FreeTime for another round of childish games! Sex Pics

Rouen: the holiday continues.

More than happy to do her bidding. She would be my second woman to fuck in my twenty-five years.

"Okay Elf, show me something new!"

My cock was standing up. It did that when it got hard. She knelt down and started kissing it. Just kissing. All over and it was getting to me. I wanted more. But she grinned at me and just kept kissing it. I grabbed her dreads and crammed my cock into her mouth. She moaned and I knew she wanted to be used. I would do that.

I started fucking her face deep into her throat and she began gagging. I just kept ramming deeper and deeper and she started deep throating me. She did know some new things to teach me. I was rubbing her nipples at times to keep them hard. She was cramming all the fingers she could up that red haired pussy of hers.

She kept moaning and shivering whenever she had an orgasm, which happened often. She really loved her sex, and I loved making her eat my prick. I was not going to cum yet though. I wanted to fill her cunt with my jizz. I needed to fuck some cunt.

At last I was nearing a large cum so I pulled out and she groaned with frustration.

"Get on the bed Elf and spread your fucking slut legs. I need to screw a hippie bitch cunt."

"Oh yeah little Brownie, talk dirty to me. Make me your Elf whore!"

I picked her up off the carpet and flung her onto the bed and then sprang between her legs. I picked them up and put her legs on top of my shoulders and rammed my cock into that hairy cunt. She squealed with pleasure and a little pain.

I did what I wanted to do. I started fucking that hippie cunt long and deep. Her legs in the air just made it more pleasurable for both of us. I was thrusting so deep I could feel her cervix deep inside her.

Fucking and fucking and hoping to fill her with my spunk.

Finally I allowed her to wrap her legs around my waist and urge me even deeper into that creaming pussy. I could not have fucked any faster if I was the Flash. In and out with all my power I fucked that cunt and had to finally shoot my wad into it. I filled it to the brim. It was oozing out onto her thighs and the Indian print coverlet she had on her bed. I could feel her pussy pulsating as I kept fucking her. Her cunt was massaging my prick as I kept emptying my cum into her.

At last I collapsed and my cock slipped out of her cooze. So did lots of my seed. It was dripping onto my balls and cock as I nestled between her legs and just relaxed with the afterglow of good, satisfying sex. She was grinning too and she gave me kisses again, but this time on my nose and lips.

We relaxed together on her bed, still wet with our sex juices, and I could smell the odor of sandalwood permeating the room. With my Debora it had been patchouli. We did love our eastern scents back in the day. My little Elf finally told me I had to get my Brownie butt out. She had to get to work at the restaurant.

"Come by this evening about seven and have something to eat. Then we can come up here and learn some more things about ourselves. Do it little Brownie boy or I may teach you a lesson you won't like!"

She was grinning at me and was still grinning when I had put on my clothes. Then I went over to my own place to get cleaned up and ready for a new class with my little Elf. I did have some errands to run but I was promptly there at the vegetarian restaurant at seven that evening. Was I a fool? Hell no. I wanted more of that hippie pussy.

Samantha was busy when I entered but she looked up and grinned. She had obviously been hoping I would be there. Someone else was coming over to wait on me, but she intercepted them, they whispered together, and then I was being served by Samantha. She grinned and asked what my pleasure was.

"You know what it is, little Elf girl. You and you alone. But I do need to eat something to keep up my strength."

"Okay, little Brownie boy, you will get your beans and rice. And I think I'll give you a chocolate shake for good measure."

She laughed and tripped away.