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A story about a special someone...

Faith opened the door to the dark bedroom and turned on the light. She quickly found a couple candles and lit them on the night stand and began slipping out of her dress. She deiced to leave her heels on and turned out the light.

She climbed onto the bed and moved the decorative pillows around and laid her head back and waited in the dark room for Hank.

Faith heard the door open and the clang of a belt buckle near the doorway. It was too dark to see his figure but she knew he entered the room and would soon be joining her on the bed.

The next thing she saw was a dark figure approaching the bed then the mattress sagged as she saw Hank climb into bed next to her naked. Hank quickly reached out and pulled her body toward him and planted his lips on hers and parted her lips with his tongue.

They were soon locked in a heated passionate kiss as Hank moved his hand across her waist and down to her smooth round ass and gently squeezed it as she moaned into his mouth.

"It seems like we haven't been together for ages."

Those were the only words that Faith was able to get out as Hank held her arms at her wrists and rolled her onto her back as he continued to kiss her as he climbed up between her legs.

Faith kept kissing him as she wrapped her legs around his legs. She felt his huge black cock for the first time in months pushing into her flat belly as her body squirmed around beneath him.

There wasn't anytime for foreplay but Faith was extremely wet anyway as Hank moved his hips around until his cock head was pointed straight for her wet pussy slit.

He finally reached down and guided the tip of its head toward the opening of her pussy and pushed forward making her body stiffen as he entered her for pussy for the first time in several months.

Hank held her arms back over her head as he worked his hips making his cock slip inside her wet pussy about an inch at a time until he was sunk inside her and couldn't go any further. Faith wrapped her legs around the back of his legs and tried to pull him deeper inside her pussy.

Hank kept kissing her as she moaned and finally pulled her arms down and wrapped them around his back. She was kissing his face and neck as he began pushing his huge black cock inside her tight pussy.

Faith dug her nails into his back as Hank began hammering his body into her upturned ass making a slapping noise with each thrust. It had been so long since they screwed that Hank knew he wouldn't be able to last long but held back hoping he could make her have an orgasm before he shot his load into her.

Hank began kissing her neck and felt her body responding to his cock. Her pussy felt so tight like a virgin again. He'd promise himself to stretch it out like he had before making her practically useless for any other man.

Hank rotated his body with each thrust making her pussy stretch as she clung to him with her arms wrapped around his shoulders. She was whimpering like a wounded kitten as he hammered his body into her pussy.

Faith suddenly yelled out in his ear and dug her nails into his skin as she bucked her hips against his boy as she came around his cock. Hank could feel the wetness of her pussy and it made him drive his cock into her at a greater speed.

Hank's body was slapping into her legs as his breath labored and he drove his cock as deep inside her pussy as he could and finally unleashed his thick load of African seed deep inside her waiting pussy.

Hank kept breathing hard as he pushed his cock deep inside her belly feeling her nails digging into his back as he held himself inside her.

Hank finally caught his breath and felt her hands rubbing his back as she kissed his face. Hank was exhausted and quickly rolled onto his back as Faith reached for a towel she saw laying on the floor next to the bed.

Faith padded his face with the towel and wiped his forehead then leaned down and kissed him on the lips.

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