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The Trouble with the Safety Angel.

"We'll let Jerry do the carrying."

He stopped her in the middle of the bridge.

"Raise your arms," he told her and Brooke did so, knowing what was going to happen even as she did it. He lifted up her top, taking it right off. Reaching around her he unclipped her bra and removed it. He handed top and bra to Jerry as he passed with her backpack.

"I was going to have you lean over the bridge and enjoy the scenery as well as me," he said, leaving her wondering if he meant he was going to enjoy the scenery or that she was going to enjoy him. The way his eyes were running over her he was certainly enjoying what he was seeing.

"However," he continued, "I've decided that you're the type of woman who will want to see what's coming your way."

He was both right and wrong. She didn't want to see what was coming but neither did she want it to happen when she wasn't watching. Why, she wondered, couldn't she have her second thoughts before she had her first ones? Her first thoughts came up with some terrible ideas. And why couldn't she lose her pride for a while? If it wasn't for pride she'd be out of here so fast, nudity notwithstanding.

She watched, butterflies churning in her stomach, while Tony undid his trousers and dropped them. Were her butterflies made of fire? Whatever was churning up her stomach was also lighting fires down there. Tony's erection looked like him - big and strong and rather hard. She swallowed nervously.

His hands brushed across her breasts and she felt them reacting, tightening up, her nipples puckering. A hand dropped down to her mons and slipped between her legs. She almost screamed when his hand closed over her in such an intimate manner. Why did his hand feel so hot?

She twisted about a little as he rubbed her, his eyes watching her. When he straightened up she knew that he wasn't going to waste any time. He was ready and as far as he was concerned she was ready. Why wait?

Her eyes dropped from his to where he was touching her, to how he was touching her. His fingers moved slightly and then she could feel the head of his cock pushing up into her. She wanted to scream no, and to scream it loudly for all to hear. Instead she watched, gasping slightly as he moved into her.

This is not happening, she told herself. You couldn't have been this stupid. Oh, yes, you could, her body was telling her with some satisfaction as it adjusted, accepting what Tony was doing to her.

Then he was fully inside her, groin mashing against groin. Her eyes snapped up to look at him, finding him smiling, anticipation on his face. He started moving and Brooke found herself moving with him.

As she moved in unison with Tony, Brooke felt delightfully wicked. She was doing something she had no right to be doing and she was enjoying it. And there was more wickedness to come. Her eyes flicked across to Jerry, finding him watching her, an anticipatory smile on his face. Oh, yes, he was definitely going to have his turn.

Tony had started off at a brisk pace. He obviously saw no need to coax her into the proper frame of mind. As far as he was concerned she'd made her choice and he was quite happy to live with it. He pressed on, his hands running over her breasts, liking the feel of them.

Pleasurable heat was running through Brooke's veins, slowly igniting her passions. Tony had struck a rhythm that she found to be just right and she was pressing hard against him when he thrust, encouraging him to go deeper. She raised a leg, wrapping it around him, using it to draw him in, wanting more. All the time, wanting more.

She was gasping, urging him on, telling him what she wanted. She could hear herself pleading and was vaguely shocked. Was that her, urging a stranger to fuck her? She was saying fuck? She never used that word. Well, she wouldn't be able to say that in the future, she thought.

It was all getting too much for her.

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