FreeFinding Melissa. Sex Pics

Flirty co-worker emails lead to a hot encounter.

It was definitely longer than I wanted because she started to stir a little as I was tying the silk rope on her hands after securing her ankles to the desk legs on each side of where I sit.

I sat at my desk, enjoying my work as I listened to her mumble. She was stomach down on the desk, arms tied behind her and legs spread. The combination of the desk and chair made her the perfect height to do whatever I wanted with her beautiful pussy.

And it was beautiful. It wasn't bare; she seemed to be the type to be scandalized by such a thing. The lips were soft and fat and as I ran a finger across them she shuddered, so nice and sensitive. I ran my hand up from the back of her knee to her mountain of ass and gripped it gently. It was a dream come true.

"Mr. Jones?" She seemed to be coming together once more.

"Yes?" I answered her nonchalantly.

"What are you doing?" Her voice trembled with a bit of fear.

"Getting you ready for your promotion... why?" I ran a finger over the rope binding her right ankle.

"I'm... tied up... and naked." Her body was quivering in front of me.


She gasped and I heard her sniffle. I stood and walked to the front of the desk. I lifted her head with a gentle grip to her bun and smiled soothingly. Her eyes were wide and panicked, too much white showing. It didn't help her cause, only stirred the feral hunger of want inside of me more.

"Prissy. I'm going to eat you and then I'm going to stretch you and fuck you. It's not because I want to hurt you, in fact this won't hurt at all. I'm doing this because I want you and no one else. I'm going to marry and put a baby in you and I don't have time for your crippling shyness, ok?"

Her jaw dropped and her eyes darted over my face looking for a smirk or grin, anything to let her know I was kidding and would release her. "But-"

I sighed and raised an eyebrow. "But what?"

"Why? Why me?"

I leaned forward and pecked her lips. "Because I want you."

She'd closed her eyes during the kiss but they popped back open as soon as I pulled back.

So cute.

"Why would you want me?" She looked incredulous and I laughed hard.

"I'll show you." I walked back behind the desk and put my hand squarely on her back. "Don't lift up."

I sat back in my desk chair and ran my hands up the backs of her thighs. She shuddered but didn't lift, good girl that she was. My hands ran up over her ass cheeks and down until I could pull her lips apart with my thumbs. I lean in and licked from just above her clit and across her inner folds to her already wet hole. I circled the tip of my tongue around it before dipping in to catch some of her sweetness. She tasted even better than I'd imagined.

"Does being restrained excite you Prissy?"

I could feel her skin heat but she didn't answer.

"I'll forgive you for not talking just this once but next time there will be a punishment. Are we clear?"

There was still no answer. I sighed and bit the top of her thigh. She shrieked and struggled.


I released the flesh and licked over my red teeth marks. "Yes what?"

"Yes we're clear."

I kissed the spot tenderly. Since I'd converted the whole office from scratch, I never had to worry about a nosy interloper hearing the sounds of screams. The whole thing was sound proof. It was initially for both the client and my confidentiality but now it had a new purpose.

"Good girl." I fluttered kisses across her clit which had fattened after the bite. My little secretary got off on being dominated. We were a match made in heaven. I heard her try to muffle her moans so I sucked the whole thing tightly into my mouth.

Her sounds were guttural as I tugged and nipped at it with my teeth, all while keeping the suction going. She struggled and writhed but knew better than to lift up. I released it when I heard her whimper but pressed it flat with my tongue as her hips bucked. She shook bad and squealed before drooping against the desk.

'There's no way' I thought but as a slow stream of her juice reached my lips I knew.