FreeAnna masturbates to stories in her head. Sex Pics

I played a prank on my dickhead sister and it went too far.

I paid him the money and swaggered out of the cab to the unknown.

I saw as one girl dressed in a tight red dress leaned gracefully into a car window and offered him her services. He smiled and nodded and she climbed into the back of his car. I had to say that my parents old values of never getting into a car with strangers did come to mind but I pushed any thoughts of normalcy into the back of my head and stood on the corner, hitched my dress up and stood pouting my lips and showing off my slim body to potential customers.

"Looks like we've got some fresh meat!" Exclaimed one of the other prostitutes to her friend.

"You're right." Said her friend, taking in my appearance.

The two girls guffawed and went off to a car that was rounding the corner. I sighed, thinking that maybe it wasn't a good idea after all but then a man approached me.

"Hi there, may I have your company?" He asked. I thought that this was maybe a bit formal of him but there was nothing casual about the gentleman. He was just slightly taller than me with heels on, with brown hair that I believed to be his best feature as it was shiny and cut to suit his round face. He was neither handsome nor ugly and not someone I would pick out of a crowd but just regular. He wore a navy blue suit and tie and had shiny black shoes which made him look extremely wealthy and smart. I answered him with a smile and took his hand where he led me to an elegant car.

Before I knew it, he was asking me about prices and what I'd do.

"I'll do whatever you like and if you're satisfied you can pay me a good wage." I grinned. He laughed and said that that sounded fair as he drove me to his apartment.


"Oh yes!" He murmured as I ran my hand over the crotch area of his trousers and I felt a bulge formed there. I was pleased that I had managed to keep my nerves at bay as they had been replaced with feelings beyond being horny. I wanted it now; hard and rough and this man was going to give me what I wanted. I tore at his belt and pulled his trousers and boxers down and his cock sprang out. I was surprised that it was actually quite large and thick and I couldn't wait to have it inside of me. I ran my fingers along its length and he hissed with pleasure. I then took him into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it and sucking hard. He grasped my shoulders tightly and panted hard as I sucked up and down his shaft. He pushed me further onto his cock so that I gagged at his size but I pushed myself until there was no more to take. I could feel myself getting wetter below as it knew what was going to come next.

"Mmm you like that?" I asked as I released my lips from his cock that now stood firm and erect in front of my face.

"Yes...yes...let me...let me fuck you." He said breathlessly. That was what I'd been waiting for. I got up off my knees and to my surprise he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his hips and we both fell onto the bed as her nuzzled and sucked at my neck. He was tearing at my clothes pulling away my very little black dress and throwing his own shirt into a corner. I was shocked again at his body, expecting it to be rounded but found his torso and chest to be toned and muscular. I ran my hands along the plains of his heaving chest feeling his heart pounding under my left palm. I found his nipples and traced them with my fingers making him hiss. I then ran my fingers over his rugged torso and admired the V-shape of his hips that led to his now pulsing cock. I rested my hands either side of the V and pulled his hips towards me and he spread my legs.

I gasped as he impaled me on his long and ample cock; the size of him knocking the breath from me. I felt myself spasm into a quick orgasm as he took me and rocked himself slowly against my aching spot inside.

"Harder!" I yelled after my first orgasm subsided and relished in the aftershock.