FreeNo rest for the wicked. Sex Pics

One woman's last night of pleasure.

"Honey, you should take a shower too. We're going out to dinner tonight to welcome Mary into our home. Plus, it looks like you're sweaty."

While Ben was still processing the information his mother have given him, Pam was already helping him strip down his clothes. The white shirt was unbuttoned quickly, followed by the unzipping and pulling down the pants. "Take off your shoes and the rest of the pants", said Pam while kneeling down in front of Ben to pull down his boxers. "Hop in the shower and I'll be right back to help you wash your back."

She was back in a second. Pam entered in the shower closing the door behind her. Ben had already washed his head and Pam was now washing his back. Ben was feeling that the situation was a little strange, but just went with it. He was all soaped up, when all of the sudden he feels his mother's body pressing against his back.

Pam embraced him from behind. Her full boobs were pressing hard against his back, her hands on his chest, feeling her son's body. The hands wandered through the entire body, through his back, his butt, his abs, while moving her boobs sensually on Ben's back. The bathroom was full of steam now, the water running on both of them, and the Pam's hands were her son's hard cock.

"You're sooo hard, honey", whispered Pam. "Do you like what mommy is doing?" Asked Pam while stroking his cock.

Ben was too hard, too horny to question what was happening. "Yes mom!" he answered.

While this was happening in his dream, Ben changed his position in bed and was now laying sideways, in a spooning position with is mother. In his dream, his mother was grasping his cock and wanking it. In real life, Ben poked his mom's leg with his throbbing erection. Pam, who was sleeping woke up with the poke. At first, she wasn't sure what it was, but then she felt it again.

Her heart started pounding. As she wasn't facing Ben, she didn't know if he was sleeping or not, and all of this could have been involuntary. She laid there a little longer, before feeling the poke for the third time. At that point, she decided to get up and went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. She got to the kitchen sink and splashed a little bit of water in her face, she wanted to make sure that what just happened was real. A million thoughts came to her mind. She was doubting all parenting decisions she had made, specially the one about having Ben sleeping in her bad. She was also thinking what is going to happen in the future, as Ben's bedroom would soon be Mary's. It was too late to call Leah, to cancel the moving in.

Meanwhile, Ben had woken up with his mom leaving the bed. He was feeling is cock engorged and was trying to remember what he was dreaming about. It didn't take long for him to realize that he was dreaming with showering together with her mother. "It's my own mother! It's not right!" The voice of reason, made him think like that, but the state of arousal was overpowering the reason. He wanted to have a women in his arms, not any woman, his own mother.

Pam took so long to come back to bed, that Ben eventually went back to sleep. She laid down again but the alarm clock rang shortly after that. She got ready and left for work. Ben would stay home as he was still on summer break. On Pam's mind, there was only one thing - the events of last night. She simply couldn't stop thinking about it.

She had managed to overcome the initial shock, and was now seeing things a little more clear. After all, it was only natural a boy like Ben had sexual urges. It was not normal, to be towards his mother, that's for sure, but their sleeping arrangements were also not normal. She has also decided not to make a big deal out of it, for all she knew he could have simply had an erotic dream.

Ben was playing video games, when he got a text from his mom. Hello Ben. There's pizza in the fridge for lunch. I have a meeting in the evening so I don't know when I'll be home. If you're hungry, you can knock on the Fords door as I've spoken with Mrs. Ford. Love, Mom.

The text wasn't anything like he h