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Secrets within a marriage can lead to dangerous situations.

He says he goes for Italian-looking men. Tall, dark and handsome. When we walk down the street, I sometimes wonder if he's checking out passing men, undressing them with his eyes. Sometimes I point out men I think are attractive. Mike, who loves me and knows my torment, always refrains from comment. It kills me that I put him in that situation- asking if so-and-so is hot, without really wanting to know the answer- but I can't help myself.

We've recently begun experimenting with anal play. It began simply enough, with him inserting first a finger, then a butt plug, then his cock, into my ass. Felling my ass filled while Mike pups inside my cunt brings a certain intense feeling I find nearly indescribable. There's pain,but it's dwarfed by pleasure and I find myself having larger climaxes than ever when he takes me from behind, thrusting his hips and plunging the butt plug deeper and deeper in my ass.

Given that- given the amazing pleasure that comes from anal stimulation- how could I deny his request that I turn the butt plug on him? I know how much courage he had to work up to even ask, though surely he'd been wondering for some times what it'd be like. And that's why I said yes, though it scared me. "What if I'm 'pushing him over the edge,'" I couldn't help but worry. I knew it was silly to think that pleasuring him anally would make him love or enjoy sex with me less, or somehow make him more gay than bisexual, but there it was.

You have to understand that this is the man I want to marry. The man I want to father my children. The thing I don't want is to find myself alone years from now because my beloved has moved closer to the "7" (homosexual) on Kinsey's sexual continuum. That being said, it is the man I love. And so with trepidation (on both of our parts), we set off on our exploration.

That night, Mike laid on his back, legs splayed apart so I'd have better access to his ass. I was silent, preferring to concentrate on the task at hand than make small talk or even talk dirty. Sticking out my tongue, I licked his asshole, causing him to jerk and gasp with pleasure. Immediately, I pulled away, teasingly directing my warm breath to where my tongue had been. He begged for more. "Please. Please lick my asshole again." I did. While doing so, I reached for the butt plug, 4 inches long and 4 inches at its widest, and began lubricating it with the Astroglide I'd placed next to the bed. His pupils were dilated with anticipation and he asked me to be slow and gentle.

I have to confess, I felt tremendously aroused by the power I wielded over him. My pussy got wet as he begged me to insert the butt plug, Still silent, I placed the black plastic tip against his puckered asshole, applying light pressure until he opened. I stopped when the tip was in, allowing him to adjust to the feeling of having something wedged inside him I watched as he closed his eyes in pleasure, moaning softly, and when he asked me to continue, I did.

I plunged the butt plug deeper and deeper into Mike's ass, centimeter by centimeter. The lubed plastic slid in easily, giving the impression Mike was greedily swallowing it. I told him so, and the erotic imagery made his cock- hard but alone, as his hands were clenched in fists as his side and mine were full of ass and butt plug- pulse. He asked me to take his dick into my mouth, but I refused, deciding to watch in awe as the plug went further and further into his tight and previously unexplored asshole.

Mike too my silence and reluctance to touch him as discomfort with what we were doing and asked to stop. I protested, suggesting we continue, but he'd have none of it. When he reached around and placed his hands on my pussy, Mike was genuinely surprised to find I was very, very wet.

We had sex- him pushing his cock into my cunt, thrusting and grinding until we both came- and fell into a sort of silence on the subject.

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