FreeAdam tries to cope with the recent heartbreaking separation. Sex Pics

Ann stops over and some light domination happens.

On one of her recent shopping trips to Platformz Candy had gotten a small vibrator that she could hide in her boot. While it wasn't as good as one of the big ones she had at home, it was better than nothing. Candy closed the stall door and once she unzipped her uniform, plunged in.

Damn! I need a man, Candy thought as she walked out of the bathroom sometime later. She wandered into Officer Johnson, who was looking for her.

"Candy, I'm glad I found you, there's a new regulation, and I need your help enforcing it, come with me," he said to her.

Well, at least I found a man, Candy thought. "Sure Officer Johnson, anything you want," Candy replied as she followed him to the holding cell. Three of the girls were sitting in the cell, still in chains, but the forth one was gone.

"Amber has been released, but these restraints can't be left lying around, and I can't carry them around all day, so . . ." As he was telling her this, he quickly handcuffed her.

"What?" The confused Candy asked him as he wrapped the waist chain around her and locked the cuffs to it.

"You're gonna hold on to these for me today, Candy. Now turn around and kneel so I can put the leg irons on you." She turned away from him and he helped her kneel then locked the leg irons on her, over her boots. "Don't go anywhere," he said and chuckled at his lame joke as he closed the cell door, leaving the former police officer in the holding cell with the three remaining girls.

Over the next 90 minutes or so each of the girls were taken to court, and then her chains were brought back and put on Candy. When the last set of cuffs were locked on her, Candy asked Officer Johnson when they could leave.

"It might be awhile, why don't you just get comfortable," he replied.

Candy endured the next several hours with the heavy chains and cuffs. By the time Officer Johnson came to get her, Candy was very irritated at being left handcuffed for so long.

"Your ready to go babe?" he asked her nonchalantly as he unlocked the cell door.

"Can you please take off these cuffs?" she begged him

Smiling, he replied, "Sorry Candy, I already dropped the keys off in the van." He helped her to her feet and headed towards the exit, with Candy shuffling along behind him. As they were about to leave the building, a red headed court clerk named Vicky ran up to Officer Johnson and threw herself into his arms. Candy, still trailing by several yards, heard her thank him for a great time, and give him a kiss. They were practically making out by the time Candy caught up to them. She waited a few feet away, the four pairs of cuffs holding her wrists tight. Between kisses Vicky asked him when they could "hook up" again, and could he bring his handcuffs when they do?

Damn him! I can't believe he was off fucking some bitch while I was handcuffed all day, Candy thought as she stood there watching him grope her ass. I'm way hotter than her anyway, she added. Finally, Officer Johnson pushed her away and motioned Candy along to the van.

Officer Johnson had to help her into the van once they reached the parking lot. He was nice enough to hand her the keys to the cuffs before they left. It took Candy most of the trip to uncuff herself, though.

A few days later Chief Beavers called another meeting of the department's female employees. "Girls, I want you to know that you've been great. I really fought the city on this one, but unfortunately the city has had to reduce all of yours salary another twenty percent," he paused while the girls gasped in shock. "However, I called Mr. Black and when I told him what was going on; he agreed to raise all of your allowances to five hundred dollars a month.

Candy felt a little relieved by that second piece of news, but only a little. There was no way she could survive on less than a third of her old sergeant's salary. She would have to talk to Chief Beavers about this.

Candy stood in front of the Chief's desk later that day.