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"I've adapted this device to emit lubricant and alter in stiffness," EDI said. "Both features serve to better simulate the feel of a real human penis. It is also capable of generating precise mass effect pulses, which allow for a scalable vibration function"

"It vibrates?" Traynor asked.

"This device is capable of up to 31,415 micro-vibrations per second."

"It vibrates?" Traynor asked again.

"Yes," EDI said. "Perhaps I should wake Dr. Chakwas to give you a thorough hearing evaluation."

"No, no. That won't be necessary." Traynor's hands and head shook in unison.

EDI took a full stride towards Traynor. The AI's shapely, silver chassis gleamed with an almost mirror shine. Both the gunmetal-gray trim and the lines on her synthetic body accentuated her feminine form, from narrow waist to top-heavy design. Her determined stare was locked to the confounded and flustered Comm Specialist.

"There's... something wrong with the drive core. I think I need to go," Traynor said, as she tugged at her collar.

"There's no need to be evasive, Samantha. My diagnostics suggests that you are genuinely aroused." EDI continued forward.

"Oh, good lord. That's cheating." Traynor's arms tightened to her chest as EDI neared. She felt the embrace of EDI's strong, warm arms pulling their bodies together. "You feel... real." Traynor gnawed at her lower lip.

"My body is comprised of a highly flexible alloy. I can also adjust my external temperature or make slight modifications to the size and shape of this physical platform," EDI said.

Traynor's hazel eyes gazed longingly into EDI's inviting lips. "What about Joker?"

"What about Joker," EDI replied bluntly.

"You are terrible..." Traynor's arms loosened from her chest. She grazed the tips of her trembling fingers down the curves of EDI's breasts. Her hands continued their decent, eventually resting on the sides of EDI's wide hips. Traynor's head tilted, placing a sensuous kiss on her partner below the neck, after which she ran her agile tongue along the length of EDI's collarbone.

"Clothes off Comm Specialist Slut." EDI ripped Traynor's shirt in two with one abrupt jerk. Her hands then snatched the belt off Traynor's waist.

"EDI!" Traynor said.

"Studies show that derogatory remarks or 'dirty talk' can heighten arousal." EDI freed Traynor from her pants, boots, and undergarments. Giving them the same treatment as her shirt, which now laid in pieces on the floor. "You're my filthy, human cum-sponge." EDI then hoisted the mocha skinned beauty into the air.

A gasp fled from Traynor as she found herself off the ground. Her tone thighs and firm butt yielded to EDI's fingers, which were squeezing into her flesh. Traynor's arms crossed behind EDI's neck and her legs latched to EDI's waist. The tip of the artificial cock vibrated at Traynor's wet pussy lips as she tightened her grip with each appendage.

EDI unceremoniously penetrated Traynor's defenseless twat. Her robo-rod immediately going to work. The FAP twisted and pulsed independently of her hips, pressing and pushing into Traynor's soft, twitching cunt with mechanical fervor.

Traynor's eyes pinned firmly in the back of her head as pleasure overcame her, with toes curling and her head snapping back and forth in ecstasy. She'd never been taken like this. Never lifted off her feet and railed by someone so strong. She moaned like an animal as her body crashed onto EDI's shaft with each thrust. Every inch of Traynor's insides swirled with bliss as EDI bored her soft, moist den.

EDI's pleasure receptors tingled from cockhead to base, fully aware of the burning heat emanating from Traynor's pussy. "Jeff never squirmed so much," EDI teased. She then leaned her head forward and snaked her tongue inside Traynor's ear, weaving her steamy, wet muscle within the cartilage to the sounds of coos. EDI followed by exhaling hot breath over the ear with Traynor's face shivering in response.

Traynor uttered a meek cry as EDI began pecking at the lobe, pulling and teasing the flesh with her

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