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Delia's challenge has unexpected consequences.

I grabbed an old sheet and laid it on the carpet while Olivia removed both her dress and bra and placed them on the bed. Although Olivia tried to emulate my own audacity, the thought of having our builders unexpectedly walk in on us made her shiver in nervous trepidation. I noticed that she picked an inconspicuous spot behind the closed door to begin her painting task.

After a while the paint fumes began to bother us so I decided to open the door while we worked. We could hear the builders moving around and talking as they worked downstairs and it made both of us more keenly aware of the more imminent possibility of being caught. It became highly stimulating for both of us to work this way, further increasing the sexual tension in both our bodies.

As time went on, I noticed that Olivia seemed to be more energized by the prospect of being seen. She relaxed more noticeably when she stretched to reach the top of the walls. Her nipples grew noticeably when they brushed against the wall as she would giggle and show off the tips of her breasts, with pink paint covering the end of her nipples. She was smiling a lot and I realised that she was having a lot of fun. I had an amusing idea.

We painted tiny bikinis on each other to give the illusion of decency knowing they would wash off in water once we had finished our paint re-decoration. At a distance it would appear that our bodies were both adequately covered and Olivia became much more confident when she was working nearer to the door.

Eventually we went back to work. I was almost disappointed when we finished off the room and still by then nobody had come to check on our progress. I knew that all the builders would be here for three weeks or so yet so we knew that we would probably get caught sooner or later.

Monica and Arnold helped us when they weren't busy finalising their former business association with Pete and David. Their two former partners had always worked well together well in the past and were keen to increase their income from the shop by increasing their shareholding in the way Arnold had proposed. Pete still had a project lined up for me as a nude model and Monica had assured him that both Olivia and I would always be available for casual work at any time by arrangement. Arnold told us that with the money from the sale of both their shares in the old business, he and Monica now had more money to play with and offered to share in the building costs of our proposed accommodation so that he had a place to stay at our new premises when we worked late. As a result we were able to fast track my original idea to convert an area of the upstairs floor area as an apartment for the three of us to share. Monica smiled serenely and I knew that they had already discussed this as a possibility. She readily accepted this change in plans.

By Friday morning our business was ready to commence operation and with certain subtle changes to the decor, part of the upstairs area was converted to a palatial bedroom with the mirrored walls hiding the filming equipment out of view to any occupants. We had a trial run, with Olivia and I indulging ourselves in some hot lesbian scenes on the king-sized bed in the re-created bedroom, while Arnold tested out his new photographic equipment. It proved so successful, in that if we both hadn't known we were being filmed, that we would never have guessed that our erotic antics we were being recorded on film by both Arnold and Monica, inside the room next door.

Olivia and I watched all the steaming rushes together and celebrated, after the screening, by having a joyous session of hot sex with both Monica and Arnold. Monica seemed to delight in the idea of group sex with all her partners and easily convinced Arnold to co-operate. Now that the builders had left for the day there was no reason to worry. There was only the four of us left inside the complex by now.

The sight of Olivia and I writhing in ecstasy, as we had played with a double dildo on the bed earlier on, spurred Arno

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