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Marina & Alicia continue their sexual escapades.

"........See how soft and supple it is."

As he spoke there was a hiss of steam and glistening obsidian shaped cock rose from the pedestals beneath the two young girls and pushed its way into their sweet tender bodies.

"Their mechanical lovers will bring them unimagined pleasures but their mechanical lover has none of the frailty of a man, So it will continue to please Ayameko and Choko until their pleasure turns to pain. This because of their failure to properly instruct you Miss Carlton."

There was a moment of silence.

"Have no fear Miss Carlton the mechanical lover is not for you this time my dear but I shall bind you to contemplate your failure to please."

The livered guard stood ready to assist if Talia did not willingly submit to the binding. The tight caress of the "Asanawa" claimed her and then Talia found herself being hoisted into the air, to be haunted by the screams of pleasure and pain of Ayameko and Choko as she hung suspended between heaven and hell.

Isko Tagaya was impressed once more by Talia Carlton's fiery spirit as she lashed out at what she saw was the injustice of the situation.

"But...How was I to know? I was choking. I have never done anything like that before. Ayameko and Choko are doing their best. It is not fair to punish them or me. There is so much to learn. They speak little English, so it is hard for them to communicate with me. I would very much like a tutor to teach me Japanese so that I can understand more of what is expected of me."

Discretion would have told Talia to hold her tongue and yet that fiery spirit would not listen as Talia continued to fume.

"An insult to you and to your house? What about the insults you have heaped on me? You keep me as a slave and expect me to perform all manner of alien and loathsome acts and then punish me for not knowing what to do. You, sir, have no honor............. That is an abomination! What deviant could even contemplate such a device?"

Talia whispered in shock at such a contraption.

Tagaya was also pleased that once his stunning young western concubine had vented her anger and her frustration she seemed to bow to her fate. Surrendered to the caress of the "Asanawa" and the intricacies of Kinbaku-bi (_________). The supple cords pressed her breasts together, dipped between Talia's silken thighs to press to her shaven little pussy and clit as she was hoisted into the air. Her body was supported and held captive, by the ropes that firmly caressed her most intimate parts and held Talia as she hung between heaven and earth.

Talia Carlton fell into a sort of trance. The cries of Ayameko and Choko pleasure and pain receded into the background. The soft enchanting sounds of the garden outside their chamber of horrors came to Talia as she hung there. The chirping of birds, the buzzing of bees, the fragrant scent of the pines and flowers, that brought haunting memories of the girl she had once been, in what now seemed a far away and enchanted world, a dream world, far from the reality of her life as Isko Tagaya's concubine. Slowly the blessed velvet blackness of unconsciousness came to Talia and all faded from her consciousness.

When Talia Carlton slowly regained consciousness she was surrounded by soft sweet warmth that soothed her supple young body and troubled young soul. A sweet intoxicating fragrance filled her nostrils as she floated between the world of the waking, and the world of dreams. The soft, almost tentative brush of soft moist lips to hers. It was not the demanding kiss of Tagaya, but one that was gentile, more sensual, inviting the young western beauty to surrender to it rather than demanding her surrender. The soft caress of a warm sweet breath washed across Talia's shaved pussy, then the soft caress of a gentle little pink tongue and a rush of sinfully delightful pleasure. Talia Carlton's soft blue eyes fluttered open.

Choko's lips parted from Talia's for just a heartbeat before she pressed a single delicate finger to the young western concubine's lips and softly breathed,