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Jeff slips into bed with his sister.

He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I responded, I could not do otherwise, but I let him dictate the power and length of the kiss. His mouth tasted of mint chewing gum. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I let it in and let him explore.

My whole body was quivering with this experience and he could obviously feel it. He held the kiss, making it long and passionate and then broke away, leaving me gasping for breath. And wanting more.

His arms reached up and took the belt. It was long and he tied my hands to it and then it to the branch. I was securely tied now, but he could release it from the branch and tie it somewhere else. I had vision of it being tied to a low branch and being fucked by him slowly and for a long time.

He walked around me, looking at me and studying me.

"I've been looking for someone. Someone like you. Younger, obedient, passionate. Willing to do as they are told. Are you that sort of person?"

I thought quickly about the words I would use. I had thought a thousand times about the words I would use in this situation. But in the end the ones that came out were quite simple.

"Yes master"

He nodded, satisfied. "This afternoon, I'm going to see if you are good enough to be my sub slut slave. You will perform tasks and do them without complaint or question. Do you understand slut?"

"Yes master"

"Good" He untied me from the branch and said "get on your knees" I did so, excited at the thought that I may be getting his cock so soon.

At that point another man walked into the clearing. He was clearly older, about 65-70 years old. He was dressed in a plaid shirt and old cords. He looked at me and licked his lips in a distinctly leering way and looked at my prospective master.

"Yours?" he said to my master to be

"He maybe" master replied "depending on how obedient he is. Do you need servicing?"

"If you mean does my cock need sucking the answer is yes" said the old guy. "Does he swallow?"

"He does if I tell him to. You will swallow his cum slut. Do you understand?"

"Yes master, I will obey I said."

The old bloke stepped forward and dropped his cords. He had blue underpants on and moved forward to in front of me. I could see that his cock was big, but not yet stiff.

"You can start off by kissing it" he said and grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into his pants. My nose and mouth were pushed up against his pants and I could smell stale urine on the front. Nonetheless, I knew my master expected me to obey. All the same I looked up at him, hoping he would not make me. He merely nodded to me.

The old guy pulled my face back into his crutch, burying my mouth on the fabric of his pants. I kissed his cock through the material, getting the taste of the urine through it. I could feel his cock start to become turgid with excitement and I started to lath his cock with my tongue and lips. It crossed my mind that my new possible master may want me to drink his piss. I had never done it before, but I was so excited I think I would have done anything then.

The old guy had hold of the back of my head and was forcing his ever thickening cock into my face.

"Tied up as well. That's a nice treat. When I deep throat he won't be able to fight back"

My eyes looked up at my master and I saw him playing with his cock beneath his trousers. It occurred to me then that he would never use a durex on me and I would be filled with his and anyone else's cum he would allow. This made me even more excited and I redoubled my efforts on the old man to show master how good I was.

The old guy was well into his stride now and he took half a step back and pulled down his pants. His cock was nearly fully erect and must have been ten inches in length. It was large in circumference as well.

He stepped forward again and lifted his cock and pushed my face into his balls and perineum.

"Get licking slut, I'm a bit sweaty down there and I need cleaning" he turned to my master and said "he'll have to clean my bell end as well, that's a bit cheesy at the moment.