A chance meeting with a young lady leads to public sex. Porn Video

It was just supposed to be a little change of pace.

The kiss deepened, and her hands snaked up around the back of my neck while my hand massaged her thigh.

When we broke for air, I asked, "Want to see the bedroom?"

She nodded quickly and we collected ourselves to head up the stairs. I let Cindy walk in front of me so I could check out her curvy ass, and I turned around only once to see Pei-Hua was clearing away our teacups.

I led Cindy into the bedroom while she commented politely on the d__cor. I very deliberately left the door opened a crack, enough for a hidden spy to witness everything that would be going on inside.

Cindy was still looking around at the drapery and artwork on the walls when I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her body. Very quickly, my lips were padding across the sensitive skin on the back of her neck, one arm clutched her torso back against the erection throbbing in my pants, and my other hand cupped a large breast through her dress.

Cindy moaned and turned in my arms so she could kiss me. And as our lips locked I shuffled us back across the room until the back of her legs hit my bed.

The weeks of sexual tension between us came to a boil as she suddenly had to fuck me. She got my shirt done quickly and helped me rip the undershirt over my head. My hands found the catches to her dress and slipping the shoulder straps, I managed to strip it down onto the floor.

We kissed again as my hands circled her back to remove her bra, and then her huge tits spilled out right in my face. She stood me up and started working at my pants, and once she got me naked she knelt down to suck my tool into her mouth.

I let her blow me for a minute, her hand pumping along my shaft before I remembered that I wanted to take charge of this encounter. I picked her up and literally carried Cindy onto the bed, yanking her panties off and then sinking my tongue into her pussy.

Cindy was quickly racing to climax, clutching the back of my head against her crotch as I ate her out. And when her hips began quaking against my face I knew that I had her. "Oh, FUCK!" she cried out, and then her whole body joined in on the trembling as the rush blew through her head.

She was still in the throes of first orgasm when I slid up the bed, aimed, and in one powerful thrust penetrated her still spasming pussy. I held myself upright above her, my palms planted onto her big tits while my hips pile-drived in and out of her tight tunnel. Cindy was screaming at me to fuck her, her eyes wild as I did my best to do just that.

Eventually, I lifted her legs up and pressed her knees back against her own chest, literally folding the girl in half while my cock sawed in and out of her. I was getting so deep that I felt my mushroom head impacting an internal wall inside of her with every thrust.

Stretching her legs painfully, I forced Cindy's feet to the mattress next to her head and thrust a few more times before she quivered and came again, her ass lifted off the bed and her mouth gaping wide in a big "O" as she howled out her release.

Seeing this condescending senior coed pinned beneath my raging body, and watching the pleasure I'd forced on her taking control gave me a serious power trip, and with a roar I fired both barrels of jizz deep into Cindy's wet box. She was still howling as she felt the warm splash inside her core, and we were both yelling so loud I almost didn't hear the soft whine just outside my door.

I was sure Cindy didn't notice anything as I dismounted her and left her panting on my bed, I glanced around for just a moment to see Pei-Hua's face just through the crack in my bedroom door.

I flopped onto the bed beside Cindy, catching my breath while she luxuriated in the feel of our warm, mingled cum leaking out through her damp pussy. She turned her body just a bit, and almost lazily sucked my limp dick into her mouth.

She moaned at the taste, and then sat up just a bit so I could watch her head bobbing up and down the re-energizing shaft, and so I could also

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