FreeDebbie does a follow up to her Christmas Gang Bang. Sex Pics

An erotic encounter at the boardwalk.

With the zipper all the way down, all she had to do was let go of it and the skirt joined the blouse on the floor. Debbie felt very sexy and more than just a little risque___ dancing in her skimpy undies and bra. From the squirming the two men were doing and from the bulges in their pants, she was having the desired affect.

Ed and Phil sat and watched Debbie, too entranced to even drink their beers. They just held them and watched her. She wasn't a runway model, but she had their undivided attention.

Of all of the girlfriends Ed had had, none was ever willing do put on a show like this. The last one hadn't been too fond of getting undressed in front of him for that matter. She liked sex all right, but she thought it ought to be done with the lights out. She had loved to be eaten and gave a very nice blowjob, but sex with the lights on was just something she wasn't too fond of. Doing a strip for him and his buddy was out of the question. Now here they sat on a girl's couch, one they hardly knew, and she was doing a very seductive strip tease for them!

Phil had a few rowdy girlfriends in his time, but he had never had one willing to stand up with all the lights in the house on and strip for two guys she had just met. He had a few that were into threesomes, but it was only after they got to know him and whoever it was that was going to be the third person that they had been willing to take anything off.

The music continued and Debbie finally undid the snap on her front closing bra. Her breasts were firm enough that while the snap was undone; they didn't allow the bra to just fall off her either. Her breasts separated a little, but the nipples remained covered. After leaving the two guys to wonder if that damn thing was ever going to come off, she finally peeled it off her breasts and it joined the skirt and blouse on the floor. She was so excited now that her nipples were sticking out like someone had been sucking on them. She danced very close to the two guys now just to make sure they had a very good look at them. Now, she turned around, bent over and slid her thong undies down her sexy legs, giving the two guys a very up-close and personal look at her ass as she did it. They never said a word; they were speechless. "So guys, what do you think?" she said moving away a little and turning around.

"I think you have a very sexy body and we're over dressed!" said Phil.

"We can fix that," said Ed getting up.

"I certainly hope so," Debbie said as she picked up her clothes. "Because I'm going to the bedroom now, and I don't want anyone in there dressed, that's for sure." She walked into her bedroom, picked up a TV-like remote control on the bed, pushed a button on it, and then put it in her nightstand drawer. Now she dropped her clothes on a chair and pulled the covers back on her bed. Before she was done there were two naked men in the room helping her.

Ed was hard and ready for her. He didn't care if he was first of second or which end of her he got to put it in her, just as long as he got to. He thought Debbie was going to be a pretty hot little number when he had first started taking to her back at The Church, but this was way beyond his dreams. Girls like this were something he read about, but never got.

Phil had wanted a girl of his own earlier. Now he was rather happy to be here with Debbie and Ed. This evening was off to a very good start. Just the thought of a hot wet messy threesome with her had gotten him all nice and hard. He couldn't wait to get into her.

The three crawled to the center of Debbie's king-sized bed. She stayed on all fours and began to suck on the nearest one to her head, Ed. He was nicely equipped, not too big, and very hard. She took him into her mouth and began to give him the best blowjob she could.

For a few short seconds, Ed thought he was going to come in her mouth as soon as she took him into it.