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I could hear her moaning and softly crying. I picked up the pace on my own stroking, knowing that I could release myself in tandem with her at any moment now. Then I saw her stiffen and push the dildo hard and deep into her cunt. She emitted a sharp cry and continued to hold that position as her orgasm ripped through her. At the same time my prick erupted a stream of cum onto the bushes in front of me, and then another, and another. I groaned quietly as the last shot escaped.

As Sheila's orgasm subsided she collapsed onto her side. She lay there for several moments and then rolled over onto her back and sat up again, still with her legs spread wide. She turned off the vibrator as she looked up at me and mouthed the words, "Did you cum?" I shook the bushes again to respond that I had and I was still there watching.

Sheila reached into the bag again and brought out the blue panties, using them to wipe the dildo clean. She put the dildo back in the bag and conspicuously tossed the panties towards me, landing on the grass just off her blanket.

I watched her get dressed in her work clothes again, still with no panties, while I stuffed my shrunken, satiated dick back into my trousers. She carefully folded her blanket and returned it to the bag and then casually strode back up the hill, leaving the blue panties on the grass.

As soon as she was gone, I stepped out of my hiding place, retrieved the panties, and started to head back to work. What's the rush, I thought. I didn't have anything scheduled until 2:30, so I sat down on the bench and leaned back with the sun on my face. I just sat there enjoying the sun and playing back the movie in my head of the erotic scene I had just witnessed. The more I thought about Sheila's performance, the harder my dick got, and I soon found myself fondling it through my trousers.

Damn, I realized I was still horny. I had told myself I wasn't going to jack off in the park this time, but that resolution had disappeared as I watched Sheila's performance. Now I was leaning back against the bench in the warm sun thinking about how erotic the whole experience had been, and I could feel my dick growing in response. Normally I'm not a guy who gets hard and wants to cum again right after getting off, but that didn't seem to be the case today. The longer I sat there and reflected on what had just happened, the hornier I got. Finally I sat up and looked first at my watch and then around me. It was silent and empty. No one in sight. I knew I should go back to work since it was nearly 1:30, but that made it even less likely that someone would be wandering into this remote section of the park.

I began stroking my now fully erect prick through my trousers while I continued to replay Sheila's performance in my mind. Finally, I took another furtive look around me and then released my prick from my trousers. I leaned back again and began to stroke it, slowly and with just the amount of pressure it loved. I couldn't decide which was more erotic-playing back Sheila's performance or just the sensation of slowly stroking my cock in the warm sun in this semi-public situation. Since I had already climaxed less than half an hour ago, I felt no need to rush to another climax. I closed my eyes and slowly stroked my prick. After several minutes I felt a trickle of precum sliding down the side. I slathered my hand in it and used it to enhance the sensation. Now I was beginning to feel more urgency, more focus on my need to get off again and less on the overall nastiness of what I was doing.

Finally, after maybe fifteen minutes of masturbating in the sun in the little glade in the park, I decided it was time to make myself cum.