FreeA boundary-crossed mother and son enjoy a second shower. Sex Pics

Tina's birthday party orgy; a look to the future.

"Mmmm you taste so good James," purred Tina flicking her tongue over the tip of his pulsing member. James closed his eyes and moaned as the spikes of pleasure rushed through him. He gasped as Tina grasped his ass tightly closing her mouth tightly around him. James was in heaven as Tina slowly drew her tongue and teeth up his straining flesh. A harsh wracking shudder passed through him as she raked her teeth over the tip of him.

James' breathing increased heavily as Tina grasped his ass and spread his cheeks while she drew him to the back of her throat working her jaw muscles around him. His hands bunched into the sheets as the pleasure sent shocks through his tensed body. He cried out as his orgasm blinded him with white hot intensity, he writhed on the bed as Tina sucked him dry.

"Oh fuck, that was so amazing," groaned James as he attempted to regain his strength.

He rolled on to his side and looked at her still dressed, "Why am I lying here naked and you still have all your clothes on?" asked James as he pulled at her bra.

"You can do something about that if you want," purred Tina as she stared at him hotly.

James growled and quickly tore at her bra and panties, he threw the scraps onto the floor and grabbed the hot bowl of chocolate and dug his fingers into the thickening sauce scooping it out. He rubbed the chocolate all over her breasts and down her chest to her navel. Tina arched her back and moaned as the hot sauce tingled against her skin. James leaned down and licked her skin gathering the chocolate. Tina moaned as James sucked on her hard nipples his teeth grazing the sensitive flesh. Her hands grasped at the bed sheets to ground herself against the pleasure coursing through her body. James looked up at her hotly as he finished cleaning her breasts of the chocolate. "You are so sexy Tina, I can never get enough of you," growled James his wedding ring scraping against her thigh the cold metal sending tingles through her body. There were times where Tina thought she didn't know what she did to deserve such a gorgeous and devoted husband. All her thoughts were broken as James quickly shoved his tongue deep within her. She cried out fisted the sheets more tightly, James lifted his head and said "There's something missing here,"

'Your tongue,' thought Tina as James spread her thighs wider.

"Ahh I have the perfect thing right here," said James slyly digging a finger into the cooling chocolate and pressed his chocolate covered fingers against her opening.

"Oh god! James!" cried Tina her hands released from the sheets and buried in his thick brown hair. She dragged him down to her heat, he grinned and lashed his tongue out flicking her throbbing nub. She pushed James' face right into her, he groaned into her while his tongue swept her walls collecting the chocolate. Tina's eyes grew wide as the sensations rocked through her, it was it for her when James bit into one of her throbbing lips. She shrieked and bucked her hips as her released slammed into her.

James grabbed her face and pulled her in for a steamy passionate kiss, his tongue still wet from her juices probed her mouth collecting what was left of his release.