Emma had to find a way to finally get to sleep. Porn Video

Brian implements his new found idea.


"Actually, it's not mine. Gina left it at my house and I decided to borrow it. I don't fill it out quite like she does."

"I think you fill it out perfectly."

Debbie brought our meals and as she leaned in to set the plates down I noticed her blouse gape slightly to allow me a look at her small breast with a very erect nipple. I pondered that she must have removed her bra while she was away. Jeez, this day was getting better by the minute.

I watched her walk away and admired the wiggle as she looked back over her shoulder to see if I was looking.

The food was amazing as usual and as we ate and chatted I felt Lynn's bare foot slide up and down my calf. This girl had an amazing sensual side to her. Then I felt her foot push between my knees, gently pushing my legs apart until I felt her toes caress my cock through the material.

I put down my knife and slid my and under the table. My fingers found her perfectly smooth calf and began to caress it. I caressed the back of her knee and she responded with a sigh and wriggling her toes against my balls.

I chuckled and whispered. "You do realize I'm going to be sporting a huge boner when we leave."

She giggled "Mmm, well I'm in a similar situation. When I scooted forward in my chair so my foot could reach, my dress rolled up over my butt. I'm actually sat here bare-assed. Also, I wish you could see what I can see."


"Debbie is hidden in an alcove at the other end of the room, but what she doesn't realize is there is a mirror on the wall... or maybe she does."

"I know the alcove you mean. It's where the staff keep the spare cutlery and napkins and where they keep their tip jar. She will know about the mirror because they use it to keep an eye on the room."

"Then this could be for my benefit. She has her skirt hitched up and her hand down her panties. Mmm, she is now looking at me via the mirror. God she is hot"

I then noticed Lynn slip her hand below the table and I could guess what she was doing. She had removed her foot from my groin, presumably so she could spread her thighs. I watched as she closed her eyes and bit her lip. I found it so erotic that these two women who had never met before were giving each other such an intimate show. Her arm was shaking slightly so I guessed her fingers were busy below the table. She then looked at the waitress and began to tell me what was happening behind me.

"She has removed her skirt and her panties are around her knees. She has such a beautiful pussy. It has a small triangle of hair just above her slit. She has her fingers inside her and a hand on her breast. She is pinching her nipple and twisting it. Her fingers are really fucking her hard now. Yes baby, fuck yourself for me. Let me see you cum. Oh fuck I'm so wet. I want to go over there and just eat her out. Oh fuck I'm close and I think she is too."

While she was describing this to me, my hand was stroking my cock inside my pants. I could tell Lynn was fucking herself harder now, and I could smell the exquisite aroma of her arousal.

"Oh baby, I think she is about to cum for me. She looks so beautiful frigging herself off for me. Oh fuck she's cumming! Yes sweetheart cum for me. Oh fuck yes, I'm cumming too!

She leaned forward and grunted and I watched as she shook and cried. I turned to look in the mirror and the waitress had her eyes closed and she was also shaking and shuddering. Lynn was right, she did have a beautiful pussy as well as the rest of her. The only piece of clothing she was wearing was her blouse but even that was open and had slipped off her shoulders.

Lynn had brought her hand up onto the table and I noticed it was wet and glistening. I reached across and took her hand, drawing it to my lips as I slowly sucked each finger, tasting her spicy cum.

"Baby, I think you should now take me home and fuck my brains out. That's if you can get up with that huge erection you have in your pants."

I called back to where Debbie was trying to get herself under control. "Debbie can we have the check please?"

Lynn smiled and watched Debbie as she

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