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It's a Trap.

Audrey got up when both men were naked and moved to her husband first. She moved him over a few feet, standing him next to Danny. Then, her mouth went to his cock, taking as much of his length as she could in one gulp. Ben moaned, loving the feel of his wife's mouth on his cock. She didn't do this often, but he loved it when she did. He blushed a little when he remembered that Danny was still there, watching his wife suck his cock. Audrey continued to suck as her hand went to Danny's cock, feeling it. She began to stroke him as she sucked her husband's cock, working both at once. Moving her mouth to Danny's cock, she sucked him as her hand stroked her husband.

Both men had their eyes closed, moans coming from deep within their bodies. They each were greatly enjoying the immense satisfaction that Audrey was giving them. After a few minutes, Audrey could sense that Danny was getting close. She stopped with him and said, "No, Danny. Not yet. We've got a lot to do tonight," giggling. Moving to the bed, she lay back. "My pussy really needs some attention anyways. How about you come over here and let me blow you, Ben, while Danny licks my pussy?" The two men looked at each other and nodded, kind of giving each other permission. Danny moved to the end of the bed, kneeling down, while Ben straddled his wife, putting his cock near her face.

Audrey took her husband's cock back into her mouth just as Danny's tongue touched her thigh. She moaned, this being her first physical touch of the night. Her pussy was probably dripping with juices by now and she was aching for some action. Still, her husband's cock needed some attention too so she made sure to keep bobbing and sucking. Her mind wandered between Danny's teasing licks and Ben's throbbing cock in her mouth, trying to focus on both, but failing miserably.

Danny smiled, feeling Audrey's body thrust towards him as he teased all around her pussy. He kissed her everywhere, except for her pussy. Finally, he felt he had done enough and dove right in. His face pressed right up against her, his tongue deep in her hole. His eyes closed as he savored the tastes of her delicious juices. He wiggled his tongue around all over, avoiding the clit for now. Still, he could feel her enjoyment, her thrusts getting more violent all the time.

Audrey was in heaven. Danny was amazingly good at licking her pussy and she loved the feelings he was giving her. Ben's cock in her mouth was pretty good too. She loved the taste of his cum and felt plenty of it going down her throat. Moans came from her throat, slightly muffled by the cock in her mouth. Still, Ben heard her and knew from experience that she was getting closer. Smiling, he reached for her tits, rubbing around gently. He brushed her nipples slightly, feeling their hardness. She gasped at the added sensation, arching her back off the bed slightly.

Danny could tell that Audrey was getting close too, so he went for the holy grail. His tongue slithered over her clit, teasing it very gently at first. Before long, he was sucking on it hard, flicking his tongue over it. Audrey went wild at this, bucking all around on the bed. Ben practically had to hold on for dear life. Her bobs on Ben's cock went faster and faster as she approached orgasm. Finally, with a groan, Ben came, spurting his spunk down his wife's throat. The feeling of warm cum in her mouth sent Audrey over the edge. A mind-shattering orgasm hit her, knocking the breath from her lungs. She lost all feeling in her body, only feeling pleasure. She arched her back again, lifting Ben from the bed. It seemed to last forever, never-ending bliss.

Finally, the orgasm did end, Audrey collapsing onto the bed.