pussy spasms against my cock. The muscles in your stomach clench and release, the fire spills out, and you are cumming. You grind yourself up onto me, trying to burry my cock deeper inside you, to feel full as it overtakes you. You're panting, breathless, your soul aglow with pleasure. We lay for a couple moments, in stillness, as you recover from such intense pleasure. Then, when I see your eyes flutter open, I smile at you, and kiss your nose. Then I pull out of you. You feel an emptiness rush in as my shaft withdraws, and you want to keep me there, keep that connection there forever, joined at the hips, but it's not to be.

I lay on my back, releasing your hands, and stroke my cock a couple times