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Desir__e couldn't find any words as the gigantic ship rushed towards them at shocking speed. It swiftly filled the sky, turrets and emplacements gleaming from the reflected light of the sun. She stared in awe of the gigantic structure, not sure what she was seeing.

"I never, ever get tired of seeing this view," Veronica whispered in Desir__e's ear. Her breath smelled of coffee. "Isn't it incredible?"

Desir__e nodded slowly.

Ssurhuk-T'at turned their ship so that the clear view was directly in front of them. The barely perceptible hum of the runabout's engines ceased, but the gigantic transport kept growing, blocking everything else out.

"The tractor beam's locked onto us now," Veronica said. "If you could return to your rooms and collect your things, we should be disembarking in less than fifteen minutes."

* * *

"Pardon me," said the twelve-legged spider as it scuttled past Desir__e and the other girls. "Frightfully decent of you." A portal hissed open, and the black, hairy creature zipped through the irised opening.

Bridget clapped her hand to her mouth to stop herself from shrieking. Kalyani had no such reservations: the Indian girl looked like she was going into shock from all the strange sights around her.

Desir__e couldn't help gawking like a tourist as they walked the wide halls of the transport. The passageway was easily 12 feet high and at least twice that in width. The walls were made of some strange substance: soft to the touch, yet incredibly resilient. By the exposed piping along the ceiling, she figured this area was for moving heavy machinery. However, her assessment changed when she saw the cockroach-sized creature scuttling along the piping and what looked like an ambulatory boulder rolling towards her. Everyone else backed against the bulkheads to allow the massive crewmember plenty of room. Pressing herself against the wall, Desir__e could feel the deep thrum of the engines change.

Ssurhuk-T'at nodded in response to her look. "Yes, we're already getting underway."

"Listen up, girls," Veronica called out once the rocklike alien had rolled past. "I'll escort you to your quarters. You're free for the rest of the evening, but at 0700 I will escort you to sickbay where you'll get your physicals, inoculations and UDT's. Are there any questions?"

Desir__e raised her hand. "What are UTD's, Ma'am?"

"They're Universal Translation Devices," the small brunette replied. "They're implanted under your skin, and they will help you understand and communicate with all other races in the Confederation. They also have a miniature computer to assist you in your day-to-day tasks. Ssurhuk-T'at, if you would lead us, please?"

All three girls shared one sparsely furnished room. Veronica left, after quickly showing them where the cupboards were and how the bathroom worked. Bridget and Desir__e immediately set about unpacking their things into the magnetically sealed cupboards while Kalyani stood helplessly in the middle of the room.

"Are you going to make yourself useful, or just stand there like a bump on a log?" Bridget asked scornfully.

Kalyani looked like she was about to cry. "I . . . am dirty and -- and I have no clean clothes," she said.

Bridget rolled her eyes, sneering. Desir__e grabbed her longest wraparound skirt and a pink t-shirt and held them out to the dark-haired girl. "Here," she said. "You're about my size. You can wear these."

Kalyani recoiled in horror. "No! I cannot! They are too fine!"

"Don't worry about it," Desir__e said, holding the clothes out. "It's okay. I have others."

Kalyani stared, terrified, at the proffered clothing. Then slowly, as if someone was going to snatch them away at the last minute, she grabbed them.

"Thank you," she said tearfully. "I bring back clean. I promise." She ducked into the bathroom, taking the clothes with her.

Desir__e heard a snort of laughter behind her. "Bridget, lose the fucking attitude."

The blonde girl looked down her nose at her. "I didn't say anything."

"I know exactly what you were thinking."

"Then I don't have to say it, do I?"

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