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I can't afford the tickets for the dance...

It bumped Cynthia's forehead when it relaxed and she laughed. He flexed again and sighed. Arlene praised her daughter, "Good girl, switch off now and then." Pivoting a hundred and eighty degrees on her knees, she swung her left leg over Ted's face, draped her sheer green canopy over his upper body and settled her pussy onto his mouth. "I told you not to fret about food, Tickler," she chuckled. "Now, EAT me UP!"

Ted drove his tongue and nose deep into Arlene's redolent wet cunt. Raising his right arm, he closed his hand around her pendant breast and plucked her plump nipple from its swollen platform. He dropped his left hand to the top of Cynthia's head and tugged her hair ribbons while she gobbled his eggs.

"Nyaah," moaned Arlene as her little man came out of hiding and danced with Trotter's tongue tip. "Honey, remember... the H-HOT dog... it's time to TAYYYST... the REAL thing." She panted while she gave Cynthia additional direction and Ted gave her additional thrills.

Cynthia popped Trotter's wet hairy balls from her mouth and lifted her head under his moving hand. Squeezing his outer thighs as she pushed up from his nutsack, she found his waving cock and caught it with her teeth. "RRhhaaaah!" Ted growled as her lips closed behind his plum's rim and she applied the same perfect suction she had used on his gonads. She moaned around his meat and slid halfway down his shaft.

Arlene was rocking. Reaching forward and down, she seized her daughter's breasts as they rose from Trotter's thighs when Cynthia bobbed up. The electricity of her mother's touch snapped through the girl's cunny and she blew up like a transformer hit by lightning. Ted's fat prick stifled her scream but nothing stopped her body. She squeezed and sucked and cried as she came a sudden tumult.

Trotter hunched his hips in her hands and lunged his seven-inches until his pubic curls were caught in Cynthia's gnashing teeth and mimping lips. Rigidly arched, he pulled Arlene down with both hands, one on her back the other on her tit. He fibrillated her pussy's lips as he howled and exploded into her daughter's throat.

Arlene, the only one of the three lovers with a free voice, raised the rafters with her scream as she climaxed. "TICKLER! KILLLLL ME!" Her hands clawed into Cynthia's pert aching breasts. Her knees and thighs crushed Trotter's pounding temples. Trotter and Cynthia defended their lives lapping, sucking and swallowing as fast as the fluids flowed.

The trio burned out, collapsed and held motionless for an interminable fifteen seconds. Ted's hands slipped to Arlene's hips and twisted her right, off his head. Cynthia pulled up, drooling, from his semi-soft penis and clambered back on the bed to his left. They lay like jackstraws waiting to be picked up.

Arlene moved first. Climbing off the bed, she retrieved several Trojan packets from her bureau and returned. She put them on her bedside table top, reserving one and opening it while she studied Ted's limp, but thick, cock. "This will NEVER do, Tickler," she said, clucking her tongue. "We KNOW you're stronger than THAT!"
Ted grinned weakly and rejoined, "DO you, now?" He reached down, stroked the saffron peignoir covering the teenager's back, and asked, "What about YOU, Cindy... do YOU know how STRONG I am, TOO?" He played his fingers in her long brunette hair, which was now mostly unraveled from its braids and radiated across her shoulders, onto his chest. When she raised her head and smiled, he added, "Your mom wants to TEST me."

Arlene poked and stroked Ted's lax prick until it stiffened somewhat, then she fluffed it further with her own cock-sucking techniques. When it hardened to her satisfaction, she unrolled the condom around the standing staff. "There, NOW, you're set up," she giggled. Moving off the bed again, she patted Cynthia's bottom and said, "Up and at 'em, honey."

Cynthia rose to her hands and knees and straddled Trotter's recumbent frame.

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