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I unlocked the door leading from the kitchen to the backyard. Then, completely naked, Annie and I strolled out into the backyard. As we approached the long garden bench at the far end of the well-maintained lawn, we stopped and gazed into each other's eyes.

I had never been out naked like this before. I wrapped my arms around Annie and let my lips touch hers, gently at first, then more aggressively, mashing my lips against hers in a shameless expression of illicit love.

Annie opened her mouth to let my tongue into the sweet recesses that lay beyond her lips. Her tongue met mine in a friendly bout of wrestling, while her teeth clashed against mine in wild fervor.

I grabbed the firm flesh of her ass cheeks, kneading the meat like dough. My cock was now solid hard, compressed between the two grinding abdomens.

"Fuck me," she begged when our lips parted momentarily, "Just fuck me ... put your cock inside me and fuck me ..."

When I mashed my mouth against hers again, her body became limp and her legs just gave way. I clung on to her, slowly laying her down on the wooden bench.

"Fuck me please ..." she murmured again, parting her long slender legs to give access to her pussy.

I descended on her, aligning myself between her thighs. My impatient cock plunged into her wet and slippery hole without warning, and I began to give it to her with unrestrained vigor. She bit into her lower lip to hold back her screams.

With the stars in the clear sky as witness I fucked Annie like I had never fucked a woman before. She accepted thrust after thrust of violent intrusion into the sanctity of her womb. She wanted exactly that. To be violated and to be ravished and pounded ruthlessly by someone other than her brother-cum-lover.

"Please don't stop ... give it to me ... harder ... harder ..." she kept murmuring, as I held back my juices as long as I could.

I don't know how long I kept up my sexual assault on Annie. When my juices finally broke through and flooded her depths, Annie was overwhelmed by a mixture of emotions. She seemed to be laughing and crying, both at the same time. And her body was writhing and squirming uncontrollably in the clutches of a terrific orgasm.

We rolled off the bench onto the lush grass. Sometimes I was on top of her, and sometimes she was on top. Nothing in the world seemed to matter. Just the two of us, now united in illicit lust and passion.

My wife Tina was nowhere in my mind while Annie and I were locked in wild sexual intercourse. Previously I had thoroughly enjoyed sex with Dave's wife Jill, but she never had such an enchanting grip on me. Annie was exceptionally charming, taking absolute possession of my body and captivating my mind with her magical spell.

It was getting rather cold outside. So, after rolling around on the grass for a while, I lifted my limp sex partner and gently carried her indoors. The two hands on the kitchen clock lay very close together, both pointing at twelve.

As I was about to enter the sitting room I was greeted by a chilling scream. Then I heard Tina gasping desperately in ecstatic agony.

Carrying Annie as my prize for the night, I walked through the sitting room towards the staircase. I paused at the foot of the staircase to watch Fred pumping doggie-style into my wife.

When Fred suddenly began to jerk helplessly, I knew that he would be filling her depths with his juices. As his spasms subsided, he collapsed over her back and kissed her lovingly over the nape of her neck.

This was the second man I had ever seen fucking my wife and ejaculating inside her. But Tina seemed so much more submissive tonight than she was in her encounter with Dave. And Fred seemed more dominant, energetic and aggressive than I had expected him to be.

"Let them be," Annie murmured, aware that my attention was being distracted by the other couple, "Let's go upstairs and take care of each other."

Later, Annie and I lay in the guest room, enjoying gentle kisses and soft caresses, and getting to know each ot