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The city, the park and the shower.

There was a long pause as Miss Marie thought out how to phrase it. She then replied. "Embarrassment or l'embbaras en francais."

"We do not understand." Said Sarah with a quizzical expression on her beautiful young face, her lips seductively apart.

"Well Anna I think you all know more of the French language than you admit to, but for some reason you feel embarrassed at having to speak it, therefore you do not. We have to find some things which you find more embarrassing which you will be forced to do if you cannot find the correct words in our conversations tomorrow. You understand? Yes?"

"I think so," Anna replied. "So if we are embarrassed at speaking French out loud and make a mistake you will find us something more embarrassing to do which will make our initial embarrassment seem quite insignificant."

"Yes, if you like, but you will also be punished if you make too many mistakes as well. It is all very well finding courage to speak but you must also have a good vocabulary and know your tenses," said Miss Marie, now somewhat forceful and insistent in her manner.

"I would like to find out what you find most embarrassing, bearing in mind we will only be in this room for the next eight weeks. David, what embarrasses you?"

"Well I'd hate to have to wear a dunce's hat and sit in the corner and that sort of thing." I remarked casually.

" I don't think that is so embarrassing David, please think again." She sneered.

"Well I'd hate to have jelly in my hair." Both girls giggled at my reply but Miss Marie did not respond.

"No David, no," she stood up and walked towards the window and turned to face us. "The English are most embarrassed at being seen to be foolish, particularly when it comes to parts of their..err...anatomy." she responded somewhat hesitantly.

"You see the English prefer to cover themselves up and are very modest about their clothes and general appearance. Today, in the reign of Queen Victoria, they do not wish to see feet, legs or underwear or anything to do with bodily functions. They wear heavy clothes to hide any impropriety and even hide table legs with long tablecloths."

"The Italians are similar. One eighteen year old boy, whom I taught last year, was embarrassed to see women's legs and petticoats. He was also embarrassed to lie on the floor in front of a woman as Italian men are very proud and to be seen on the floor is a sign of weakness. I punished him with his poor conversational French by insisting he lie on the floor face up in front of me while I raised my skirt and petticoats and walked backwards and forwards over him with my feet on each side of his body. After a few days of this treatment his French improved"

I almost spluttered "Lucky chap." But kept my thoughts to myself.

"Tomorrow, therefore, I will decide, and make a list of which punishments are most fitting for all three of you. We will start our lessons at 9 o'clock precisely, yes? Meanwhile you can be thinking of what I have said so I can add to the list when we meet again."

I went to bed in a state of excitement and confusion. I got undressed, put on my pyjamas and snuggled under the heavy bed covers. I undid my pyjama trousers and slid them down to my knees. I could not help thinking about the Italian boy with his head under Miss Marie's skirt and petticoat. I imagined myself in his position my tongue out staring up her legs and breathing in her scent with all the froufrou lacy layers brushing against my hair and chest. My penis slowly rolled into an upright position and in the darkness I wanked myself furiously imagining the French tutors legs spread over me. I bucked a huge orgasm which slimed stickily across my chest and into the sheets. I fell asleep fully sated and relaxed.

Next day was a Monday.

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