FreeYoung couple find love through mutual psychic mind control. Sex Pics

I'm not entirely proud of what I did, but...

More blows, but unlike the concentrated agony of the crop this was like being stung by hundreds of tiny needles across the whole of my flesh. Occasionally for variety she would strike me in the small of my back, at the base of my spine, or across the back of my thighs. She even struck me on the sides of my ribcage, catching the soft globes of my tits as they hung there, exposed and vulnerable.

I was out of tears, out of sobs, strangely I was finding myself craving more and more of the pain. I rose to meet her blows, moaning my pleasure. Sometimes she would catch my arsehole or pussy and it felt so good.

"Beautiful," she said, "your skin looks so beautiful like that. Good girl."

She decreased the speed of her blows, spreading them across the whole of my body now, then dragged the flogger slowly across my tortured skin before striking again. I felt I was glowing and on the edge, desperate for her not to stop. But stop is precisely what she did.
Unexpectedly I felt her lips on me, on the reddened, hot skin. Little butterfly kisses everywhere as she gently rubbed and soothed my abused buttocks. She gave my pussy a few licks, gathering the copious juices that were running down the inside of my thighs, then spat onto my little brown rosebud. Again a finger was eased into my hole.

"Too tight." she said.

I heard the lid of a jar being unscrewed, and the sweet smell of coconut flooded the room. Then only her fingers were back, slippery, coated in some sort of thick goo. She gently eased one into my arse, then two and began screwing them in and out. It was starting to feel really good down there when she forced a third finger in. I pushed back against it wanting more. Somehow she managed to get access to my clit as well and soon I was back up there, so close to release my whole body was shaking.

Again she stopped, pulling her fingers out of my hungry, desperate arse. She came back to the head of the bed and pushed down on my shoulders. I understood what she wanted without speaking, relaxing my elbows I lay with my head down and my arse high in the air. I heard her take something else from the case and wondered what more she could do to me.

That smell of coconut again as she obviously applied some lubricant to her latest toy. I felt its thick head pressing insistently against my arsehole, she twisted it inexorably forcing it in. My hole stretched painfully wide for a moment, then closed as whatever it was she was putting in there went past the outer ring of muscle. It must have been dumbbell shaped because as she kept pushing another burst of pain caused me to breath in deeply, then it was done. My arse felt full and then I could feel the weight of the thing in me.

She stroked my clit as I adjusted to the size of the butt plug, grateful for the distraction as she applied more and more pressure to my little pearl. Every so often she would rotate or pull on the plug, moving it in and out. The pain was gone now as the pleasure started flooding my core again, then the strangest thing; it seemed to get thicker. I could vaguely make out the sound of her pumping it up, a couple of pumps at a time, then she'd fuck my arse with it for few seconds before stretching me wider again, and all the time she kept the pressure on my clit. I was almost sobbing with the need for release, I so needed to cum. She thought so too, but gave me a terrible choice.

"If you cum without my permission you will be punished, do you understand?"

I grunted my assent, but she didn't stop, she kept up the stimulation in my arse and on my clit. I just needed the release, but because I was fearful of her punishment I fought it down, desperately trying to maintain control. I was fighting a losing battle, I began pushing against her hands to increase the stimulation, and then it happened.

I crested the wave, my guts clenched as the most amazing orgasm shuddered through my body, slowly at first, but quickly overwhelming every muscle, every nerve, every fibre.